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I scanned the fanclub magazine from December 2012.
Since it's not a magazine that can be bought officially, I ask you not to repost the scans anywhere openly. But you can edit them for icons/banners/layouts or such and post them.
Thank you :)


a late Christmas present ^^ )

Have a good start into the new year <3
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I scanned my newest bromides and I got some bromides from Yuki ([ profile] yukiwong0118) that I'm posting with her permission :D (Dunno whether some of those pictures were posted already....)

take a look ^^ )
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So, the reason why I was so late with my my scanner :/
I really dunno why it's so sloooow -___-
But after three days of spending several hours of scanning, I finally got the calendar scanned!! The calendar is too big for my scanner though, so everything is like cut in the middle :( And there's so much dust on it, I dunno why -.-
Nevertheless, I hope that you'll enjoy it and some nice girls will actually help to join the two pages to one page, so that's it not cut in the middle anymore... so yeah, if you're interested in that, wait a little more. I'll post on the comms after they have edited everything.

For now, these are the unedited scans of the calendar 001 002 003
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Here's a detailed report about D-Stage „Kensatsugawa no Shounin“ (or at least I tried my best).
Please enjoy it :)
it's full of spoilers and some pictures ;) )
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Here I have some bromides from OOO shop, D-Stage, Natsudoko etc. :)
mostly Seto, Usui, Yanagi ;D )
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HI!!! (^o^)/
I scanned all my OOO shop photos and some other things.... (all official pictures ;D)
Some of them might be posted already but I was too lazy too look that up (^_^;)
look inside~~~ )
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This is the translation of the really cute interview with Tomo and Seto!!! :D
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did XD
dedicated to misa ♥ and also to the rest of tumbling team at twitter :D

The person that Yanagishita is in love with is ♡ )
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Hey~ :D

On Thursday I visited Kamen Rider-tachi Jenny and Yuka and we had a fun day together ^3^
We made a cake, had lunch and watched some videos with D-Boys and such ^~^
And it was really good weather!! <3
It was good weather the whole weekend so of course I went out into the sun~~ Trying to get tanned a little..... ;D
I tried to watch Tumbling yesterday but I had some problems so was only able to watch the last 20 minutes or so live. Watched the whole episode today. Their performance is so beautiful.♥ I could watch them for hours, just performing *~*
I don't have much else to say....spend some time on translating the Junon talk the last days.
...why is there no community for Shohei? D: I want him to have a community where I can post his interviews~~~ but I don't wanna create one hahahaha (reason: I'm too lazy. xD)

so now I have pictures, more scans from Seventeen (Alisa scanned them and sent them to me ^-^) and something else!
our cake!! and more :D )
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So....yesterday was Japan Day in Düsseldorf. I met some friends... I wanted to meet more friends but as always....I wasn't able to ^_^;; sorry!!! m(_ _)m
But I had a good time with those that I met :DD
I ate takoyaki <3
I went to karaoke in the evening <33
And I didn't come home as late as I thought because I didn't stay for the fireworks....xD

Last week I stayed at my family's home... but I didn't do much....
I watched several episodes of Kamen Rider W with my siblings. I also watched more of Jotei Kaoruko finally!! But I'm behind with all the dramas D:

Anyway, I have some pictures form yesterday and some scans to share :D

have a look here (^0^) )

tumbling and others~ )
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Another interview for Tumbling!! :D
6 days left until it starts, YEY!! ^3^

beta-read by [ profile] tilmon

they really like gymnastics =D )
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First time translating an interview!! :D
Only started it to practice for my exam... and I hope I didn't make too many mistakes.
Actually I had some problems because I'm used to translate literally for uni... (I have to learn to translate more freely ;D) I got some help from [ profile] tilmon THANK YOU!! ^^

for those who're interested :D )


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