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Tomorrow it's finally the day of my flight <3

So, in the last days I said good bye to a lot of people~

I went to see my family for 3 days last week.
The three kids are still staying there. I didn't write it on here yet, but told several persons already... Anyway, my mum is quite exhausted since 6 kids are...a lot ~_~ She needs a lot of strength!! I hope that the kids don't have to stay too long but it seems that they won't be able/allowed to go back to their parents (who separated) but there have to be new families (?) found for them... poor kids :/
Somehow it's strange because when I went to Japan in 2007, they all saw me off at the airport and this time... I already said good bye to them ^^;;

On Friday afternoon Sophie, Lisa and Dana visited me♥ and we ate Okonomiyaki♥
On Sunday was my last time at church, so I also said good bye to everyone there. They also prayed for me♥
Monday I went to pick up my visa in Düsseldorf and later met Chrissi :D
She's staying over here now because she already moved out from her apartment and had to pick up her visa, too, ne~
Today I went to meet Dana for a last time...
So now I'll only see my sister, grandparents and Lissy...

This week I started to watch Natsuniji finally and watched all six episodes at once :D I really like it~~~
When Kiritani Mirei said something with makenai I immediately thought of ore magene XDDD So...I can't dislike her or anything xD
I love Umi-chan!! She's so cute~ ^0^
Ohh and....last episode of Kamen Rider W T___T I watched it on keyhole and later I watched it again with softsubs xD There are some points...I don't really understand.... but I'm kinda happy with that end... only, I don't want an end haha

The other dramas... I'm still behind D:
When I'm in Japan I'll watch them anyways and just watch the missing episodes....afterwards? XD
Chrissi and me need a DVD recorder~~~
I realized that I can't watch Hammer Session 9 because of Last Game T-T haha

pics and scans )

I won't have internet in my apartment in Tokyo at first. I'll try to write as soon as I arrived and then... we'll see. I hope that I'll be able to buy a cellphone SOON~~
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hi everyone!
since I finished the happy meme I don't "have to" write daily...yay XD
well okay, I didn't have much time to write but I wanna try to update more regulary but - sometimes there isn't anything to write about XD

on Friday I met Regina & Sarah in the evening... we had a looong time of girl's talk ♥
but I'm sooo stupid and I forgot Sarah's present at home >///////<
now I'm gonna send it...

Saturday, I met with Ceren, Jessy and two friends of Ceren in Duesseldorf =3
I arrived first (though on train had delay so I was already later than planned) and i had to wait quite some time... hahaha
then we had Japanese lunch ^3^
and went to the Japanese shops.
I searched for the book of Ryusei no Kizuna, but couldn't find it u__u
I didn't buy any magazine!! hehe
there wasn't anything special and I have a lot of the normal magazines like myojo, duet, etc. at home already and it's too expensive to buy just to have it.
I only bought a letter set and Japanese food hahaha
we took purikura of course (but it was crowdy so the guys had to queue for us haha)
and altogether had a lot of fun~~ ^0^

today I went to church.. at home I didn't do a lot...
just msn, talked with Alisa (msn & on the phone ;3)
used my webcam (I have skype now!! anyone has skype too??)
and I just watched "Letters of Iwo Jima" finally!!
can't say I 'like' the movie but I like some aspects of it~ and of course Nino LOL
but now I wanna watch some drama <3
because...I wanna study from tomorrow onwards!!
but my problem is...Tuesday my siblings are coming ne, and the twins gonna stay here until Friday ^-^;;
isn't there anyone who wants to visit me for New Year? LOL
Alisa doesn't wanna come T__T
otherwise I have to go outside with the kids alone.......
(at least I'll make my little sis watch Johnny's Countdown with me XDD)

okay, now the puris ^__^
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today we visited my grandparents =D
which also means my home, ne XD
I got a web-cam so my father installed it and also the new hard disk ^0^
I also got loud speaker for ipod, so cool :3
and I got letters of iwo jima by Alisa THANKS <3333 (did you like my present??)
I think everyone was happy with their presents here ^__^
tomorrow is church again <3
and later I'll meet Regina & Sarah ^3^
and Saturday I'll meet some others in Duesseldorf <3

anyway, have to go because my brother wants to play in my room...haha XD

I'm so sorry for making so much trouble to Dilya and Jasmine!!!! Hope you'll get the tickets somehow!!! I'm praying for you!

