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Hi~~~ ワ━ヾ( o・∀)ノ゙ヾ(o・∀・o)ノ゙ヾ(∀・o )ノ゙━イ!!
How's everyone?

I wanted to write an entry some days ago but now I can't remember what I wanted to talk about....꒰。・ω・`;꒱*:・lol
I have summer vacations now!!!! haha Just not really. I still have two exams this month and then I have to start preparing for my thesis. I actually wanted to graduate asap but I have to wait until I have passed that one exam (on the 30th) and no idea when it'll be announced. So I decided to take my time and use the next semester for the thesis (╹◡╹๑)♫♬
So I guess I finally started working at the language school. (For those who don't know about it yet: It's a German language school for Japanese.) I got my own student (for private lessons) already (〃≧◡≦〃) Now I'm waiting to get my own class as well!! But private lessons are fun, too!! (Btw. most of the students there are housewives who come to Germany because of their husbands work ^^)
Then, two weeks ago, I took JLPT N1 lol Let's see if I passed it~~ not very sure hahaha
Three weeks ago Yurie came and visited me!!! So nice to see a friend from Tokyo (๑o̴̶̷̥᷅﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅๑) We did a lot of tourism program hehehe
In August Moe will visit me as well!! (>。< )≡( >。<)♡♥* Actually Yurie was travelling through Europe, but Moe will come to Germany just to see me!! I love her so much!!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ
Apart from that, our church does a holiday program for kids every afternoon (weekdays) and I'll try to help there too (ෆ•ꇴ•ෆ)
So I guess that will be my summer (๑´▿`๑)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧

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Jul. 22nd, 2010 12:51 am
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Hey~ :D
I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for not commenting very much these days!!
I'm busy with exams, 2 already done (I think they were okay :D) and 8 more to come!! (though 4 of them are Japanese.... so it's not as much as it seems, since I write 2 Japanese exams a day ^-^)
Anyway, I'm trying to read f-list and timeline everyday, just not commenting a lot ^-^;;
Love you all ♡
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Ahhh I was way too lazy today D:
But after so many exams I somehow don't feel like studying anymore? haha not good at all xD;;
Now it's only 2 exams left, both statistics..... but we can use a formulary which makes me feel kinda safe?....

I already wrote 5 Japanese exams~
The first two were very easy ^^b
Then it was Classical Japanese. I don't have to take that course so it actually doesn't matter whether I pass... but it wasn't as bad as I expected. (We had to analyze some poems and write about the grammar and stylistic uses.)
Next was East Asian economics and I think that it was okay. :3
(Actually this exam should have been written one week earlier but the trams around here were striking so...there was no way to go to uni for a lot of students xD)
The last two Japanese exams were...more difficult ;_; I want my good mark~~~ haha well, let's see ^^;

Apart from that, Chrissi and me got some more information about Waseda/DAAD (thanks to a nice girl!).
We still have one month to finish everything (application and such)... :D

I didn't have much time to watch dramas~ because studying comes first.
Though....internet is distracting me all the time anyways -.-
Of course I watched Bloody Monday!! Can't wait for next episodes ;P
The others...have to wait a little.... ^-^;;
And there are still 3 DVDs here to watch... Tegomass concert, D-Stage and The Game (DVD of Amuse/with Miura Haruma & Sato Takeru).
But after Friday...I'm allowed to watch them~~~~ =DDD

As you might have seen, I translated an interview.
I don't think most people know Tomo though. He's the best friend of Koji ;D
It took me so much time to translate because I practiced for my exam :/
I think, the next time it'll be easier because I'll translate it more freely ^^
I actually started with Koji's interview already

Yesterday afternoon Chrissi and me met with a Japanese exchange student form our uni...who went home today.
It was really fun <3 (though I had some problems to get there...stupid tram and trains -_-)
And she said she'll introduce us to the girl who'll come to our uni soon (as exchange student).
Looking forward to speaking more Japanese!! I really need that... v.v

Ohh...can someone help me?
I still haven't pre-ordered any calendars.... I can't decide between News or Kanjani8 calendar.... I want both~~~~ but I also want D-Boys calendar.... I guess I can be glad that there's no Arashi calendar XD;;; but I still have to decide!! ^-^; it's late... I'll watch something, go to bed, and study more tomorrow!!! XD

