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for those who can't wait for scans XD
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I think I really should do a proper entry now~ ;D
Finally I have "real" holidays, meaning, no exams anymore!!! (^_^)~
And only 3 weeks and I'll fly to Japan again.... Waseda, I'm coming!!♥

I got a mail from Waseda yesterday and I have to take the placement exam for my Japanese class online!! I thought that we'll take the exams some days before the classes start IN Japan. That would have meant that I already had Japanese around me for some days. Now...I have to take it until end of next week!! So I have to watch a looot of dramas (but I have to watch them anyway XD since I have to catch up on so much...*sigh*) and then read/study a little. I want to be in an advanced class!!!! I don't wanna feel as if I'm not challenged again (like in university class here -_-). Somehow I'm also afraid that my computer will freeze during the test.... I dunno what to do then... let's just hope that this won't happen ;D

So apart from studying...I went to AnimagiC (manga/anime convention in Bonn) the other weekend.
Jenny and Yuka and their friend did Tumbling cosplay!! ♥♥
And Chrissi and me wore our Tumbling shirts :D

On Friday, after my last exam ended, Dana visited me♥. We watched real onigokko (because of Daito hehe) but the movie was......strange. Anyway, I had to watch the first part since the second one is with Shohei!! xD

On Saturday my family came to visit my grandparents in Gelsenkirchen and they took me with them afterwards. Haven't been at home for weeks because so much to do for uni ~_~ On Sunday I could meet Alisa♥. We went to the fun fair in Bad Arolsen ^3^ Or well, we only went there in the evening to see fireworks. And...hahaha.......I went in yukata *stupid is stupid* (But Leti said it's okay~~~ LOL) Everyone kept staring at me and saying strange things....well, whatever. I was there with a group of friends (of Alisa) and it was okay :D
On Monday was Alisa's birthday party (actually I stayed until past midnight on Sunday, so we already "celebrated" a little at night ;D).
I dunno...somehow no one else seems to want to meet me before I leave to Japan again.... so I'll just meet with Alisa again later this week :D

Nothing much more to tell because the last weeks were full of studying x_x haha
But I started to catch up with dramas (in the last 3-4 days)!! Summer season, that is. Spring season is still waiting (Sunao, Kaibutsu-kun,......Troubleman.......... XD").
I love Hammer session!!!!!! Also love the theme song!! XD I'm waiting for episodes that focus on Suda Masaki, Sano Kazuma or Shida Mirai :3
And of course, Hotaru no Hikari!! Only watched 3 episodes yet...but it's as good as the first season ne~ Only this time....there's Mukai Osamu. He's quite a rival for buchou Fujiki Naohito XD (at least for me xD I didn't like the "rival" in first season very much......)
I'm also trying to catch up with Kamen Rider W which is gonna end soon..... D:
I really hope I can watch the movie in cinema (anyone wanna go with me please????????? Chrissi isn't interested T.T) and that my friend will get the tickets for the talk show........
I have to start with the other summer dramas, too!! So much to watch...hehehehe XD"

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So....yesterday was Japan Day in Düsseldorf. I met some friends... I wanted to meet more friends but as always....I wasn't able to ^_^;; sorry!!! m(_ _)m
But I had a good time with those that I met :DD
I ate takoyaki <3
I went to karaoke in the evening <33
And I didn't come home as late as I thought because I didn't stay for the fireworks....xD

Last week I stayed at my family's home... but I didn't do much....
I watched several episodes of Kamen Rider W with my siblings. I also watched more of Jotei Kaoruko finally!! But I'm behind with all the dramas D:

Anyway, I have some pictures form yesterday and some scans to share :D

have a look here (^0^) )

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Have to write an entry again!!! xD;;

I have holidays for one week!! ^__^ Well, they're already half over hahaha
Right now I'm at home with my family. We have three kids who are staying at our house for some weeks (their mother has to stay in the hospital for a while), so my mum needs all the help she can get ;D

Last Friday we had barbecue with our choir and it was nice ^_^
On Saturday I was in Cologne. Met Ceren <333 and later went to Sara's birthday party. :D
I...didn't know anyone there ^_^;;; but it was fun with them~ and I took a really late train home....I was so tired the next day XDDD (I had to get up early for choir in service |D)

On Monday Dana visited me and we had a nice time!! We spent a little time outside since the weather was so great <333 and later we went inside. ^_^

Yesterday I met Alisa and her classmate in Düsseldorf. We went shopping a little and such. Fun~♪
They didn't have the new JUNON yet (it will arrive today!! ;_;) but I reserved it!! Gonna pick it up on Saturday on Japan Day (it's a festival =D). Can't wait♥ stupid girl who's too obsessed with Tumbling

There's not much to say about university.... I should be doing more exercises for my economics classes and go to sleep earlier.... XD;;;
Buuut about Waseda, ne, I got a mail last week that on my certificate of enrollment it wasn't mentioned that I study in an undergraduate course to get a bachelor's degree!! They want to have a document which proves it and we had to sent in something until May 29th!! I was so shocked when I read it first @.@ but my teacher (I mailed him immediately) replied to me and he sent in a document. I hope that it will arrive in time and everything'll okay!!! Please pray for it!!! Thanks!

