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Sorry for re-posting this on my lj XD
I already posted it on the tumbling comm, but we might need more supporters~
And I wanna save it for my own record so that I can use it again if needed :D
Besides, I'm a Tumbling promoter XDD

Maybe some of you know the Nikkan Sports Drama Grandprix.
It's time to vote for the best drama of the spring season, and I made a little tutorial so that Tumbling might have a chance.
(And I know that you can't take this survey serious XD but let's try anyway okay? ^_^)

It's a long list, but it's done fast ;D )

締め切りは7月8日午後1時。-> It ends on July 8th at 1pm (JST).

PS: Before anyone complains... I mentioned only Tumbling actors because I did it for the comm. Not that I wanna say that there were no other goods actors or so ;D
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Me again ;D
I scanned some pages of the new JUNON.
My choice is quite biased, sorry~ ^^;
Also, my scanner is too small for JUNON so...there's always a little cut off, sorry again.

ikemen in yukata and more XD )
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Hey~ :D

On Thursday I visited Kamen Rider-tachi Jenny and Yuka and we had a fun day together ^3^
We made a cake, had lunch and watched some videos with D-Boys and such ^~^
And it was really good weather!! <3
It was good weather the whole weekend so of course I went out into the sun~~ Trying to get tanned a little..... ;D
I tried to watch Tumbling yesterday but I had some problems so was only able to watch the last 20 minutes or so live. Watched the whole episode today. Their performance is so beautiful.♥ I could watch them for hours, just performing *~*
I don't have much else to say....spend some time on translating the Junon talk the last days.
...why is there no community for Shohei? D: I want him to have a community where I can post his interviews~~~ but I don't wanna create one hahahaha (reason: I'm too lazy. xD)

so now I have pictures, more scans from Seventeen (Alisa scanned them and sent them to me ^-^) and something else!
our cake!! and more :D )
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So....yesterday was Japan Day in Düsseldorf. I met some friends... I wanted to meet more friends but as always....I wasn't able to ^_^;; sorry!!! m(_ _)m
But I had a good time with those that I met :DD
I ate takoyaki <3
I went to karaoke in the evening <33
And I didn't come home as late as I thought because I didn't stay for the fireworks....xD

Last week I stayed at my family's home... but I didn't do much....
I watched several episodes of Kamen Rider W with my siblings. I also watched more of Jotei Kaoruko finally!! But I'm behind with all the dramas D:

Anyway, I have some pictures form yesterday and some scans to share :D

have a look here (^0^) )

tumbling and others~ )
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Have to write an entry again!!! xD;;

I have holidays for one week!! ^__^ Well, they're already half over hahaha
Right now I'm at home with my family. We have three kids who are staying at our house for some weeks (their mother has to stay in the hospital for a while), so my mum needs all the help she can get ;D

Last Friday we had barbecue with our choir and it was nice ^_^
On Saturday I was in Cologne. Met Ceren <333 and later went to Sara's birthday party. :D
I...didn't know anyone there ^_^;;; but it was fun with them~ and I took a really late train home....I was so tired the next day XDDD (I had to get up early for choir in service |D)

On Monday Dana visited me and we had a nice time!! We spent a little time outside since the weather was so great <333 and later we went inside. ^_^

Yesterday I met Alisa and her classmate in Düsseldorf. We went shopping a little and such. Fun~♪
They didn't have the new JUNON yet (it will arrive today!! ;_;) but I reserved it!! Gonna pick it up on Saturday on Japan Day (it's a festival =D). Can't wait♥ stupid girl who's too obsessed with Tumbling

There's not much to say about university.... I should be doing more exercises for my economics classes and go to sleep earlier.... XD;;;
Buuut about Waseda, ne, I got a mail last week that on my certificate of enrollment it wasn't mentioned that I study in an undergraduate course to get a bachelor's degree!! They want to have a document which proves it and we had to sent in something until May 29th!! I was so shocked when I read it first @.@ but my teacher (I mailed him immediately) replied to me and he sent in a document. I hope that it will arrive in time and everything'll okay!!! Please pray for it!!! Thanks!