For those who have exams, too, good luck ne~~! ^0^
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I want better weather~~ more sunshine...please... ;_;
(At least right now it's not raining anymore here ^^)

This week I was looking for Japanese universities. On Monday, Chrissi and me asked our teacher about it and he said that we could ask at any university we want. Chrissi and me were like EEEH? 0_0 But most universities just offer places for students from their partner school. So, someone's wrong~ haha.
So, I could go to Waseda or Keio because they also accept independent students and they were on my list of want-to-go-schools anyway ;D Now there are just some questions because of the scholarship and all... but it's still time enough (until October) but I rather shouldn't waste time doing nothing about it, ne ^^
And for those wondering... I only wanna go to Tokyo XD because it's like home ;D and it'll be from October 2010, so in more than 1 year...haha. I don't think I can go there without scholarship, though...

I didn't do much else, apart from uni, I think?
Actually, I still have sooo many Arashi shows to watch... no time :/ (and watch the newest episode of Atadan!! very important haha)
I wrote Nino a letter...yay, first time to write a letter to him... ^-^;; because next week is his birthday ne ^0^ I don't expect my letter to be read, but as Shige and Yasu get birthday letters, Nino has to get one too!!
And I read some more infos about his stage play... so the tickets are also sold outside of the fanclub! I was so worried for nothing XD If they sell tickets in playguide, pia, etc. than it'll be easier to get tickets for me, I suppose~~ ^_^ (not that it's gonna be much cheaper but whatever XD)

I wanted to do so much today but then I was busy with printing out texts that I have to read. And there's so much more to print out~~ And then, I should start reading!! ^^;

Ah yes, anyone coming to the Japan Day and I don't know it yet?
Wanna meet you all who are coming! =D
I'll be walking around with Chrissi, all the time...maybe? Dunno exactly.
And then there's the Arashi meeting and meeting with a lot of other people, too!!
I hope it'll be good weather and I'm looking forward to the hanabi <3

i was too lazy to upload them the other day... )
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So... most of you might know it already, but the Tegomass concert is canceled.
Since Chrissi and me just booked the flight yet, we're not going to Sweden ^^;;; I hope we'll get some of the money back.... but I dunno yet, because we have to call the hotline on Monday..... hm ^^;;;
Actually it's good that we won't miss our classes in university....... hmm but we were looking forward to the concert and we wanted to make the uchiwas next week... well ^^;;;

Apart form that, I had the presentation in gwo this week!!
After Chrissi and me finished what we did last weekend...I got too lazy and didn't do much anymore...just read some little things and changed some parts from the power point text ^^;
Actually it wasn't like a group work at all. We didn't meet up with the other 2, though we expected to do it this week!! When we wanted to talk with them on Wednesday (and we had agreed to meet on Wednesday after Japanese) they just went to the cafeteria!! As if they forgot or what. We followed them and we sat together at one table (with some other classmates, just like on this Monday, too), we talked about the presentation very little and then they they said that they'll leave... and that we could talk in skype later on. I was quite disappointed.... I expected us to work together, in a TEAM. >__< Well, whatever. Somehow our teacher liked our presentation o__o she had some criticism, also the other students, but altogether they said it was easy to understand and we presented it in a good way. YAY! ^__^

Thursday evening Chrissi and me met with Julia-senpai in Duesseldorf.
First we went shopping a little (Julia had to buy food in the supermarkets...and I had to buy a new bento box, because my old one broke T___T) and then we had dinner together. <3
Later we met with a Japanese friend of her, Seiya, who works in one of those Japanese restaurants there (Takumi, for those who know it XD). And we went to karaoke together ^3^
After that we went to a cafe and talked a little more. Seiya doesn't speak German, btw., neither does he speak English LOL but soon I had to leave because of my train... I already took the last train home, if I had taken a later train I would have had to walk form the main station in Gelsenkirchen (maybe around 1 hour??? dunno...)
It was a nice evening and maybe we'll meet next Thursday again, the 4 of us ^-^ (Next Thursday is a holiday here ^.^)
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I had a really nice weekend!!
Well, especially Saturday and Sunday ne~! ^_^

Saturday Dana and me went to Duesseldorf, later Chrissi came there too!
Dana wanted to go to a manga workshop. And I wanted to look at magazines ;D
Chrissi and me took funny purikura!! haha
And later we went home... Chrissi and me had to work on our presentation together.
But we had bought frozen takoyaki...and we didn't eat we first had to eat something.
Then...we started working but yeah...we got distracted too easily ^^;;;
(and sometimes we had to laugh too much....|DD)
In the end Chrissi stayed here over night, since it was too late already and...we wanted to continue working on Sunday. And we wanted to watch Smile together XD
Today in church...I had a great service!! <3
And later Chrissi and me....watched the Quiz Show... and didn't work at all :/
(well, Chrissi started to read something...but hmm...)
After she left (or rather; I came home from bringing her to the train station ^^) I wanted to read some more things about FDI....hahah... but I didn't :/
(I should do now!!)