Drama-wise... I'm too behind with most of the dramas (maybe because I wanna watch so much -_- haha) I shall watch some episodes now (I'm alone at home right now, all the kids gone XD)
Yesterday and today I watched Kamen Rider W with my brother&sister and they liked it lol But I haven't finished Den-O yet!! *feels bad* ...whatever.

Nee~ does anyone of you have ameba and I haven't added you yet? XD
These days I'm always playing on amebapigg XDD It's cute and funny, walking around in Shibuya, Yoyogi park etc. xD But I don't wanna spend too much time on it, because I should definitely do other things!! I mean, talking with Japanese in there is some kind of practice...but learning vocabs is still better...hahaha

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Ahhh I wanted to write an entry for days @.@
Now I have to write about two weeks.....if I remember these things xD;;

When my brother was here, we went together to Oberhausen to look at a exhibition about planets. I think he really enjoyed it, so I was glad. :D
Then, I also had to finish the application for the scholarship. Had to go to uni to get the letter of recommendation.
I went to Duesseldorf to meet Lisa, Sophie, Jenny and another friend of them who was also called Rebecca XD I bought the new JUNON and we took purikura ;D
It was my grandmother's birthday, so the whole family came here to celebrate. =D My little brother went home with them and in the evening I went to visit Dana =3
On Thursday my sister and me went home by train (our "family car" is broken -_- so now we can only use the car with 4 seats....not enough for us XD).
On Saturday we celebrated my mother's birthday <3
And then it was easter anyway ^__^ with church and all :D
My parents went to their friend's anniversary for one day & night, so it was just us kids at home... but my brothers and sisters did behave quite well...I think xD
My little brother Jan always wanted to watch Den-o with me, but sometimes I didn't want to :/ hahaha

On Monday, Alisa came to visit me <3333333
We had such a good time, looking at magazines XD watching The Game DVD ;D talking and more ^~~^
I went home on was really good weather but I had to sit in the train for so long -_- hahaha
Then on Thursday, Dana, Lisa, Sophie and me actually wanted to make a picnic (like Hanami xD) but it was so rainy and cold, so we met at Dana's and had fun there :D
Before that...I went to hair salon. My hair wasn't cut for moooonths haha It's not really different to before, but I tried to have curly hair (and they gave me some tips for it ^^). hair doesn't like to be curly at all T_T after some hours...there's as good as nothing left ;_;
On Saturday I went to Düsseldorf with Dana, Sophie and Lisa in the morning and met Shi as well and later I attended a birthday of a friend from my small group. ^-^
Friday and Sunday I had to do some preparation for uni (which I should have done earlier....haha) and now the new semester started on Monday!! WOW! Already 4th semester...... XD

So many dramas which I wanted to watch in the holidays....but didn't ;_;
Well, I wrote some things and translated and such, so I wasn't lazy all the time....;D
I watched Tumbling promotion <3 Tokyo Friends Park and this TBS quiz on keyhole ^0^
Also saw Troublemen on keyhole... but I should watch it in better quality again. It was....interesting xD

New drama season started ne~
Which dramas is everyone watching?
I want to watch Sunao ni Narenakute, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, Troubleman, Tumbling, Kaibutsu-kun, Shinzanmono and Jotei Kaoruko. CRAAAAZYYYY. XD Well, I guess I can't watch all of them XD (I still haven't finished Tokujo Kabachi and Romes yet *coughcough*) So I hope there are some of them...which aren't too interesting so that I can drop them.... xD;;

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Me again :D

Nothing much to talk about though.... this week I spent too much time on twitter, I think XD
I added some Japanese fangirls (Johnnys/D-Boys) and talked with them (which is actually good ne? always good to practice XD) and they're really funny... but sometimes sooo random. And sometimes I don't get at all what they are talking about. Only when I know what they are watching ahahaha
Now I'm learning twitter-fangirl-japanese hahaha something like ohaYUUTO or okaerinasaINOO or such ;D And now I finally know Seto Kouji fans in Japan :3 (My friends in mixi are usually only Johnnys fans....)

I watched some episodes of Shonen Club this week..... I hadn't done that for...months or years XD;; Maybe I'll watch whole episodes more often and not only the cut performances :D

I read a Johnnys hate meme. First time. I actually thought I don't wanna read something like that...but as I'm reading arama all the time as well.... I'd say, it was entertaining at some times. But mostly, I don't get why people would hate so much... they should just ignore what they don't like ^-^; ahhh and they were so unfriendly ;_; I wonder if the Japanese fandom is...similar to that? =O

I got my D-Boys calender and photobook. So nice!! <3

Apart from that... I also had my course on two days (only xD) and now I have holidays again :D Not much left though.....haha. I should rather learn some kanji or so.... ^^;;; At least I'm translating ne XD
On Wednesday before youth group I went to visit Dana (as I'm doing very often recently haha) and we watched the HSJ message DVD (we wanted to watch it for weeks...but always did something else XD).