Drama-wise... I'm too behind with most of the dramas (maybe because I wanna watch so much -_- haha) I shall watch some episodes now (I'm alone at home right now, all the kids gone XD)
Yesterday and today I watched Kamen Rider W with my brother&sister and they liked it lol But I haven't finished Den-O yet!! *feels bad* ...whatever.

Nee~ does anyone of you have ameba and I haven't added you yet? XD
These days I'm always playing on amebapigg XDD It's cute and funny, walking around in Shibuya, Yoyogi park etc. xD But I don't wanna spend too much time on it, because I should definitely do other things!! I mean, talking with Japanese in there is some kind of practice...but learning vocabs is still better...hahaha

Okay, now some pictures~~ ^0^ )
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I haven't updated for weeks... kinda since university started?
I'm sorry~~~ (for what?)
Anyway, I guess, since I'm using twitter so much...I kinda forget to update here?
Not forget, but I don't feel like writing so much? xD
What shall I write about?

There's not much happening since uni started...
I had nice weekends (like Dana's birthday party, trip to the zoo, karaoke with Chrissi :D)

I'm watching too many dramas. So let's talk about that~♪
Sunao ni narenakute - it's nice!! I like Ueno Juri and Eita together :D (and also Haru and Nakaji ;D) I like Piichi and Rinda XD and Doctor is quite cute ^w^ it's always uploaded so fast, so I can watch it on Thursday night usually!! and then I can talk about that with Chrissi at uni on the next day =3
Shinzanmono - it's not too exciting...but I like it. well, I like Kuroki Meisa :P and Mizobata Junpei is cute hehe and Mukai Osamu seems to be appearing finally more~ looking forward to watch episode 4 ^^ (and...Japanese's not fair that they are eating them all them time ToT lol)
Yankee-kun to Megane.chan - only watched first episode yet. it was really funny!! XD but I might drop it, coz I'm watching too much already XD
Jotei Kaoruko - finally saw first episode!! it reminds of Jotei in some parts....but it's different, of course... I wanna see the next episode and then I'll decide whether to continue or not (but I like hostess dramas.....hahaha)
Kaibutsu-kun - it's SOO FUNNY!! uso saikou, okane saikou, waruguchi saikou.... ;DD you can't really take anyone serious in this drama though XP
Troublemen - still have to watch the next episodes, but it was really......interesting? lol

TUMBLING - IT'S LOVELOVELOVELOVE!!!♡ look at my twitter, it's full of tumbling talk :P
Kouji is really great *_* and I fell in love with Miura Shohei and Daito Shunsuke.... actually really bad since I have to support Kouji!! >_< Everyone else is great as well!! And it's so funny that...until now... there was more fighting than rhythmic gymnastic performances XDD but WHEN they are performing, it looks so beautiful!! You can really see their hard work♪
I can recommend this drama to everyone (well, rather, I'm trying to promote it as much as I can XP) :D
It's funny and touching and beautiful and it has a lot of ikemen ;D
...I hope episode 4 will be uploaded soon!!! I only saw it on keyhole... :/

So, that was fandom.
Too tired to add much more.... but today, I sent in the application for Waseda!!!
Last week we (Chrissi and me ;D) did the online registration and transferred the screening fee. Today (the applying period is only this week) I sent in the application... and it was around 60€ for express mail (it has to be express mail).... T_T I spent so much money on the application already.... I really really hope that they will take me... us.... please pray for it, okay?

I should be doing a lot more studying for uni...but I guess I'm still not fully out of vacation or so. It's baaaad~ but since application is done now, there's no excuse for me anymore!! XD;;

Two little things from twitter I want to share :D

【うちわ筋】(名詞) うちわを持つときに使う筋肉。コンサート時期に発達する。
"uchiwa muscle" (noun) The muscle that you use when you're holding a uchiwa. It develops at concerts.
-> When I read the tweet I was laughing so much XDD

Because Shintan joined the gymnastic club at middle school, Yabu said something like "Isn't that Tumbling".
-> That's what my friend told me about the MC from Hey!Say!JUMP concert in Yokohama. Tumbling seems to be popular, YEY!! :D

I should be sleeping right now~ but I'll post another entry~


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