happy meme

Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:17 pm
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so what made me happy today #5
-going home, seeing my family <333
-kinda playing with my siblings XD""
-visiting alisa <333333333

and i'm really tired now because i had to stay at my brother's side until he was asleep (well at first he was kinda fighting with me, as usual haha)
oh and i need to tell you. the girl with baby left today. she'll stay somewhere in south of hessen now.
nothing else ^^;;

happy meme

Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:05 am
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what made me happy today ~ day 4
-church <33 nice service and all =3
-staying a little time upstairs with my grandparents ^-^
-watching bloody monday 5+6 (well dunno if the drama really makes me happy ne LOL)
-talking on the phone with alisa for too long XDDDD

i'm going home tomorrow, just some days. <3
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so...i spent the whole afternoon online now... bad thing, i didn't study at all yet.
okay, but there were a lot of things to do after being offline for more than a month~
anyway... i dunno what to tell you about university...

japanese lessons are quite boring and chrissi and me talk in japanese with each other more than we speak in lessons...or so. i mean...why do they teach in almost only german? ;_;
actually yesterday we went to japanese class of semester 3... and we understood everything XDDD
we just miss the kanjis that they already know but...we had no problems to follow the conversations/exercises hahahaha.

economics classes are more difficult. and we have tutorial classes (2 are weekly, 2 are every second week) and have to do the assignments and i have those 4 books i should read (i already started with all of them, of course...but not very far yet)
the homework for easy XD and we don't have to hand it in o__o;; they'll put the solutions online so that we can correct by ourselves. (of course we always get the homework online too. ahh so bad without internet :/ so i had to rely on chrissi or use the library ne)
usually i leave the house when it's dark and come home when it's dark.
at least i watch ipod sometimes on the train :3

and this week i watched ryusei no kizuna 1-3 thanks to my alisa <33
(and i was very tired the next days... who cares XD)
i also went to church here... nice church!! reminds me a little bit of tbc... and i prefer it over my home church i guess. more lively and such. i also started to sing in the choir there :D

hm what else? maybe you can just ask me?
and i didn't read a lot of your entries in the past weeks... i'm very sorry!!! m(_ _)m
please tell me anything important about you or...give me links to your entries that i should read..... if there's anything i should know. (i think you don't have time for that though, sorry~)

so yesterday... chrissi and me went to the jrock party. not because of the jrock of course.
i guess we were quite the only ones who came just because of the jpop XDDD
but it was soooo much fun!!!!
at first...when we entered the room -> news with taiyou no namida LOL
and we had the room almost for ourselves...hahaha... nice nice XD
sometimes the vk fans came too (do you say 'visu' in english? no?? what do you use??)
but more to sit down... than to dance or such.
(btw after some time chrissi and me always danced to the songs we liked/knew... and some other songs too... and we sang too LOL)
ohh we could also wish for songs/artist...hehehehehe :3
when they played kanjani8's it's my funny, i danced a little of their dance... embarrassing >//< hahaha but i think most of the others didn't like that song... XD""
i also guess that most people who came there to sit down (i guess it's not as loud as the jrock area so it's better for talks?) didn't know all those songs...
but later there were almost too many vk fans...and too many people who smoked... (before there was no one smoking - so niiiice =DD) and hmm... it seemed that maybe some didn't like the jpop?
chrissi and me thought that they shouldn't come to the jpop area then... but well.
you know... i asked if they had hey!say!jump/7... just for fun... and they did LOL!!!
when chrissi and me danced to hey!say! we had to laugh so much.. those vk fans surely didn't want to know who they were listening to, ne XDDDD
later the other girl who posted about that in je germany came... but too late, because we had to leave soon after :/
chrissi and me were so surprised to see someone else sing and dance to a johnnys song.. didn't happen the whole evening...i think.
but i wonder... because there were a lot of requests written on that request paper... there must have been people who liked jpop... but they weren't obvious... ^^;;
anyway... i was home late because of my train/bus connections.. but i wanted to stay longer... can't wait for something like that again =DD