And this was sooo warm!! <3333 I really enjoyed it. Was out in the sun <33
I hope it will be warm like that in the coming days again ^0^

So, this weekend my little brother is staying here. Today we went to for a little trip (well, just afternoon). It was supposed to rain and all, but we had really good weather!! <3

to see where we went XD )
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HI~~~!! =D
It's finally spring!! Or, at least it's warmer than two-three weeks ago ;D
And this week I went out a lot yay XD

On Monday I went to karaoke with Chrissi. So much fun, as always!! :D
They finally had some "new songs" (=until end of summer 2009, that is :/) so Chrissi and me sang all those songs we sang when we were in Japan!! <3 And some others... haha I sang Kato Seishiro's song which is so cute. But the text is so.....funny, so I was laughing all the time xD;;; ("I'm happy to be born as a cat...." and such xD)
I was a little disappointed that they didn't have more songs of Kanjani8, just one new song of Tegomass, Kuroki Meisa, and no RIVER or YELL or... >o< but I should be happy that there were new songs after all ;D

On Tuesday I send off Jolli at the airport in Düsseldorf.
Now she's in Japan~~
Good luck with studying and everything!!
I'll visit you in autumn, I hope XDDD

Ohh then in the evening...rather night... my sis called me after her concert and said that she was still in Bochum... at around 11.30pm '__' I was really worried that she wouldn't come home anymore (by train)... but fortunately she and her friend got on the last bus/train!!

Thursday it was such nice sunny weather..... and classes ended earlier than planned *__* so I asked Chrissi to go to a park with me XD
I need more sun!! My hair has to be shiny blond again!! xD
I hope it'll be sunny like that again in the next days? :D

Today I went to Düsseldorf with Dana <3
We walked around, looked at magazines (and bought some), had delicious lunch and more =D

food, purikura & more )

Some more fandom ranting (sorry this entry is so long ;_;)
I watched the end of Hidarime Tantei Eye...and...well...XD;;
I wanted to see more of Crystal Kay! Her character was really cool~ :D

Did anyone else read those "Top 10 Reasons You're a Johnny's Otaku" on arama?
The first 10 were...quite fitting to me (though not that extreme)....XD
(That is maybe because I was in Japan too long? I mean...hahaha... Coming of Age Ceremony lol Xiang, Iris and me wanted to go to Tegoshi's and Shige's one... but it wasn't one that rumored day or they aren't going to Meiji Shrine anymore at all..... XD)
The second 10 reasons were...too focused >< like, I won't sing only Johnnys songs at karaoke (but a lot), I don't buy all magazines (but still enough), I don't watch every TV show, but as much as I have time.... and such XD
Actually....... that's baaaad~ everyone said that they were happy that most of the reasons don't apply to them.... ^^;;;;;
Anyway, I'll learn those Johnnys fandom vocabularies now hehehe maybe I can use them some time =D

One last thing... when I just read that Shoon left Johnnys....I got quite sad. ToT
I don't follow his community (I'm not a fan of him~) so I'm really late at finding out about it (I mean, I heard something about Shoon but I only took a look at his comm this evening ^^")...
And when I remember everything back in 2008 with Xiang... and Shonen Club.... it's sad~~ D:
I was always happy to see him in magazines ^-^ (since I didn't watch any shows with him this was the only place to see him)...but now we won't see him again, maybe....

That was it XD
Wish you all a blessed Sunday!! ♡
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So this week I wrote 2 exams (statistics)...and I hope they were okay.
The first was one was.....well..... XD;;; (I hope I passed XD)
The second one was better...but not as good as I hoped.... ^^;
I'm glad that this is over now =D
I already got one result for my exam in the end of January.
I had a really bad feeling about it, but my mark is okay ^~^

On Friday evening, Dana came to stay over night :D
We wanted to watch The Game ~Boy's Film Show~ but we only watched the first DVD yet ^^;;
We had omu rice <333 and looked at magazines and the time just flew by XD;;
We somehow ended up talking until very late xD;;
On Saturday we had dumplings with red bean paste *0* *love* XD
And also curry rice <33
...we ate too much lol

In the afternoon I went to Chrissi's and I tried to help her with maths...
But we didn't finish a lot of exercises ^^;;

Today was church and in the afternoon I visited Dana xD
We wanted to watch the 2nd DVD of The Game ;D
The first DVD had several short movies. I tried my best to translate everything for Dana while watching. ^-^;
The second DVD was about the event in summer and backstage... wasn't very good at translating here ~.~ *needs more practice*
This evening we had youth service!! :D I'm happy that Lissy came, too.
Oh, and I also talked to my former host family on skype. Awww~ it was so nice to see the kids. I wanna meet and hug them T.T haha

our food ;D )