Rest of the week was...okay?
I was reading that book called 'Institutions, Industrial Upgrading and Economic Performance in Japan' about FDI, Flying Geese theory and whatever, and I was really glad when I finally had finished it!! xD;;
I feel that I'm still too lazy with university... just did that reading and not much else ^^;; I should review kanji and such ^^; instead I'm watching the dramas....hahaha
On Wednesday, Chrissi and me booked the flight to Stockholm... now we just need more information about the concert and such! ^^;

I thought I wanted to write more.... but I don't remember! u.u
Anyway, I definitely went to bed too late the last two nights... I should sleep soon!!

puris!! )
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ahhh finally I'm writing XD I wanted to write since Monday...but somehow I didn't do..hahaha
weekend was niiiiice... didn't study enough :/
but Saturday my mom and my little brothers came to visit my grandparents & me =3
I watched Digimon with Jan XDDD and kinda played with him ;3
and he was happy to get matcha (green tea flavor) candies xD
he looooves them, that's why I bought new ones in Düsseldorf =D
Sunday afternoon I talked with Lory on skype... wahhh I miss her.... she's like a big sister to me~~~ ;__; (just that she's a lot shorter than me |D)

Tuesday...I had my first exam in economics. couldn't sleep very well LOL
and exam was sooo bad T_____T horrible!!
sooo many exercises (it was one modul with 3 different subjects) in sooo little time!!
I didn't even read all of the questions/exercises completely x___x
anyway...I really hope that I didn't fail... I wanted to have a good mark, but that's impossible now ._. (well, Chrissi had the same problem...)
at least I could watch Mei-chan no Shitsuji after it hahahaha
I like Mameshiba so much more than Rihito xP though most people seem to like Rihito (of my friends) XD

Wednesday & today...trying to study... maths *sigh* XDD just so boooring XD I also need to study for the other economics exam ^^;;

yesterday, there was supposed to be small group. but the others couldn't come, we were only 3 persons (of 6)... we went to eat sushi at the restaurant (where we wanted to eat some weeks ago, but it was closed) ^0^
finally I know where it is!! I'll go there more often hehehe they had niiice matcha drink *0* and they have ice cream that I wanna try the next time... hahahaha

tomorrow [ profile] aya_3003 will come to visit me =D
because she doesn't wanna spend these days in Cologne alone XDDD
we'll go to the "visual culture" tomorrow evening... yay J POP!! <333
I hope they'll play good songs ^___^
Chrissi will come there, too, it seems <3
but...even with a visitor here, I have to study ne!!
....though we planned to watch some dramas and cook Japanese food :3
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hey minna! =3
sorry I didn't write for more than one week... haha busy XD"

but now it's almost holiday!! <3 (what holidays? I need to learn learn and learn! o__o haha)
last week i had to read sooo much for the Korean politics test... it was multiple choice but still! I was so glad to finish all the textes one day before the test haha and actually I thought the test was so bad D: I had to guess several time (though sometimes I didn't have to read the question fully to know the answer XD). our teacher already corrected them and put our marks I wrote a B (2,0)!!! I really didn't expect that but I'm really glad!! next year I'll write the second test in that subject. have to read even more =O but it's Korea so it's, of course, more interesting than economics XDDD

then, last weekend I went home... first time after 2 months, I think.
before on Friday... there was the OAW-party (for the east asia studies students = those who study Chinese, Korean or Japanese) was sooo boring :/ Chrissi and me went there quite early... they had sushi <3 but the music wasn't very asian and I really had hoped that!! ;0; they song of Arashi, Koda, Ayu and Mucc (Chrissi recognized the last one... I couldn't have done that XD) and that's all I heard... in 2-3 hours... not even Korean or Chinese! and we have several Chinese students.... Chrissi and me just sat there and were bored hahaha and I was thinking that I'd rather be at home watching Ryusei no Kizuna XD""" well, as soon as I was home I watched it (veeery late ^^°)
it was nice being at home. I had to help my sister prepare her boyfriend's present ^0^ and well, be together with my family ne~
you remember there was the girl and baby at our home, maybe? she's still there (Malte baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ♥♥) they'll leave next week. finally, I'd say. because they were just supposed to stay there for up to 3 months... now it was almost 5 months! ^-^;;
going to church on Sunday was nice too. seeing everyone again =3 (and everyone asked how i liked university so far and such)
Sunday was also my father's birthday...the actual reason why I came home. ^_^

