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on Monday evening I took the train to my grandparents <3
so on Tuesday morning I went to uni for the math pre-courses. actually I can just print out those things that they're doing there (just review XD) but since I didn't have math lessons for a looooong time I thought it's better to go there once.
I also made friends with a girl there... she was really nice :3
but I kinda didn't like to take the trains/subway... I'm not used to that anymore (in Germany xD)... I can just compare it with japanese trains and even if they're always crowded, I still prefer them XD
anyway...I'm getting more and more excited for university~ haha

since I'm back again (Tuesday evening) i didn't do very much...
just help mom as usual. i have to admit...sometimes I'm a little annoyed by Franzi.
for those who read my lj know... the girl with baby that stays here...
i wish the husband would just have the new apartment and she can move in there :/
everyone in this family is so stressed~
it's not stressful to have them stay here. Franz also helps in the housework and all.
but, it's more that the husband just can't get the things done that he should do. or whatever.
it's...we don't know what he's doing all the time. he lives almost 30+ minutes away from here. village. has no car. and then there's the story about Franzi's mom... she called Franzi and everything was nice and all. the minute later, when Franzi called her husband...her mother became the "mean mother" again. wtf?! she was talking on the phone in my room. so i heard everything. it was such a change, suddenly. i think that husband is kinda wrong. we (my family) don't trust him. i don't wanna go in more details but yeah... glad she won't read it xD

Jasmine and me had to talk about the fanclub address changing... but now everything's solved and they can use my account to ballot for NEWS con... glad it worked out <3

Xiang uploaded so many pictures of us in Facebook... you can take a look there... I'll upload some and show you, too.
but when I looked at them...I had tears in my eyes. I really miss the time with her....

precious memories <3 )

I'm really looking forward to my birthday party tomorrow <3
because last year...I was just with Lory and my hostfamily... I didn't know them very much yet. and I didn't have any other friends to celebrate with...
so yeah, tomorrow I'll have so many of my friends with me *V*
though...there are some friends who live faaaar away and I'd like to see them, too...
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this is a rainbow and there's the light of the sun... it looked so much better in real *__*

now about last days...
Xiang left Tokyo last weekend... so now Sen is all alone. I mean, we hang out so much and now, there's just one of us left... but she's busy with university anyway XD;; did I ever tell you that she's attending ToDai!! :3 smart girl~~ hehe day I'll visit them all... in China, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines... hahahaha XD

I wanted to learn more Japanese...but was too lazy these days ~o~ did just a little...
hmm but there is this book I bought, about conversations/conversational style... it's soo realistic!! I didn't realize it back then XD but it's how they really speak, so informal that you don't understand XDD and actually...the exercises aren't easy ^^; but I really wanna study that book... so helpful *_* XD

on Wednesday we visited my grandparents... and my mother and me went shopping...bad thing~ I bought several nice cute clothes ;-; XD
I was looking for a new cellphone too... but I didn't find those I wanna have... still can't decide between sony ericsson z55i and z770shi... anyone wants to help me? XDD I wanted some other ones but it's too difficult to get~

I also had work the last two days~ sooo busy yesterday evening x__x
on Monday I visited Lyly!!! soo nice to see her again *__* she told/showed me a lot about her time in Ethiopia and of course I told her about my time in Japan, too ^~^
today I visited Alisa!! <33 and we took pictures and decorated them like purikura XDD
take a look here!! )

I watched some clips about Kanjani8 concerts~ at first I was very confused about the lack of eito ranger~ but hmm now it's okay :3
though, I really wanna see the eito ranger skit from spring concerts on DVD ;0;
oh and their wishes...hahahaha Tacchon |DD I didn't understand that all...but Yasu's wish was cute... writing a book or something...having to do with pictures, too... or whatever... but it sounds creative~ ^.^
btw the Kanjani8 goods are too cute >3< Jasmine and Dilya need to buy some things for me, I guess XD;;
I wanna watch some drama~ XD;; maybe now...or tomorrow?
there's Yasuko to Kenji tomorrow =3
today Alisa and me watched the first minutes of Maou...I wanna watch episode 1 with subs soon XD;;

edit: ooh i forgot~ I wanted to post those memes XD
for those who have time ^^ )
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good evening~