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hey~~~ ♥
how's everyone? it's already so late but I should be studying more.....XD;;

today I was in church after 3 Sunday without service... haaa felt very nice ^_^v
the last Sundays I had that seminar and last week I was at home-home and babysitting xD
the two cute girls are staying at my family's again... well, only until end of this week.
but since my mom has a lot to do then, I went home last weekend and helped.
and there was Sarah's birthday...well, not party, but we met.
Sarah & boyfriend, Regina, Lyly and me. it was such a nice talk :D
especially because we didn't meet for quite some time....
everyone's studying somewhere else, ne ^^;

apart from studying too little I tried to keep up with all the new dramas ;D
I'm watching Yamanade, Bloody Monday, Hidarime Tantei Eye, Tokujou Kabachi and Shinsengumi Peacemaker (and I looked into Indigo no Yoru, but I don't plan to watch it completely)....
these are TOO MANY XD;;
anyway, Bloody Monday was so cruel... I cried so much at the end. T_T
but definitely the best drama of those I'm watching XD
the others are all okay... but I dunno which I'd like second best....
actually Tokujo Kabachi is a little boring...because I don't understand much about those laws...XD
Yamanade is just CRAZY hahaha but Uchi is cool~~ and Kato Seishiro is too cute :3
Hidarime...well the story is strange, but I wanna know how it'll end.....
Shinsengumi Peacemaker... hmm I don't understand the story very well XD but I wanna watch more of it :D

on Friday I went to karaoke with Chrissi, Lisa and Jenny and it was fun as always ^0^
and I spent too much money on magazines

I wasn't chosen for the partner university (Nichidai)...
which means I have to apply at Waseda now....which is only possible with scholarship....
I wonder why they didn't chose Chrissi or me..... :/

somehow...there's nothing else to say? haha
should go back to Japanese banking crisis and such XD
(and maybe sleep eventually...)

some pictures at the end )
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Haven't really written for 3 weeks now?! Ahhh I'm too lazy :/

For those who are interested, my last days of 2009 were really great <3
I met Dilya in Düsseldorf :D
Then we went to Braunschweig as family and I met Chrissi there to give her yesasia goods XD
Back in Gelsenkirchen I had to buy ingredients etc. for 31th.
On 31th I tried to watch kouhaku (at first I was only listening...)
Later Lisa, Sophie and Jenny came and we tried our best in watching Johnnys Countdown ^_^
We ate snacks and made delicious udon *_* and watched a lot of DVDs (NEWS, KAT-TUN, ARASHI and KANJANI8 concerts, but apart from NEWS we just watched 1 disc each XD)
We had a loooot of fun that night <33 and somehow I didn't get tired until early in the morning XD

On the 2nd Dana came and we watched Kamen Rider Kiva Live Show :D
On the 4th it was my sister's 18th birthday!!! :D
So her boyfriend, a friend form school and me were celebrating together =D
We had sushi and kind of yakisoba :3
I watched Kouji's and Yusuke's Drama "Rinne no Ame" but because of celebrating I couldn't finish it.... and it's still not uploaded yet though it was so good T___T

I finally started to do something for my presentation on the 10th...
Uni started again... and soon my exams will start so I should be studying a loooot u.u

On the 9th I watched Arashi's "Saigou no Yakusoku" on keyhole and it was really good :D
Now all the new dramas will start...ahh I still haven't finished watching ROMES!!

I'm really looking forward to Yamanade and Bloody Monday =33

14th was Chrissi's birthday!!!!! ^0^~~
We had cake together <3
and then we went to Düsseldorf and sang karaoke =DD

What else happend in the last days?
I have some...well not problems but yeah...about studying in Japan xD
Of course I'll apply for the exchange at our partner university, but there are only 2 places :/
I will also apply at Waseda and Keio because that are the only unis I know that accept 'independent students' (those without partner university). But that's all not that easy~~ *sigh* At least Chrissi and me are doing the same we work together =D

It's late... but at least I'll watch Yamanade now :3

some random pictures...with food lol )
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So, the new semester started finally!! :D
I think it was really time... I was way too lazy!! lol

Well, I just had Japanese classes until now. And not a lot yet. XD
It's better than last year at least <3
We get texts that are quite challenging to read now.
With lots of new vocabularies~
And the one teacher...she even welcomed us in Japanese and talked so much at first.
(Later she switched to German when she had to announce important things)
I really think that last year...our teachers should have talked more in Japanese~
Anyway, now it seems better. <3

My timetable is quite okay or's still incomplete because of tutorials and such and I dunno which group I will be in yet...
And one seminar...I should have had on Thursdays... we'll have it on 3 weekends in January because there are no rooms... WTF!! 0_0
Ruhr Universität is biiiiig enough~~~ why no roooooms? T_T
I still have to finish my assignments...*cough*

Apart from school, last week I met with Dana, Lisa and Sophie again :D
On Monday we watched the Hidarime Tantei EYE SP drama ^0^
Thursday we watched My girl together...and I watched Kanjani8 DVD together with Lisa.
On Friday night, I went to karaoke with Lisa and Sophie ^___^
(...I sang Kamen Rider songs...hahahaha |D)
Then, this weekend my little brother and sister (the twins) are staying over at my/my grandparent's place.