now i have some purikuras from last month... couldn't scan/upload yet...
look here )
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anyway, no time now XD
i'm at university and have to leave in 5 min or so because chrissi will be waiting~
well, i have my apartment since last weekend and i was staying there from last...wednesday onwards.
it's a lot better to be alone... for learning (and for fandom it would be too, but i'm too tired in the evening and i have to learn ne...)
so i'm genki (i think xD) and i miss you all because aahhhh i still have no internet!!!!!!!!!!
it's so bad!!!!!
at least chrissi downloads some things for me (kanjani8 single is great <3) (arashi single will be great too, i hope XD)
and i get a newsletter form alisa quite often (to my cellphone) and we phone a lot XD so i'm at least a little up to date (with...arashi only u.u) i didn't tell you that i watched ryusei no kizuna + bloody monday ep 1 yet...hahah already some weeks ago XD and i really wanna watch the next episodes!!!!!!
okay have to go
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today ALISA came here!! ^3^
we watched music station together. and other things...with arashi ;3
so much fun ^___^
awww so sad that we won't be able to see each other very often from now on... v__v
Kanjani8 and NEWS were so great <333333
can't wait for the PV of Kanjani8 ^3^


i thought i'm gonna post some memes tonight. so much to read, sorry m(_ _)m

just some boring questions and answers XD )
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first. thanks for all your birthday wishes and/or presents!! ♥
i was so happy!!♥♥

my party on friday was so good~ hehe
though before i had to clean up all the rooms downstairs, bake cake, cook, ... just as usual days XD
but then i took so much time to style XDDD
as i'm just at home all these weeks i never dress up or something... so it was fun XD
then i waited for everyone to come...
we had dinner together <3
then we went upstairs in my my sister's room.
we played sing star... i had to sing german songs i had never heard before |D
anyway, fun <333
after that alisa, isi and me switched to my computer ;3
and later we sang karaoke hehehehe (with karaoke pvs)
so much fun~~ ♪♪♪
but around 11pm suddenly the others wanted to leave.... dondake?! so early T-T
alisa was sleeping over so at least i wasn't alone yet xD
we went outside a little.... and then we came back to my computer, watching lots of arashi things (youtube, pvs, performances)
actually we planned to watch hanadan finale... but around 1.30am or 2 am we started to sing karaoke again |D
and then alisa was we went to bed ^-^;
the next morning we watched the end of hanadan finale <333
(we both had seen the movie before :3)
but then her father came and picked her up....
but i really enjoyed all that!! ♥
(just... i forgot to take pictures ^^°)

then on saturday was my brother's birthday party ^0^
and in the evening i went to church -> youth service.
first time for weeks!!!
because i usually have to work saturday nights...
so happy because i also get to see regina and sarah, ne. <33
sunday service was so great, too. *o*
but i had to work from 11.30~ so i had to leave service earlier .__.
and uhm...i worked until 10pm.
SO DEAD after that X__X

