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on Monday evening I took the train to my grandparents <3
so on Tuesday morning I went to uni for the math pre-courses. actually I can just print out those things that they're doing there (just review XD) but since I didn't have math lessons for a looooong time I thought it's better to go there once.
I also made friends with a girl there... she was really nice :3
but I kinda didn't like to take the trains/subway... I'm not used to that anymore (in Germany xD)... I can just compare it with japanese trains and even if they're always crowded, I still prefer them XD
anyway...I'm getting more and more excited for university~ haha

since I'm back again (Tuesday evening) i didn't do very much...
just help mom as usual. i have to admit...sometimes I'm a little annoyed by Franzi.
for those who read my lj know... the girl with baby that stays here...
i wish the husband would just have the new apartment and she can move in there :/
everyone in this family is so stressed~
it's not stressful to have them stay here. Franz also helps in the housework and all.
but, it's more that the husband just can't get the things done that he should do. or whatever.
it's...we don't know what he's doing all the time. he lives almost 30+ minutes away from here. village. has no car. and then there's the story about Franzi's mom... she called Franzi and everything was nice and all. the minute later, when Franzi called her husband...her mother became the "mean mother" again. wtf?! she was talking on the phone in my room. so i heard everything. it was such a change, suddenly. i think that husband is kinda wrong. we (my family) don't trust him. i don't wanna go in more details but yeah... glad she won't read it xD

Jasmine and me had to talk about the fanclub address changing... but now everything's solved and they can use my account to ballot for NEWS con... glad it worked out <3

Xiang uploaded so many pictures of us in Facebook... you can take a look there... I'll upload some and show you, too.
but when I looked at them...I had tears in my eyes. I really miss the time with her....

precious memories <3 )

I'm really looking forward to my birthday party tomorrow <3
because last year...I was just with Lory and my hostfamily... I didn't know them very much yet. and I didn't have any other friends to celebrate with...
so yeah, tomorrow I'll have so many of my friends with me *V*
though...there are some friends who live faaaar away and I'd like to see them, too...
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ヤスはMusicianとArt PerformerとDancerだ。笑
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this is a rainbow and there's the light of the sun... it looked so much better in real *__*

now about last days...
Xiang left Tokyo last weekend... so now Sen is all alone. I mean, we hang out so much and now, there's just one of us left... but she's busy with university anyway XD;; did I ever tell you that she's attending ToDai!! :3 smart girl~~ hehe day I'll visit them all... in China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines... hahahaha XD

I wanted to learn more Japanese...but was too lazy these days ~o~ did just a little...
hmm but there is this book I bought, about conversations/conversational style... it's soo realistic!! I didn't realize it back then XD but it's how they really speak, so informal that you don't understand XDD and actually...the exercises aren't easy ^^; but I really wanna study that book... so helpful *_* XD

on Wednesday we visited my grandparents... and my mother and me went shopping...bad thing~ I bought several nice cute clothes ;-; XD
I was looking for a new cellphone too... but I didn't find those I wanna have... still can't decide between sony ericsson z55i and z770shi... anyone wants to help me? XDD I wanted some other ones but it's too difficult to get~

I also had work the last two days~ sooo busy yesterday evening x__x
on Monday I visited Lyly!!! soo nice to see her again *__* she told/showed me a lot about her time in Ethiopia and of course I told her about my time in Japan, too ^~^
today I visited Alisa!! <33 and we took pictures and decorated them like purikura XDD
take a look here!! )

I watched some clips about Kanjani8 concerts~ at first I was very confused about the lack of eito ranger~ but hmm now it's okay :3
though, I really wanna see the eito ranger skit from spring concerts on DVD ;0;
oh and their wishes...hahahaha Tacchon |DD I didn't understand that all...but Yasu's wish was cute... writing a book or something...having to do with pictures, too... or whatever... but it sounds creative~ ^.^
btw the Kanjani8 goods are too cute >3< Jasmine and Dilya need to buy some things for me, I guess XD;;
I wanna watch some drama~ XD;; maybe now...or tomorrow?
there's Yasuko to Kenji tomorrow =3
today Alisa and me watched the first minutes of Maou...I wanna watch episode 1 with subs soon XD;;

edit: ooh i forgot~ I wanted to post those memes XD
for those who have time ^^ )
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Nee actually I wanted to write some days ago…but guess what, my internet or better, the wireless connection is so annoying jksgfiajcbjsdgjskvcnkldsghu it disconnects me every soem minutes… or so… I couldn’t use internet yesterday (well, I kinda managed to watch hokaben almost completely) and today it’s just as stupid. I really need to write some emails~~~~~ >___< jvhgsdvjkcbasjkvfgzusdg

So yeah, there’s the one thing I wanted to tell you already… so scary!!
Someone wanted to break into my car O_O
At first… almost 2 weeks ago… the key wouldn’t be able to open the car (the driver side) and we thought… maybe the kids did something… but anyway, we just opened the door on the other side… but then, my window was broken!! The driver side but back seats o__o we’d think of the kids, again, but they weren’t playing outside at that time… so yeah, the car was checked by the police and they said, that someone wanted to break into it so that the keyhole is broken now… the scariest is…it must have happened here at home!!! 0_0;; you know… my car is like…16 years old XD;; so…why??????? Even the spare parts…we can’t get the in a regular shop >o<;; ahhh so stupid~~~ .___.

Okay now…what other things did I want to write?
I watched Last Friends until episode 9 now… yabai~ wanna know what happened with Ruka now T___T
I also watched Gokusen 3 with my sister… since she likes Takaki haha OMG he’s twice as old as her~~ she should like the ones from heysay7 and not heysaybest…ne? XD;; anyway, she doesn’t understand English (4th grade XD) plus the subtitles must be far too fast for her to read ^-^;; but she still wants to watch the second episode?! LOL
I also watched the Yasu performances on Shokura (and I started with the whole episode…but, no time ._.) maaahhh I wished we’d seen such a cool Shokura *O* but the one where Xiang and me went to…it was sooo boring :/ (well, she had Shoon, but I? XD”)
And also…I love the fuka fuka love the earth <3333

Hmm…anything else? Today I had to work at lunch time…but maybe because of the bad weather or…whatever… there were noooo customers!!! .____. But I have to go and work now again…I wanna post this now… though I might have forgotten something but… the connection is being silly again and I have to change… tomorrow I have to work the whole day or so… dunno exactly….
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just wanna write shortly... xiang might be waiting for me.
i was at 2 concerts... the sunday ticket we just bought from those guys around the shin yokohama station... those kind of guys who sold us the thsk concert tickets XD;;
the concerts were great <3333
teh tickets that iris got were... last row from the middle stage and faar away from the main side stage (center) BUT first row of the round stage where they are walking sometimes... ne... sooo cool!!!
yasu saw xiang and me with our self made yasu uchiwas hehehe (mine was sooo kirakira LOL and blue of course XD) and in the encore when they were walking around and all... ryo said 'hello' to us XDD (he didn't speak, but we could read from his lips XD) good thing about being gaijins XD
but well we spend like 4 days around yokohama arena because of buying goods... going to the shows... XDDD
on monday i went to fuji tv with iris... yesterday she had to fly home again ne...
on saturday i also met kyoko!! sooo happy <3
on friday i'll go to nagoya to visit mako for 2 days <3 she got into the university there... so i don't have to go as far as tokushima or so...
okay... i have to do a lot in those not 3 weeks anymore... i can write more detailed things (maybe XD) when i'm home then...
just one last thing... i wanna go to more kanjani8 concerts... ToT


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