I really do nothing for school D:
You know...I finished watching Kamen Rider Kiva on Saturday.
(I watched it together with Jonny~ lol)
Seto Koji~~ <3
Then I also watched Romes first episode.
I think it's really similar too Karei naru spy... and also a little bloody Monday...
Tacchon and Yasu were really cute in it, though ;D
I looked into Shokojo Seira, Samurai High School and My girl 2...
Seira looked nice, I will watch the first episode and maybe I'll continue...
Samurai High School looked funny~~ XD
And My girl..... it's too cute *___*
I fell in love with it when I watched the first episode on keyhole XD
I have to watch the second one, soon~~~
but lately megaupload doesn't like me much anymore, so I'm kinda dependent on torrents
...and I'm still waiting for Otomen... where is episode 9? T-T

Now I shall end my stupid talk.
I have more pictures form August!!
Really late...I know... o__o
I tried to upload them some times, before, but somehow it wouldn't work :/

so here you are!! )


Sep. 27th, 2009 10:24 pm
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THANK YOU for everyone who congratulated me. <33333

I didn't do much the whole week....I think XD;;
But I had a great weekend!! =D

On Friday afternoon I met with Lissy and Chrissi in Duesseldorf.
First we went to the stores, took purikura, I bought the new Myojo because I'm obviously not able to leave the stores without buying something...hahahaha
Then we went to karaoke for 3 hours!! SO MUCH FUN!!
They have finally new songs in there!! Well, I didn't visit for 3-4 months so I didn't know...
I sang too much Arashi... like all the 4 Arashi medleys... all Nino solos.... and some more XD
And woooow Lissy is sooo good at singing Hello!Project songs!!!! *o*
We also had takoyaki there <3333 (and well, those sweets and drinks that we brought there xD)

After that we went to the Japanese cafe/bar on the other side (Relax) and waited for the time to pass.
We had delicious drinks, or I had at least. I dunno about the other's drinks XD
And shared ice cream ^0^
Then we went back to the station and I got my presents... so nice things!! :D
...I was home early in the morning xD

So Saturday morning I had breakfast with my grandparents =D
Around noon I went back to my family's place.
Had some problems with the trains u__u
My both trains were delayed so that I almost missed the last train (=1 hour wait).
But thanks to God I didn't miss it!!!! <3

I had cake with my family ^0^
And later Alisa came here, too.
We watched this and that....had dinner....
In the end we watched Crows Zero, because I got the DVD from Lissy. ^3^

Today was my little brother's birthday :3
And such a good weather <33333

Now I have some pictures.....

a little blurry though, sorry )

I wanna end with drama talk =D
I watched the end of Buzzer beat and I really liked it!!!! ^__^

I also watched "Tengoku de kimi ni aetara" with Nino (on keyhole) XD
It was so cute!! ^w^
I mean, I was looking forward to Nino x Mao-chan lol and their twins. But there weren't a lot of scenes with them....
There was a little girl though who worked in the counseling room (together with Nino and another lady) and she was too cute!!! :D They didn't call her an angel for nothing~ <3
The drama wasn't very exciting... or sad that you had to cry or such. But just really sweet.
I wanna watch it again with better quality (and I also missed some parts ^^°) and I already decided that I'll buy the DVD if they release a DVD of it lol

And today I watched the last episode of Orthros no Inu. Dunno what to say.... the end was kinda strange. XD;;

And anyone watching Otomen?? It's soo weird all the time. But I still like it...or maybe I like it because it is so weird XD;;;
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Sooo this weekend I went home...mostly because of Connichi.
I took Chrissi with me XD
Friday evening we watched the last episode of Koishite Akuma (I had seen it but Chrissi hadn't)
And we did anything else instead of going to bed early (what I wanted to do, actually)

Saturday we got up earlyyyy and went to Kassel.
We had to get a ticket for Chrissi! (I got one from Alia's friend who couldn't make it anymore)
And there weren't many tickets sold in the morning... so yeah, we waited outside of the hall and watched Arashi no Sukudai-kun and PVs on my ipod ;DD
When we finally had the ticket, we had to wait for Alisa to arrive since she had the ticket for me ^^;;
We walked around a little and had second breakfast and such xD

After Alisa arrived and I had a ticket, too, we immediately went to the stands with magazines XDD
There's nothing much to buy there apart from that ^-^;;;
Then we walked around here and there... I met some friends!! <3
Chrissi and me went to karaoke...well, we had to wait until the workshop had finished and then we could finally start =D
It wasn't very crowded at first...but then more and more people came.
But we were the only ones who sang Johnnys until the karaoke contest. ^^;
We went some time before the karaoke contest (we wanted to eat something ;D) because they were just singing anime openings in German ^^;; overall they sang anime songs mostly :/ (I shouldn't complain...I know...I was just a little disappointed)
Chrissi and me had cheap dinner xD and ice cream too ;D and then went back to Connichi...
since the karaoke contest was still going on, we couldn't sing... and then it was almost time for BACK-ON concert, I think? (I dunno exactly...but I know we weren't able to sing before .__.)
The concert was really nice!! I don't know much about BACK-ON but at least they make good music!! ^0^ I also bought the German version of their CD ^^
Just...the concert was quite short...... ^^;;;
After that we went to their signing session ^__^ got my CD signed <3
Then we went to karaoke again....and I was even more disappointed.
Chrissi and me had to wait for sooo long until we finally could sing one song :/
because other people gave wished a lot of songs at there was a long playlist (of course mixed, not that one person sing all his songs at once) but yeah...we waited very long.
Then they decided to play German anime openings again *sigh* it would have been a lot bearable when not everyone in the room was like shouting >< some time before that a girl sang "seishun amigo" and so 4 of us or so sang along...but it was really nice, not too loud :D but those anime songs...aahh Chrissi and me didn't want to hear we listened to my ipod xD;; and later we left the room and waited outside for the other 2 girls that I had to take home, too. It was already around 1am and since I had to drive home like 1 hour, I didn't want to wait anymore to sing another song ^-^;;
Soon after we went home.
Ohh actually Sandra, a friend I hadn't met for a long time, was staying over for the night xD
It was really last minute (I invited her on Friday night) XD