now about girl & baby.
so franzi finally realized that her husband just....used her.
or...she realized it before but never admitted.
it reminds me of last friends so much!!
though different of course.
but that guy never allowed her to have contact to her friends from her home (she used to live like 4 hours away) her family/mother even.
she had to borrow money so that he is able to smoke.
he ordered things and she had to pay.
in the end she has so many debts because of him.
she wasn't allowed to go outside here and make friends. but he would just do so.
he had contact with some people by cellphone but wouldn't say the truth about who that is.
and right now he is supposed to look for a new apartment. already had 6 weeks or so.
he says he's soooo busy. but wth?! he's doing nothing but using the money he gets as soon as he gets it.
on the one hand i'm really glad that she finally doesn't want to go back and she says it!!
(i mean... why didn't she say that she doesn't wanna go back earlier???)
on the other hand it must be really tough. now she's alone with the baby.
but... she'll go back to her hometown. her family can help her. she has friends there.
there might be a future for her & the baby boy.
back to her husband... there's NO FUTURE. (as he's unemployed, it doesn't seem as if he wants to work at all and he is full of debts and lies!)
we'll contact the youth advice center soon and hope we can get her things out of that place. we might involve the police. because franzi said she's afraid of her husband now.
that sounds just when she arrived her she said she misses him and can't sleep well because she's homesick and all. but now. she wants to leave him.
i'm trying my best to comfort her... well, i always did the last weeks ne~
okay, let's stop here.

some pictures!! )
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hey~ i just watched MAOU the whole weekend!!
well... i watched episode 2-8 yesterday and the rest today and it's shfdjdsgckjdvoshvjs OMG!!!
and I cried so much T_____T
I think, my favorite character was Shiori-san... she's so cute <3
and I admit...I liked Naruse more than Naoto... though I'm supposed to be a Toma fan XDD
I'm kinda glad it's over now... I never had time to watch the episodes before so I could watch it until the end in one go... hehehehe
what's next? |D

on Friday I finished...don't laugh... last friends XD just last episode and encore... so late. XD;;
I liked the end very much ^^

on Thursday I drove to uni. I don't really feel like university student yet... especially when I looked at the others there. also, everyone seemed to know someone already... I'm glad that I know one girl at least =3
but I'll go there again on Tuesday, I think. I need to pick up something there and there are pre-courses for math... should take a look at that at least once ^^;

I had to work on Thursday evening...
then on Saturday there was the "mühlradfest" of my restaurant... I made the flyer/posters and whatever... and I waited the whole day to get a call to come to work. but NO PHONECALL. wtf?!?! well, as I didn't have to work today neither... I dunno why. maybe they had enough other people helping out???? confusing~ but so I had time to watch maou LOL so I don't mind xD

I was talking to Alisa on the phone over one hour this evening... because her computer is still broken :/ usually we'd talk on msn ne~
but yeah we'll have sooo much karaoke to sing on Friday *V*

btw. does anyone have SS501 karaoke PVs????????? please~
my friend likes them a lot and I wanna surprise her~
other korean things are okay too...maybe... but that'd be the best!! ^^;
I tried to search for it but couldn't find v__v
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yosh.. just watched pikanchi double... i like it more than pikanchi....maybe...
anyway, arashi movies are love *~* LOL

saturday i went to the convention in kassel called "connichi"
not too interesting...
i met some friends <33333333333333333
and bought only one johnnys magazine... and green tea chocolate + candy... hehehehehe
i was thinking about buying kattun's album or anacfe's dvd... but no ^^;; rather spent my money on other things...
actually i didn't take any pictures, sorry XDDD
i met only one johnnys cosplayer, ryo from kanfuu fighting (performance)...
i had 2 girls staying over night that i didn't know the day before haha because they're friends with sandi (she was supposed to come, too, but she was sick T__________T)
on sunday morning we missed the train they should have taken... well but i took them to korbach train station and they didn't have to wait there too long...
oh, saturday evening we went to eat japanese... alisa and franziska just had sushi but i had to eat udon and tempura *v* haha
i wanted to sing karaoke but alisa didn't want...
we went to calligraphy workshop, watched hanakimi and later watched the amv show-thing...
i also showed happy birthday pv to some people because they hadn't seen it yet (on my ipod) XDD
(yesss i like the pv... especially the koyashige moments |D)

