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Usui Masahiro's ~Trill Your Theater~ (link)
Translation of the first column :)

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If you like D-BOYS, join [ profile] d_translations ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
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Here are kanji & romaji & English translation of Love Heaven and zutto. :D
Since there are no official lyrics for the songs yet, there might be mistakes in it ^_^;;
Here you go! o/

Love Heaven )

zutto )
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Today I translated the interview of Takahashi Ryuki from Neo Actor Vol.15.
For my awesome girls [ profile] mukimpokun and [ profile] do_n and [ profile] letihughes (^0^)/
You'll never guess who appears in it too XD )
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I translated the interview with Hashimoto Taito from Neo Actor Vol.15.
For [ profile] mukimpokun and [ profile] do_n
Someone else also appears in it ;) )
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I translated the first of four parts of the interview with Seto Koji about the show "Gretel no kamodo" (original here, including nice pictures♥)

Seto x sweets )
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Today I bring you two cross talks from Neo Actor Vol.13! Enjoy~~ (^0^)

Akutsu Shintaro x Kamitsuru Toru x Omi Youichiro )
Yamaguchi Kenki x Mitsuya Ryo x Negishi Takuya x Ikeoka Ryosuke )
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More translations!! My new obsession XD D2 or translating?
It's like an early birthday present for my darling XDDDD
And I wanna thank [ profile] xianaasuka for helping me! ^0^

Neo Actor Vol.13
Catching D2's first gathering SPECIAL!!

Solo interview

Yamaguchi Kenki )
Nishii Yukito )
Mitsuya Ryo )
Arai Atsushi )
Akutsu Shintaro )
Ikeoka Ryosuke )
Omi Youichiro )
Negishi Takuya )
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Yo~!! Me again lol
I translated an interview with Usui!!! \o/
It's from Neo Actor Vol.13 and he talks about Misaki No.1, the merchant of Venice and Maho Shojo wo wasurenai!
Enjoy it~~ <3
don't you wanna get a love letter from Portia as well? :D )
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Hey my dears~ ♥
I can finally present you the translation of Seto's interview in bino Vol.13, which I promised days ago!! \(^o^)/
It's about Runway Beat and other things! And long! Douzo!!

a person who's shining~ )
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And now, the new single! o/
Have Change my life and Dear my story. Kanji, romaji and translation (which sucks again).

Step by step... )

Bokutachi no STORY hajimaru yo... )
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I realized I never did the lyrics for Omoi and Ouenka!!!!! °_°
So I did them today. Kanji, romaji and translation... but the translation sucks XD
I guess I will change it later (after kind people like Bell helped me XD)

todoketai omoi... )

Atsuku todoke ouenka... )


Mar. 27th, 2011 10:25 pm
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HEY!! \(^o^)/
I'm posting again... but it's only about D2 fandom haha
Today (for Japanese time zone and some others lol) is MITSUYA DAY :D
I read on my Japanese friend's twitter that some fans wanna talk about Micchi and use the hashtag #328_day from 10pm until 1am (JST). Someone else interested in joining? <3

And to make this entry more post-worthy, I have translated some facts I collected from Micchi's blog entries (^0^)

aomori lover :D )
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My first interview translation for the holidays!! Hope to bring you more in the next weeks :D
It's D2's Kenki and Micchi!! (^o^)

Compatibility diagnosis )
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 I translated the D☆DATE interview from the newest JUNON!! :D

  Bench, pedal, lips… )
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The lyrics for D☆DATE's ato issenchi no mirai!! \(^0^)/

kanji, romaji, english translation )
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This is the translation of the really cute interview with Tomo and Seto!!! :D
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did XD
dedicated to misa ♥ and also to the rest of tumbling team at twitter :D

The person that Yanagishita is in love with is ♡ )
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I finally finished it!! Promised it some days ago, sorry girls~
Here are the talks of Yamamoto Yusuke, Seto Koji, Miura Shohei and Daito Shunsuke from Junon 07/2010
They explain how their character in the drama Tumbling would react in a special situation. Then they talk about which part of a family would suit each other. And more♪

TUMBLING's theater of wild ideas

Yamamoto Yusuke as Azuma Wataru )
Seto Koji as Takenaka Yuuta )
Miura Shohei as Tsukimori Ryosuke )
Daito Shunsuke as Kiyama Ryuichiro )


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