We all didn't get a lot of sleep until Sunday morning...but we went to church nevertheless ;D
(I'm guests have to come along for church on Sunday....XDDD)
In the afternoon we 3 took the train(s) home :3
Today I slept very long and just lazed around...^-^;;;

now some pictures!!!
and I will upload purikuras from August, too! =D
finally I'm not too lazy to upload!! )
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Thursday afternoon I met with Alisa, first we stayed at her place... later at our place...
And we had dinner outside together, it was such a nice weather ^_^
But then we got a phone call, those two little girls that stayed with us (or rather; my family) for 2-3 months were coming back! Just for a short time, because their mother is going to hospital ^^;;
Somehow it was nice to see the girls again <3 (Angelina looks kinda skinny °_° poor girl... guess she didn't get all the food she needed... :/)
But now my mother has to take care of them... especially now, since my sister moved to Gelsenkirchen, too! ^^;;
Hmm, maybe the girls will just stay for some days, though. We don't know...

Then, on Friday, I didn't do a lot. (watching drama?)
Saturday we went to Gelsenkirchen, the whole family!! Full car XD
We also had to take my sister's things with us... and then put up the new furniture here. Now it's still quite messy... but well, whatever XD
My other siblings, the twins, are staying here until Tuesday, too.
So we went to church altogether....meaning all my siblings (except Jan who's back with my parents and the girls) =D
And then...I didn't do much the whole afternoon apart form watching dramas hahahaha
I finally finished Yasashii Jikan!! At first it was a little bite boring.... but I really loved the end. ^__^
I watched the new episodes of the dramas I'm watching... I started Otomen, too. haha nothing special but funny ^^
But I still haven't seen Ninkyo Helper...and Gokusen 3 SP which is actually on my list to watch... maybe later (after sleeping...)

So, the next two weeks I'll be in Japan! Can't wait to be back~
Meet old friends... or new friends... =D
I don't think I'll be reading lj a lot, then, sorry...
I'll have a cellphone then, at least, so you can mail me if you want... (sharing with Chrissi)
(I mailed with Chrissi for about 2 hours after lunch...hahaha ^_^)

Now I wanted to show you some pics~ nothing very interesting though XDD

little kids playing ^_^ )
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So, finally gonna write about Saturday :3

Chrissi and me met around 11am in Duesseldorf.
We hoped that it wouldn't be too crowded, but we were wrong XD
Well at least there were still a lot of idol magazines to look at hehehe and I bought the Wink Up with Nino's poster YEEEEY! <3
Then we decided to have lunch already... and it was a good decision to eat Korean. (Yep, I know it was Japan Day but...Japanese restaurants would all be full ne XD)
Then we went to the Rhine and searched for the stage were that karaoke contest would be. Hmm, they just had started a cosplay contest, so they told us to come back later to register for the karaoke contest. Because we still didn't know what kind of music they had, we practiced our 4 chosen songs again ;3 and then went to meet the other Arashi fans. We somehow arrived there in time though I kinda didn't know which streets we were walking sometimes XDD
It was nice to see them again~ but just for a short time.... >_<
Since Chrissi and me wanted to go back for the karaoke contest, we had to leave them ^^;
And then we got informed that it was too late to register because the one hour contest already had its 10 singers. Well well, they didn't have the best choice of songs anyway XD
We decided to come back and look at the contest and also...maybe sing at the free karaoke later that evening.
Then I met with Caro!! ^0^ We had a nice little chat ^_^
We left again because it was time for the karaoke contest but Chrissi's feet hurt because of her shoes ;-; so we took a short rest and looked at our mags again XD
We saw around 3-4 performances of the contest.. I think we could have taken part in it, but maybe we wouldn't have been able to sing together? haha And I don't wanna sing alone on a stage XD
We sat down and rested again and then we met with Lissy ^~^ She was ill this week so we didn't meet at uni... so yeah, happy to see her again ^^
When we left for the free karaoke it was already kinda late. Time just flew by hahaha
I bought Takoyaki (can not not buy that!! XD) (oh we also had macha ice cream earlier that day <333) and at the karaoke stage we managed to get the last place to sing. xD We decided to sing KAT-TUN's bokura no machi de, we also thought to sing ARASHI's love so sweet. But we rather wanted to sing a slow song ^^;; I think it was okay... but actually I didn't really hear ourselves °_° we didn't know anyone else there, so we couldn't ask how it was... but we got a little applause, so I assume, it was okay XD (after the perfomance of those 2 guys just before us...everyone would have been okay XDDD)
I wanted to meet some other friends after that...but couldn't reach them. (And I didn't have all the phone numbers I'd liked to have u.u)
Chrissi and me sat down and just waited for the fireworks then, watching videos on my ipod =D
Fireworks were really niiiiiiiice! <3
But after it was over...wahhh so crowded .__. going to the main station was really quite a long way...and so slowly xD
Chrissi was just in time for her train! And my train was already waiting, so perfect!
Actually, Kiki and Rina (&two others) were on the same train, so I sat down with them. ^__^
When I was at my main station...I had to wait for my bus 30 minutes or such...but whatever. I was happy to be home then, especuially since I almost fell asleep on my bus XD