on friday i met sarah, regina and her boyfriend... because i had no work <33
i was really glad that we had the opportunity =DDDD
also on thursday...i met a former class mate in a shop in my village... (she lives here, too) she was in london for a year so we're kinda similar (with going abroad after graduation :3)
and it's such a coincidence that we'll both move to gelsenkirchen XDDD
same village ---> same city LOL
(she is one of the girls from school i get along quite well ^^)

on sunday... i had no work °_°
i was quite confused... i took a nap in the afternoon to prepare for the evening hahaha
(i didn't sleep very much that night ne XD)
but i didn't receive a call...
so, i spent some time searching for people in studivz who'll study the same as me in bochum...
i actually found one girl who likes johnnys too!! YAY =3
(but i didn't really find other people who'll start now...)
btw on thursday i'll be in bochum, only university though... because the car i needed in the afternoon... i don't like driving so far alone but well can't be helped :/
(need to prepare music!! xD)

narnia =D

Aug. 12th, 2008 11:46 pm
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just came home from cinema. it was a spontaneous idea of Alisa to watch Narnia tonight XDD
guess who we met there?!! XD Regina and Tim LOL such a coincidence XDD
anyway, about Narnia. I liked the movie. it was quite thrilling. my Lucy was cute~ :3 (she's my favorite character since forever... so that's important!!) I didn't like the little love story that they included... I don't think that it was in the books... but then, I've read them like 5 years ago or so. maybe I should read them again ^-^
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I'm back home since Friday niiiight...XD
I didn't do very much yesterday... but I had to watch Yasuko to Kenji... YASU!! *o* haha
I almost missed it... ^-^;;
andt then later there was Alisa's birthday party!!! ^0^
she got nice presents from Ulrike and me...hehehehe =D
anyway, we went to eat pizza and after that we went to the Viehmarkt was soo boring! didn't like it at all. and I saw too many people I know. but the others all wanted to go~ >o<
well being on the ferris wheel was niiice... it was late = dark. then there were all the colorful lights~ ^~^
when we were back at Alisa's home...I stayed the longest XD so that we could look at the hanadan photbook (love <3) so...I was veryyy tired when I drove home |D;;
today I met Regina because she's home for one week and went to church!!!! <333
I had to work noon and evening... I'm kinda...tired... haha
have to write a looong entry about last week... so just wait a little ;3

Photobucket Alisa and me ^0^
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first... my entry that I wanted to write on Saturday evening... I was soo happy to finish work early but then... I couldn't use the internet at all =.= because of the stupid thunderstorm ;0; (but I just knew about that fact since Sunday morning ~o~)

I'm soooo annoyed right now. kdkjfgkmdkghfdhnkdnfjh
I'm happy to have finished work and I finally have time to use the internet... but after trying anything for almost one and a half hour I still wasn't able to make it work x__x
I even called my dad >o< (before trying whatever in his room with all the computers)
Apart from that I had a perfect day <33 Alisa was here all the time, we were watching concerts XDD
Koda Kumi, though not all. So cool~ <3333
Johnny's Countdown. I finally saw the TV version... so much shorter than the original |D
And some Music Station performances... until it was late enough for her to get picked up by her dad and for me to start work :3 (good timing today ^^)
ohh and before we were watching Yasuko to Kenji episode 2!! so great again =D it's just sooo funny~ kinda reminds me of my boss my I the only one thinking that? ^^;;
Friday was...well in the afternoon my mom, dad and my little brother drove to friends... until tomorrow afternoon… so I invited Imke, Diggy, Lyly (and more but they couldn't come)... I told them to come early because I had to start work at 8 (which is quite late, but I was happy) but hmm…they came around 6.30 pm and...I got a call around 7.10 pm that I had to come and work... >__< we had like nooo time ToT then I was quite unhappy but sho ga nai v_v
Work was okay... and haha around 10.30 the other three and my sis appeared... O_O;; they ate ice cream LOL after that they went home... .____. I hope that the next time will be better~
Hmm when I came home (around 0.30am) my sister told me that she wants to stay up until the morning... XD so well I accompanied her a little... (until...4.30 am XD") and I made her watch NEWS DVD and Kanjani8 DVD muahahahahaha (well I showed her the best things =3) so cool because... usually she'd, like, run away? XDD
Hmm the days before...were nice... I had to work sometimes, I wanted to learn Japanese but didn't do very much u.u and hmm...helped my mum with ironing as usual XD
on Wednesday evening, when I was sure that my work wouldn't call me... my sister and me went to Korbach :3 I visited Isy and we watched Maou 1st episode...with subs...sooooo thrilling!!!! really better than without subs |DD and we watched some other things too ^^