I'm kinda tired... I had work today ^~^v
actually...I was a little annoyed because... they told me they'd call me if they need me for friday & saturday I had to stay home and wait wait wait... >o<
I couldn't go to youth service last night...although i had no work in the end!! so unfair~ .__.
I miss youth services ;0;
well, but at least... after 9 they told me I could do whatever (=they wouldn't call me then anymore) so at least I could drive to Korbach and meet Sarah and Regina again *0* they're my best friends from school...but I can't meet them very much now ne... so I was really happy :DDD
apart from sis and me had to play mother yesterday XD because mom was out for the whole day (workshop) ^^; but the kids were okay ^o^
hmm then, my mom is okay with the osaka thing now *____* うれしいすぎる~
aaand...hehe... sen (I LOVE YOU~) already got 2 tickets for me (3rd and 5th) *_* in conbini/though playguide/however... and then I'll go together with jasmine on the 7th =3
anyone has ideas what to do in osaka? without spending money, please~~~ haha
I wanna look for some more work to do... because I wanna earn more money XD;; and also, I can't work as much here... on the countryside there's not much going on (just, like tonight, some old people who like to drink drink drink rubbish >__< but, uhm, I don't complain~)
or, I should just sell all the mangas/CDs and...hmm... something else? ^-^;
I didn't watch anything the last days... apart from Hokaben ne, last episode!! but hmm I'm too confused about everything... ~__~ I need subs~ LOL

btw there's something I wanna talk about... I think I kinda had a bad day on friday... I feel bad for what I wrote there U__U
but I wanna say what happened then... hm not really XD;; I can't say what happened but it made me think about my friends. I'm so glad to have wonderful friends that I can treasure so much. I really care for them and I'm sure they care for me. (my sister counts to those friends too ^.~ ) but hm, even if I hadn't those friends I'd still have the lord, my God, who cares more about me than anyone else will do anyway ;3

whenever you have problems... you can talk to me, okay? ^3^
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hey~~ haven't written for more than a week XD
even my sister mentioned that o__o;;
I'm kinda surprised that some people still read my blog hahaha (I mean... I gave the link to a lot of people while I was away ne... but now it's just boring stuff XDD so they shouldn't bother to read xD)

anyway... some news? XD
the restaurant in Eimelrod, where I worked twice last week... they didn't call me again = they don't need me...
but then hehe our neighbour told my dad that a restaurant in our village need people!! so good~
I went there and I already worked there yesterday and today a loooot~
they are just 2 people (an couple, a little older than my own parents, I think) and they clearly need more people to help out bu they haven't found any yet... (they just started there 4 weeks ago and this Saturday is the actual opening)
the 2 are really nice :3 and I really like it there ^^
but I guess that I'll be there on every weekend and also, in the vacation time they wanna open everyday of the week... will be busy, but work = money hahahaha

I still plan to go to Japan for Shige <3
but Sen didn't get any ticket for me at jweb (wth since when is he so popular? o.o XD)
so we have another chance at the hotline thing...
apart from that, I was thinking to go to the Osaka shows... it's cheaper to fly there ^^;;
and it's in August... later...
there'll be Kyoko in Osaka <3 but I won't be able to meet other friends... but it's the most convenient... now I just need a ticket .__.

buuut I got ticket for kat-tun in tokyo dome LOL but they're not for me hahaha but for Sen, Dilya and Jasmine =3 hope they can enjoy~~ ^0^

so, this week I watched the last friends and hokaben of course... aahh last friends is so afhsjbcbndsvhvdh T-T I also finished jotei, really a great drama <3 and I watched the proposal daisakusen special... so cute ^~^
I started one of my books I bought in Japan to study~~ <33333
I wanna study a lot before Uni hahaha