Sunday evening I went back.. ahh, I was waiting for the new Bloody Monday episode the whole day... but it wasn't there until Sunday evening LOL anyway, watched it of course!! OMG I didn't expect THAT person to be K!!! why did they make us believe something different?! and the sensei... which side? and Fujimaru-kun's father?? and... ahhh I just don't want anyone more to die T__T last episode on Saturday.....
tomorrow is last episode of Ryusei no Kizuna... we'll know then who is the murderer!!!
after that I wanna read that book <3 I'm gonna learn a loooot of kanji (but I wanted to do that anyway XD) and I hope I'll be able to read a little.

Today I was finally able to write Christmas card to some people in Asia... it'll be TOO LATE but I had no time :/ had to do those homeworks this week... finished today (with that online homework for one course) so yay, tomorrow will be quite easy~ <3
then... I have to go and buy my last Christmas presents!! ^-^;;;

oh, on Tuesday Chrissi and me went to Duesseldorf <3333
I bought to much... ;-;
nikkei entertainment.. because of Nino ♥ but it also has a loooot of rankings of 2008 and I love rankings... =D
orisuta... finally!! since oricon style changed I wasn't able to buy it ^-^;
present for Alisa <3
some food... Japanese sweets, as usually (I mean, with red beans and such ;D)
and we took purikura... have to scan that soon ^_^

okay, gonna end with that happy meme.
wasn't tagged but...everyone is doing it XD

Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail and then tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

So, today I'm happy about having finished the last homework before holidays. And I had fun with Chrissi, especially in the library, looking at Japanese books ;D
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again it's so laaate... haha.
it's like...6 days left until JLPT!!
i wanted to study sooo much more... but in the end i'm to easily distracted D:
well... i just hope for 60%, then i'm safe XD"

friday i watched ryusei no kizuna 6 (subbed) and 7. it's getting more and more exciting and complicated and all. and supposed to have 11 episodes...YAY! now i'm quite happy that i became such a nino fan XD
yesterday i watched bloody monday 8... omg... it was so cruel T__T and the end is so unfair ;___; and i don't wanna spoil it to you ne... ^-^;;

today church was nice ^_^ my grandmother came, too! i'm really glad. =3
what shall i tell you about last week? just university... in the evening i'm always tired... haha then there was choir and a meeting in church :3 and trying to study and do the homework...
i really don't like "quantitative methoden der bwl" and well, microeconomics isn't that much better... at least when i'm trying to solve those exercises x__x but ganbarimasu! i usually get it done a little at least XD"

i really like kat-tun's new song... beautiful <3
i also started to listen to other christmas songs hahaha =D

i need to start thinking about christmas presents... lol

good night ^_^
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so...i spent the whole afternoon online now... bad thing, i didn't study at all yet.
okay, but there were a lot of things to do after being offline for more than a month~
anyway... i dunno what to tell you about university...

japanese lessons are quite boring and chrissi and me talk in japanese with each other more than we speak in lessons...or so. i mean...why do they teach in almost only german? ;_;
actually yesterday we went to japanese class of semester 3... and we understood everything XDDD
we just miss the kanjis that they already know but...we had no problems to follow the conversations/exercises hahahaha.