soo because I had no internet for almost 2 days (it's not a long time...but I was so free and therefore bored and usually on sundays everyone is quite well, it seemed long XD) anyway, I started watching Yamada Tarou Monogatari. Isy gave it to me on Wednesday... and I sooo liked it that I had to finish in 3 days hahahaha I really love school dramas :3 and there's the actress that plays Yasuko ^3^ well, Nino and Sho and cute little kids XDDD I wonder why I never watched it last summer...but well, it's not that I had much time to watch all the dramas that I wanted to watch ne XDD
yesterday I had to work and today I have to come again... hmm but I had enough time to watch the drama yesterday :3
I need to watch the spring/summer dramas of this year~~~ ^^;;;
and I didn't learn as much Japanese as I intended to... v__v
this morning I was swimming with my sister and my little brother, nice nice~
...I hope that the better weather will come tomorrow ;-;
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this is a rainbow and there's the light of the sun... it looked so much better in real *__*

now about last days...
Xiang left Tokyo last weekend... so now Sen is all alone. I mean, we hang out so much and now, there's just one of us left... but she's busy with university anyway XD;; did I ever tell you that she's attending ToDai!! :3 smart girl~~ hehe day I'll visit them all... in China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines... hahahaha XD

I wanted to learn more Japanese...but was too lazy these days ~o~ did just a little...
hmm but there is this book I bought, about conversations/conversational style... it's soo realistic!! I didn't realize it back then XD but it's how they really speak, so informal that you don't understand XDD and actually...the exercises aren't easy ^^; but I really wanna study that book... so helpful *_* XD

on Wednesday we visited my grandparents... and my mother and me went shopping...bad thing~ I bought several nice cute clothes ;-; XD
I was looking for a new cellphone too... but I didn't find those I wanna have... still can't decide between sony ericsson z55i and z770shi... anyone wants to help me? XDD I wanted some other ones but it's too difficult to get~

I also had work the last two days~ sooo busy yesterday evening x__x
on Monday I visited Lyly!!! soo nice to see her again *__* she told/showed me a lot about her time in Ethiopia and of course I told her about my time in Japan, too ^~^
today I visited Alisa!! <33 and we took pictures and decorated them like purikura XDD
take a look here!! )

I watched some clips about Kanjani8 concerts~ at first I was very confused about the lack of eito ranger~ but hmm now it's okay :3
though, I really wanna see the eito ranger skit from spring concerts on DVD ;0;
oh and their wishes...hahahaha Tacchon |DD I didn't understand that all...but Yasu's wish was cute... writing a book or something...having to do with pictures, too... or whatever... but it sounds creative~ ^.^
btw the Kanjani8 goods are too cute >3< Jasmine and Dilya need to buy some things for me, I guess XD;;
I wanna watch some drama~ XD;; maybe now...or tomorrow?
there's Yasuko to Kenji tomorrow =3
today Alisa and me watched the first minutes of Maou...I wanna watch episode 1 with subs soon XD;;