On Sunday I went to meet Jolli in Cologne!
Couldn't go there last week on her birthday ^^;;
We had a nice time, too <3
And when I came home, I was so was already so late again '_' and I still had to watch the Quiz Show (from Saturday)... I wanted to sleep early~~ but so late again :/ I think I'm bad at going to bed early XDDD

just some pics )
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I want better weather~~ more sunshine...please... ;_;
(At least right now it's not raining anymore here ^^)

This week I was looking for Japanese universities. On Monday, Chrissi and me asked our teacher about it and he said that we could ask at any university we want. Chrissi and me were like EEEH? 0_0 But most universities just offer places for students from their partner school. So, someone's wrong~ haha.
So, I could go to Waseda or Keio because they also accept independent students and they were on my list of want-to-go-schools anyway ;D Now there are just some questions because of the scholarship and all... but it's still time enough (until October) but I rather shouldn't waste time doing nothing about it, ne ^^
And for those wondering... I only wanna go to Tokyo XD because it's like home ;D and it'll be from October 2010, so in more than 1 year...haha. I don't think I can go there without scholarship, though...

I didn't do much else, apart from uni, I think?
Actually, I still have sooo many Arashi shows to watch... no time :/ (and watch the newest episode of Atadan!! very important haha)
I wrote Nino a letter...yay, first time to write a letter to him... ^-^;; because next week is his birthday ne ^0^ I don't expect my letter to be read, but as Shige and Yasu get birthday letters, Nino has to get one too!!
And I read some more infos about his stage play... so the tickets are also sold outside of the fanclub! I was so worried for nothing XD If they sell tickets in playguide, pia, etc. than it'll be easier to get tickets for me, I suppose~~ ^_^ (not that it's gonna be much cheaper but whatever XD)

I wanted to do so much today but then I was busy with printing out texts that I have to read. And there's so much more to print out~~ And then, I should start reading!! ^^;

Ah yes, anyone coming to the Japan Day and I don't know it yet?
Wanna meet you all who are coming! =D
I'll be walking around with Chrissi, all the time...maybe? Dunno exactly.
And then there's the Arashi meeting and meeting with a lot of other people, too!!
I hope it'll be good weather and I'm looking forward to the hanabi <3

i was too lazy to upload them the other day... )
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Or I'll forget what I did. Well, I already forgot a lot ;P

But what are the most important stories...

We (that's Chrissi and me ^0^) went to Düsseldorf because there was something about Japanese/German economy, their relation and about the financial crisis. Quite interesting! Actually it was rather for business people, there were a lot of Japanese, too. There was a Japanese speech too, and it was translated simultaneously.

The other day we went to Düsseldorf, to meet with Julia and Seiya again. Later we also met other friends of Julia. We ate Okonomiyaki and went to the Rhine and had ice cream and enjoyed the good weather <3

Hmm I also got to know Japanese living in Gelsenkirchen who aren't very well at German yet. So it's like a language exchange!! ^3^ Ahh it's so good to talk in Japanese with them <333 haha (I really miss that in school :/) I hope I'll meet them more often and I hope I'll be good at teaching some German ^^;;

This weekend I was at home... I'm always going home for babysitting, I guess XD but it might have been the last time I saw the 2 girls... dunno. They might go back to their mother soon. I took some pictures fo them... gonna miss them ;_; (and when I think about them being at their mother's again.....*sigh*)

I still have to watch this weekend's dramas ^^;; lately I'm not really up to date (apart from the dramas I'm watching xD) and also I'm not commenting as much as I should .__. but when I come home in the evening and I'm tired, I kinda just wanna relax ^-^;;

And now... please, anyone, help me; shall I go and see Nino's butai or not??? T_T haha (Though I guess, it'll be difficult and expensive to get those tickets..... :/)

pictures taken in ddorf ^^ )
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Hi again ^.^

I promised to upload pictures form last weekend... well, I'm a little late now and those who went there, already know these pictures...but for all the others:

please look here! )