my eyes hurt so much right now... because our restaurant has an outside area and everyone was outside today ^-^;; and I'm kinda exhausted, too...
but I was talking to Alisa on the phone <33
I was really sad, though, that I couldn't see Sarah/go to church last evening...because I had to work.... hmm can't be helped ne...^^;;
I should sleep now x___x
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I have my computer baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!
and now... where shall I start?
my last days in tokyo were sooo nice <3

i met with sen and xiang a lot...
taking purikuras <3333
i also had to buy LOTS OF PRESENTS haha
and things for myself lol
on one day i went to chiba to see the building where hokaben is filmed... but i didn't see anyone.
(the trip there was nice... saw the sea hihi)
i met with claudi and caro and we had a nice evening/dinner ^-^
on friday i had to say goodbye to sen T______T
then church.... after church i met lory and i had to say goodbye to her too T____T
on saturday there was cooking with my small group from church! okonomiyaki!! ^0^
sooo much fun~~
after that i met with xiang to go to see hellen :3
we took purikura together <3 and went to bookoff... where i found the news touch cd+dvd for really good prize *o* hehe
hellen had to go, so xiang and me had dinner at hon atsugi before going home (oh and spending soem time in the bookstore lol)
on sunday... i had to get up really early, tidy up my room and pack everything...
i had far too much luggage X___X
my roommate helped me to get to the station, we bought a new suitcase ^^;;
xiang went to the hostel with me. we had lunch around there and took our last purikuras in shibuya.
saying goodbye......
i hope i will see you soon again XIANG!!!!!
(enjoy shoon now XDD)
then i went to church, we had a concert with the choir. in the evening... i just came in time lol
after that i went to see my small group... they had flowers for me... well, when they said goodbye and all... i had to cry soo much...

at the hostel... i wanted to stay up long but in the end i slept a little...
then eraly in the morning i got up and went to the airport...
i had to send a lot of my things because it was too heavy x_x and paying the overweight is too exepnsive...
i have to wait for 3 parcels now... but one will take 2 months... T_____T
anyway, i was so glad when i was in the plane finally... no worrying about the luggage anymore XDDD
the flight was SOOOOO BORING X__X

in frankfurt my whole family waited for me.... ToT
we kinda celebrated at the airport... then we went home :3
i spent too much time talking to all of them at home... was in bad soo late. and in the morning my little borthers/sister woke me up so early (before they went to school)... but nevermind XD
i spend time with unpacking things etc.
oh btw. they made a new room for me... it actually is teh guestroom but as i'm home now, it's kinda my room ne...
it's so cuuuute!! <3

yesterday i visited mo with her little baby <3
and in the evening i visited melli <3
and today alisa visited me <33333 it felt like always... meeting and spending time together... karaoke lol and looking at magazines etc. ^0^
ooh and we also tried to make okonomiyaki... well it tasted good but maybe it wasn't okonomiyaki LOL

now... i'm enjoying having back my computer!! <3333
i saw the summer time pv today finally... sooooooo cute!!
and then i have to scann all my purikura soon so that i can show you..... some.
(all would be too much XDD)

but here are some that hellen uploaded ^-^

saturday~ )

weekend :D

Apr. 21st, 2008 12:38 pm
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friday afternoon... well, xiang and me where just in takeshita doori, trying to escape the rain as much as possible LOL
then church <33333
saturday... we both wanted to sleep in so we didn't go to nihon terebi (actually xiang wasn't sure if uchi would go there so... better not go XD)
we met around noon (xiang, sen and me). had lunch, walking around in takeshita... going to karaoke <333 2 hours hahaha
then eating lunch and goign home...
i rested a little before i went to the party of my restaurant... it was nice (apart from all teh smoking x_x and also... i had to say something in japanese, not speech but kinda ne... i didn't know what x.x but yeah i just thanked them and such XD)
anyway... i stayed until the end... i guessed it would be unpolite to leave before... and well, i wouldn't have been able to fidn to shinjuku station...
then i slept a little at home... actually i overslept u___u so i was late for choir ToT
the whole day in church <3 small group <3
eating dinner with casey and ellen ^0^
going home... i wanted to do homework but i was sooooo tired zZzZzZzZ

meeting xiang later, doing... dunno what XD;;


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