edit: ooh i forgot~ I wanted to post those memes XD
for those who have time ^^ )
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so yesterday I was in Duesseldorf <3
we took a look at the university... I'd say, I like it more than Bochum buuut...I still don't wanna study there because I wanna study east asia studies ne ^^;
hmm then we went to the Japanese stores... but they didn't have a lot of magazines ._. (with Johnnys I mean XD) so...I didn't buy anything there *happy XDD* I just bought a lot of food XD udon *o* and other nice things <3 I wanted to buy gyoza, dumplings, whatever... but it's all frozen so I can't bring it home by train for about 3 hours ne ;-;
Alisa and me took purikura <33
I really really miss those machines ;0;
btw my sister was shopping all alone... she didn't find any other friend to accompany her .___. (and she wanted to go shopping in different stores ^^°)
it was a lot of fun <33333 Alisa stayed until late and I brought her home then ^.^
today... I didn't do that much.. but I scanned all my purikuras from japan!!! A LOT o__O (I think I might have lost some ones... .__.)
I chose some to upload and show you~~~ ;3

it's a lot!! and there are johnnys o__o do u really wanna look? )
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hey~~ haven't written for more than a week XD
even my sister mentioned that o__o;;
I'm kinda surprised that some people still read my blog hahaha (I mean... I gave the link to a lot of people while I was away ne... but now it's just boring stuff XDD so they shouldn't bother to read xD)

anyway... some news? XD
the restaurant in Eimelrod, where I worked twice last week... they didn't call me again = they don't need me...
but then hehe our neighbour told my dad that a restaurant in our village need people!! so good~
I went there and I already worked there yesterday and today a loooot~
they are just 2 people (an couple, a little older than my own parents, I think) and they clearly need more people to help out bu they haven't found any yet... (they just started there 4 weeks ago and this Saturday is the actual opening)
the 2 are really nice :3 and I really like it there ^^
but I guess that I'll be there on every weekend and also, in the vacation time they wanna open everyday of the week... will be busy, but work = money hahahaha

I still plan to go to Japan for Shige <3
but Sen didn't get any ticket for me at jweb (wth since when is he so popular? o.o XD)
so we have another chance at the hotline thing...
apart from that, I was thinking to go to the Osaka shows... it's cheaper to fly there ^^;;
and it's in August... later...
there'll be Kyoko in Osaka <3 but I won't be able to meet other friends... but it's the most convenient... now I just need a ticket .__.

buuut I got ticket for kat-tun in tokyo dome LOL but they're not for me hahaha but for Sen, Dilya and Jasmine =3 hope they can enjoy~~ ^0^

so, this week I watched the last friends and hokaben of course... aahh last friends is so afhsjbcbndsvhvdh T-T I also finished jotei, really a great drama <3 and I watched the proposal daisakusen special... so cute ^~^
I started one of my books I bought in Japan to study~~ <33333
I wanna study a lot before Uni hahaha

my eyes hurt so much right now... because our restaurant has an outside area and everyone was outside today ^-^;; and I'm kinda exhausted, too...
but I was talking to Alisa on the phone <33
I was really sad, though, that I couldn't see Sarah/go to church last evening...because I had to work.... hmm can't be helped ne...^^;;
I should sleep now x___x
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last week was very nice :3
I helped my mom with this and that...well, mostly ironing.
also, I went walking with my mom on some evenings... so nice~~
(because the weather is so good *v*)
I also talked with Sen on the phone... wahh aitai ;-;
but my phone is so stupid... we had a lot of problems with understanding >o<
she was in Shibuya with Xiang...
actually, I tried calling Xiang's phone sooo often but it doesn't work!!
and when it's working... she can't hear me at all ;O;
anyway, the phone call was all Japanese haha didn't speak Japanese for days x_x
I need more practice~ haha
then I spent some time on the university thing. gonna apply in Bochum and Duesseldorf.
and then maybe in Dortmund, just in case that the others won't accept me ^^;
then on thursday I drove to Alisa... we slept a little and at 2.15am we had to get up...
to take the train around 4am in Marburg and we arrived around 10am in Paris zZzZzZzZ
we went to the concert hall around 2... we shouldn't have done that... wasting hours with waiting there XDD but we talked to some nice german girls ^-^
(btw. Alisa's dad was with us all the time... except at the concert lol)
the concert was really fun!!!! ^0^ I mean, I'm not a L'arc fan but I soo enjoyed it!! <33
Saturday we did a lot of sightseeing (needed to do that!! haha)
we saw Notre Dame (were inside), the Eiffel Tower, the musee d'orsay (Alisa likes the exhibitions there so we looked at the museum's shop) and the Louvre.
we went to the station where someone told us that there is some shopping opportunity...
but we were quite disappointed ;o; nothing like Shibuya or whatever... .___.
I also disliked the subway there... x_x
in the evening we took the train back... I was home around 2.30am... (I drove home from Alisa XD)
I was so tired next morning (for church) ^^;;
I didn't do much else then...
today I called Iris... aww I miss talking to other Johnnys fans XD;;
but Iris said that Xiang is okay (she called her the other day) and I've read some things that happened lately (about Shoon and all :3)
I really hope that my stupid phone will work soon .___.