Now this week was nice ^-^
On Thursday I went to Cologne after lessons, to meet Ceren ([ profile] monceri) because it was her birthday on Tuesday ^0^
We had dinner together and then I went home XD
On Wednesday it was decided that I have to give a presentation in two weeks (together with Chrissi and two others) about economics and mostly Japan... so Chrissi and me went to look for some books to research ^^
And we also decided to go to see TEGOMASS in SWEDEN!! <3
I expected that I'd have to go alone, but this is even better hehehe
We have to find a cheap flight and all.... *_*
School wasn't very interesting.... in Kanji lesson, Chrissi and me listened to music on my ipod because it was so boring hahahaha
On Saturday...I wanted to watch the Quiz Show, ne? But tvants didn't air it T__T and keyhole was sooo bad :/ well, I saw like half of it.... I just watched the whole episodes some minutes ago <333 (and I have to watch Smile and Majo Saiban...but now it's too late *sigh*)
Saturday evening I went to Dana's ([ profile] x_hikki_x) home ^^
From there we went shopping a little and then had dinner at the sushi shop ^3^
At her home again we watched NEWS pacific concert DVD <3
Today was church. I couldn't visit my church the last 2 I kinda missed everyone there. ^^;; And in the evening we had youth service!! YAY ^_^ (but Dana couldn't come....)
You know, when we're singing some English songs...I always get reminded of my Tokyo church *sigh* I still miss it so much......
Anyway, I should have read the books for my presentation, but I haven't done very much this weekend.... bad bad.

only food this time XD )

Ohh I got my PUZZLE CDs on Saturday...LOVE!! I didn't know what they'd look like because I didn't look at scans/pictures...but so cool!! Especially the limited edition <3 I'd love to go to their concerts T_T but impossible, I guess. Wanna see performances of Kicyu and Airairo ♥♥
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First, I uploaded pictures in my last post...for those who are interested... it's not a lot XD;;

On Monday, Dana, her sister Alice, my sister Lea, my brother Jonny and me went to Düsseldorf!! ^3^
For the was the first time taking a train and all~~ little adventure hehehe
We went to a park which has a Japanese park inside.
I expected it to be bigger though ^^;;
But it was really nice, because there weren't many people and the weather was just niiiiice ^__^
After that we went back to the main station where all the Japanese shops/restaurants are ^^
We had lunch outside, but the kids didn't eat a lot.... we could take the yakisoba home for the two girls (but they didn't want to eat them later Dana and me actually ate them at home in the evening XD)
The kids also didn't want to drink that cold tea (which was for free ;D)...hahaha they said they wanted to go to McDonalds wtf!! They can go and eat there everywhere -.- Japanese food isn't everywhere :/ (btw my little brother had ramen....because of Naruto ;P)
Then we went to the shops. The little girls wanted to buy cute Helloy Kitty stuff XD
And Dana and me bought a magazine and some other things ^^
We also took purikura together!! ♥
And went back in the late afternoon ^^

On Tuesday...MY ARASHI DVD ARRIVED!!! lol
Of course I watched it and it was so awesome ♥♥♥
I fangirled too much ;D
But really, this kokuritsu concert was really great!! ☆
(I guess, most people must have watched it already...but I didn't want to download and waited...)
Also, Dana came here for some hours and we watched this and that. =3


sakura saite~ )
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ahhh I really need to write about the last days~ but I'm so tired ^-^;;;

Last Sunday Chrissi came here and we had a good time...
I was watching Nino's drama special DOOR TO DOOR. I really liked it ♡
I liked the scenes with Nino and Kato Rosa hehe so cute ^0^
And later we went to 'ProChrist' in my church :3
After that we made our dinner...very late XD
On Monday I wasn't doing very much... watching this and that... I finally watched Nino's movie 'The blue Light'!!
Nino's character was scary, sometimes.... haha. but I liked the movie...kinda. ^^
On Tuesday I went to Bochum in order to print my new semester ticket at university and then buy a present for my mom and just....spend time with Chrissi in Bochum... doing nothing but enjoying the good weather ;D

On Wednesday I went home for some days... quite stressful then XD;;;
Because the two little girls are still staying with us.. and I was babysitting them alone a few times, and then there are still my other brothers and sister XD;;;;
The girls are really cute... but it was exhausting as well~
I didn't do much except helping my mom these days ^^;;;
Just Saturday, my mom's birthday, my father opened his new 'shop' (in my village).
He always works with computers... like repairing and such, also sells software and hardware... so now, there was a flower shop that closed and he took that shop and opened it.
We were there for several hours... offering food and drinks and such ^_^
Well, it's all very small, it's a village ne!! Not like many people came... rather neighbours/friends...who came to congratulate my mom for her birthday and my father for opening the shop. ^^
On Sunday we all went to Gelsenkirchen as a family. Since my grandma had her birthday, too, we had to celebrate ^.^
And now my 10 years old brother and sister are staying here until Thursday with my grandparents and me =D
There are pictures I wanna show you, but I'll edit this post tmr... so just wait a little haha XD I finally uploaded them~

some pictures again ^^ )


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