economics classes are more difficult. and we have tutorial classes (2 are weekly, 2 are every second week) and have to do the assignments and i have those 4 books i should read (i already started with all of them, of course...but not very far yet)
the homework for easy XD and we don't have to hand it in o__o;; they'll put the solutions online so that we can correct by ourselves. (of course we always get the homework online too. ahh so bad without internet :/ so i had to rely on chrissi or use the library ne)
usually i leave the house when it's dark and come home when it's dark.
at least i watch ipod sometimes on the train :3

and this week i watched ryusei no kizuna 1-3 thanks to my alisa <33
(and i was very tired the next days... who cares XD)
i also went to church here... nice church!! reminds me a little bit of tbc... and i prefer it over my home church i guess. more lively and such. i also started to sing in the choir there :D

hm what else? maybe you can just ask me?
and i didn't read a lot of your entries in the past weeks... i'm very sorry!!! m(_ _)m
please tell me anything important about you or...give me links to your entries that i should read..... if there's anything i should know. (i think you don't have time for that though, sorry~)

so yesterday... chrissi and me went to the jrock party. not because of the jrock of course.
i guess we were quite the only ones who came just because of the jpop XDDD
but it was soooo much fun!!!!
at first...when we entered the room -> news with taiyou no namida LOL
and we had the room almost for ourselves...hahaha... nice nice XD
sometimes the vk fans came too (do you say 'visu' in english? no?? what do you use??)
but more to sit down... than to dance or such.
(btw after some time chrissi and me always danced to the songs we liked/knew... and some other songs too... and we sang too LOL)
ohh we could also wish for songs/artist...hehehehehe :3
when they played kanjani8's it's my funny, i danced a little of their dance... embarrassing >//< hahaha but i think most of the others didn't like that song... XD""
i also guess that most people who came there to sit down (i guess it's not as loud as the jrock area so it's better for talks?) didn't know all those songs...
but later there were almost too many vk fans...and too many people who smoked... (before there was no one smoking - so niiiice =DD) and hmm... it seemed that maybe some didn't like the jpop?
chrissi and me thought that they shouldn't come to the jpop area then... but well.
you know... i asked if they had hey!say!jump/7... just for fun... and they did LOL!!!
when chrissi and me danced to hey!say! we had to laugh so much.. those vk fans surely didn't want to know who they were listening to, ne XDDDD
later the other girl who posted about that in je germany came... but too late, because we had to leave soon after :/
chrissi and me were so surprised to see someone else sing and dance to a johnnys song.. didn't happen the whole evening...i think.
but i wonder... because there were a lot of requests written on that request paper... there must have been people who liked jpop... but they weren't obvious... ^^;;
anyway... i was home late because of my train/bus connections.. but i wanted to stay longer... can't wait for something like that again =DD

now i have some purikuras from last month... couldn't scan/upload yet...
look here )
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Chrissi & me
last week...

so, my first week of university... was full of introduction things... hours of waiting for my courses that i had (not very much yet) and... being bored in japanese classes. XD
we only learned hiragana yet... we didn't have anything like hello, good morning, and such phrases at all!! nanikore!!
on tuesday chrissi and me went to duesseldorf again haha
and...i wanna show your the puris, but maybe... next weekend or so ^^;;
anyway... we finally finished watching arashi's concert on my ipod so now... i need something new that we can watch XD
i also went to the bible studies group on thursday evening... everyone was really nice *v* but uhm... i was home like 9 and i had to wait for 2 hours after my last courses... so i'm not sure if i'll go there regularly u_u
maybe i can find one in gelsenkirchen from my church (that i might attend next sunday finally... can't wait :D)

the guy who wanted to give the keys to my apartment today... he didn't give it to my grandparents!!! fbsjdfcvmvfj
i already planned to take an early train back tmr but now... i'll go back maybe after lunch or so..
anyway... i want my own apartment finally T__T
not that i wanna complain about staying at my grandparents but i just would like to have an own room for myself again ~o~ (which i didn't have for more than 2 months already u.u)
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hi minna!!!

i thought i posted from my cellphone... but somehow it didn't work!!! T_T

i'll copy what i typed in on monday & wednesday

Today i was at university ne.
Met christine finally ^^
Hope we'll be good friends~
At first we new students had to walk around the campus and find special points in groups.
It was fun but rainy :/
After that we met again in that room and some people/teachers introduced themeselves.
After that christiane and me went to print out the train etc ticket for whole nrw area.
And we went home, well transfered at the same station.
Listened to otsuka ai and watched kattun on ipod lol
Looking forward to tmr.
There're introduction events everyday (different times)
But we still wanna go to duesseldorf XD (
the topic of that day isn't as important.and it's not a must to go there anyway ^^)
I have my computer here,watching drama etc the whole evening.
i wanna use msn u.u hahahaha
Good night ;3