now I have some pictures for you~~~

purikura, friends, nagoya, ... )
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i have no time... i wanted to write more ;-;
anyway, i have to go to alisa and in the morning (sooo early x_x) we'll takte the train to paris
on sunday morning i'll be back...
l'arc~en~ciel concert ^0^
see you then <3
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I have my computer baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!
and now... where shall I start?
my last days in tokyo were sooo nice <3

i met with sen and xiang a lot...
taking purikuras <3333
i also had to buy LOTS OF PRESENTS haha
and things for myself lol
on one day i went to chiba to see the building where hokaben is filmed... but i didn't see anyone.
(the trip there was nice... saw the sea hihi)
i met with claudi and caro and we had a nice evening/dinner ^-^
on friday i had to say goodbye to sen T______T
then church.... after church i met lory and i had to say goodbye to her too T____T
on saturday there was cooking with my small group from church! okonomiyaki!! ^0^
sooo much fun~~
after that i met with xiang to go to see hellen :3
we took purikura together <3 and went to bookoff... where i found the news touch cd+dvd for really good prize *o* hehe
hellen had to go, so xiang and me had dinner at hon atsugi before going home (oh and spending soem time in the bookstore lol)
on sunday... i had to get up really early, tidy up my room and pack everything...
i had far too much luggage X___X
my roommate helped me to get to the station, we bought a new suitcase ^^;;
xiang went to the hostel with me. we had lunch around there and took our last purikuras in shibuya.
saying goodbye......
i hope i will see you soon again XIANG!!!!!
(enjoy shoon now XDD)
then i went to church, we had a concert with the choir. in the evening... i just came in time lol
after that i went to see my small group... they had flowers for me... well, when they said goodbye and all... i had to cry soo much...

at the hostel... i wanted to stay up long but in the end i slept a little...
then eraly in the morning i got up and went to the airport...
i had to send a lot of my things because it was too heavy x_x and paying the overweight is too exepnsive...
i have to wait for 3 parcels now... but one will take 2 months... T_____T
anyway, i was so glad when i was in the plane finally... no worrying about the luggage anymore XDDD
the flight was SOOOOO BORING X__X

in frankfurt my whole family waited for me.... ToT
we kinda celebrated at the airport... then we went home :3
i spent too much time talking to all of them at home... was in bad soo late. and in the morning my little borthers/sister woke me up so early (before they went to school)... but nevermind XD
i spend time with unpacking things etc.
oh btw. they made a new room for me... it actually is teh guestroom but as i'm home now, it's kinda my room ne...
it's so cuuuute!! <3

yesterday i visited mo with her little baby <3
and in the evening i visited melli <3
and today alisa visited me <33333 it felt like always... meeting and spending time together... karaoke lol and looking at magazines etc. ^0^
ooh and we also tried to make okonomiyaki... well it tasted good but maybe it wasn't okonomiyaki LOL

now... i'm enjoying having back my computer!! <3333
i saw the summer time pv today finally... sooooooo cute!!
and then i have to scann all my purikura soon so that i can show you..... some.
(all would be too much XDD)

but here are some that hellen uploaded ^-^

saturday~ )


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