Hey minna!
I hope u're allright...
Yesterday i was in university and learned things like how to survive on the campus ;D
After that i went to take a look at some furniture with my grandma.
At home i finished watching osen.
Finally! Haha the end was so cute <3
and uchi was cute too :3 miss him.
What about those rumours about him in a movie..?
Anyway which drama next? XD
Oh also talked with alisa for quite a long time.imu!
After talking to my mom, my little bro talked with me, the 6years cute!
he must have been bored lol talking with me so long XD
Today we learned general things about japan.
Oh before that i met the girl i made friends with at the math precourse.
After the break where christine and me took a look at our soon to be classrooms they wanted to talk about japanese language and characters.
we know basics so we skipped that as we had plans for duesseldorf =D
In ddorf we ate lunch with jolli.
then we picked up ceren.
she was late because she missed the other train.
we went to all the stores.took purikura! <3
i bought oricon style mag and sweets.
We really wanted to sing karaoke!
But everything would just open at 7pm!
We were allowed to take a look into one and it had small rooms like in japan!
Not that cheap but okay for 4 persons.
We just needed to wait so we went to the jpn stores again.
Then karaoke was fun!! <333
though it was a korean karaoke actually there was a little amount of jpop and such.
Enough to sing for us ^^
So since then i'm on my way home...maybe 20min more...
Really great day :3
Good night ;D

so yes... thursday & friday i was in university, too.
nothing much to tell you...
i'm glad to have christine =3

also.... without my cellphone writing emails... i wouldn't have survived!! XD

now i'm home YAY!!
internet!! msn!!
need to read my looong friend's page now XDDD
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on Monday evening I took the train to my grandparents <3
so on Tuesday morning I went to uni for the math pre-courses. actually I can just print out those things that they're doing there (just review XD) but since I didn't have math lessons for a looooong time I thought it's better to go there once.
I also made friends with a girl there... she was really nice :3
but I kinda didn't like to take the trains/subway... I'm not used to that anymore (in Germany xD)... I can just compare it with japanese trains and even if they're always crowded, I still prefer them XD
anyway...I'm getting more and more excited for university~ haha

since I'm back again (Tuesday evening) i didn't do very much...
just help mom as usual. i have to admit...sometimes I'm a little annoyed by Franzi.
for those who read my lj know... the girl with baby that stays here...
i wish the husband would just have the new apartment and she can move in there :/
everyone in this family is so stressed~
it's not stressful to have them stay here. Franz also helps in the housework and all.
but, it's more that the husband just can't get the things done that he should do. or whatever.
it's...we don't know what he's doing all the time. he lives almost 30+ minutes away from here. village. has no car. and then there's the story about Franzi's mom... she called Franzi and everything was nice and all. the minute later, when Franzi called her husband...her mother became the "mean mother" again. wtf?! she was talking on the phone in my room. so i heard everything. it was such a change, suddenly. i think that husband is kinda wrong. we (my family) don't trust him. i don't wanna go in more details but yeah... glad she won't read it xD

Jasmine and me had to talk about the fanclub address changing... but now everything's solved and they can use my account to ballot for NEWS con... glad it worked out <3

Xiang uploaded so many pictures of us in Facebook... you can take a look there... I'll upload some and show you, too.
but when I looked at them...I had tears in my eyes. I really miss the time with her....

precious memories <3 )

I'm really looking forward to my birthday party tomorrow <3
because last year...I was just with Lory and my hostfamily... I didn't know them very much yet. and I didn't have any other friends to celebrate with...
so yeah, tomorrow I'll have so many of my friends with me *V*
though...there are some friends who live faaaar away and I'd like to see them, too...
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yosh.. just watched pikanchi double... i like it more than pikanchi....maybe...
anyway, arashi movies are love *~* LOL

saturday i went to the convention in kassel called "connichi"
not too interesting...
i met some friends <33333333333333333
and bought only one johnnys magazine... and green tea chocolate + candy... hehehehehe
i was thinking about buying kattun's album or anacfe's dvd... but no ^^;; rather spent my money on other things...
actually i didn't take any pictures, sorry XDDD
i met only one johnnys cosplayer, ryo from kanfuu fighting (performance)...
i had 2 girls staying over night that i didn't know the day before haha because they're friends with sandi (she was supposed to come, too, but she was sick T__________T)
on sunday morning we missed the train they should have taken... well but i took them to korbach train station and they didn't have to wait there too long...
oh, saturday evening we went to eat japanese... alisa and franziska just had sushi but i had to eat udon and tempura *v* haha
i wanted to sing karaoke but alisa didn't want...
we went to calligraphy workshop, watched hanakimi and later watched the amv show-thing...
i also showed happy birthday pv to some people because they hadn't seen it yet (on my ipod) XDD
(yesss i like the pv... especially the koyashige moments |D)

on friday i met sarah, regina and her boyfriend... because i had no work <33
i was really glad that we had the opportunity =DDDD
also on thursday...i met a former class mate in a shop in my village... (she lives here, too) she was in london for a year so we're kinda similar (with going abroad after graduation :3)
and it's such a coincidence that we'll both move to gelsenkirchen XDDD
same village ---> same city LOL
(she is one of the girls from school i get along quite well ^^)

on sunday... i had no work °_°
i was quite confused... i took a nap in the afternoon to prepare for the evening hahaha
(i didn't sleep very much that night ne XD)
but i didn't receive a call...
so, i spent some time searching for people in studivz who'll study the same as me in bochum...
i actually found one girl who likes johnnys too!! YAY =3
(but i didn't really find other people who'll start now...)
btw on thursday i'll be in bochum, only university though... because the car i needed in the afternoon... i don't like driving so far alone but well can't be helped :/
(need to prepare music!! xD)
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something terrible happened!!
SHIGE has a show in Tokyo Globe Theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In July!!!!!!!!!
I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so, I have to find a way to get money... and what is far more imporant... get my parents to say YES! that's maybe... impossible.
about the money, I'll SELL all (?) my mangas and old j-rock CDs and j-rock magazines.
anyone who wants something?
I need to look what I actually have... o__o;;
anyway... who wants to go to Shige's show, too? I don't wanna go alone hahahaha
I guess, Sen would try to get a ticket for me... and I really don't worry about tickets... I know Harajuku XD

so far crazy fandom.
I don't wanna tell it to...'normal' friends... they'll think I'm crazy. but actually everyone will think... arrgh @.@ I hate Johnnys~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

btw. I started to work in a restaurant... but not very much (yet)...
I hope they are content with me >o<;; I worked there yesterday for teh first time...
it's a little different to my job in Japan... because there I didn't have to speak so much with costumers ne ^^;; and also now, I have to memorize the menu ^-^;
but I really like it there... the people there are very nice ^~^ and it's just in a village so it's a very peaceful atmosphere :3

on Wednesday we went to the university in Bochum... so HUGE 0.0
I talked to several students and to one of the adviser...
east asia studies with focus on economy is veeery difficult and challenging. they said it's comparable to medical studies... yabai~~ x_x
maybe I should rather study japanese studies? but whatever I wanna combine it with, the interesting subjects have a high ONC ;__; me~~~
actually, my family thinks I might be capable of studying east asia studies... I would just have to study study study A LOT. but that's okay...I guess...
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I wanted to upload some pictures...but well, haven't done that yet. ^^;;
on Friday we visited my grandparents in Gelsenkirchen because they had anniversary and my grandfather had birthday. nice day <33333 they were so happy to see me ^-^
on Saturday Sarah and Regina came here... yay~~ so nice to see them again T_T
in the evening we went to church ^~^'s somehow strange.... our church is so...quiet? dunno how to express but TBC is just so lively and all...
yeah this morning in church... omg... I miss TBC! standing while singing, with clapping hands and everything... and of course I miss my friends in TBC... ;-;
(TBC is Tokyo Baptist Church :3)

and then... there's something else that bothers me...
I didn't talk with a lot of young people in German when I was in Japan... now the 'youth language/slang' sounds so...unfriendly o__o;; don't like... >o<
plus, all this gossiping and talking behind other people and whatever in church (!!) is so annoying!!! maybe in Japan I won't get gossip etc. because I don't understand them or they are more reluctant or such... but here it feels so extreme... can't they be more real/honest??? well, maybe it's just normal and I'm not normal XDDD

anyway, something else... maybe I found something to study!!
I think that everyday now LOL
first it was eventmanagement... then I thought tourism might be interesting too...
but I can't go to an expensive college and all...
also, I wanna do more Japanese...
I might end up with east asia studies combined with economics, so I can continue Japanese ^.^

...I wanted to watch Hokaben but it's too late now *sigh* XD good night~


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