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good evening... well it's already night here LOL

this week was busy as usual XD
on tuesday we had a meeting with other students who study japanese... and there some japanese people, too :3
yay for speaking japanese <3 the girl we talked to was really nice hehe but she didn't like johnnys very much D: but other jpop... hope she'll send a mail to me sometime...or a message on mixi. ^^
on wednesday i went to the small group at lena's home. we were just 5 it was really nice <33
friday evening i went to the theater with chrissi... it was funny (a comedy of romeo and juliet...don't wanna write more about it...*tired* XD)
when i came home... i watched bloody monday 3, ryusei no kizuna 5 & 6 XDDD so i slept veeery late.
after studying a lot (i think so XD) on saturday afternoon i watched bloody monday 4-6 XD it's like...i couldn't stop!
buuuut...i need someone to talk to about those two dramas... someone who also watches without subs XD"" please...tell me if you do!!
i wanted to write some more fangirly things now... but too tired haha (next time i'll post earlier XD") but nino is always so cute ♥ and i also like miura haruma ♥ and...the other guy in bloody monday...kirishima-san? ;3
aaaaand...i'm so in love with the NEWS album ♥♥♥ i love smile maker, みんながいる世界をひとつに愛をもっとGive & Takeしましょ, fly again and of course koyashige's ムラリスト ♥ so many genki-songs ^0^

okay...need to sleep now. my parents & grandparents want me to sleep longer than 5h ^-^;; but i have no tiiime and i need to study or watch drama deshou XD

ahh yabai, i almost forgot. i went to church tonight... it was for youth/young adults. nice <33333
but all reminds me of my church in tokyo. i miss it soooooooooo much!! i wanna go to tbc again T__T
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today ALISA came here!! ^3^
we watched music station together. and other things...with arashi ;3
so much fun ^___^
awww so sad that we won't be able to see each other very often from now on... v__v
Kanjani8 and NEWS were so great <333333
can't wait for the PV of Kanjani8 ^3^


i thought i'm gonna post some memes tonight. so much to read, sorry m(_ _)m

just some boring questions and answers XD )
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I'm sorry, my Japanese isn't the best...m(_ _)m
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hi minna~

so at home everything is still as busy as before... XD;;
but I had a little bit more time the last days...

saturday after ironing I helped to clean the room of my little sis =.= omg it was SO MESSY!
we did bbq for lunch (good weather <3) and I thought I'd miss yasuko to kenji... anyways, i went online and alisa was talking about 24hr tv... i totally forgot XDD well at least i watched the second half of jun's drama... so sad ;_;
then i wanted to watch arashi too... after that... but i had to come to work ~__~
sunday i had to work the whole afternoon... because there was good weather many people came... (not too many though)
actually that evening...i was sooo tired x___x i was allowed to leave as there were just some people drinking...
i dunno why but my legs were hurting like woah o__o;; XD;

i was watching too much arashi and i also read this and that.
i guess i'll really become more of a fan? XD
sooo bad. i'm already thinking of buying a dvd LOL
btw i also started liking ohmiya sk omg cute? XD

this week, actually tomorrow, is my parents' 25th anniversary!! <33333333333333333
we'll have a party on friday!
i guess i'll show you pics of it then =3
though many people said that they can't come... for example my uncle and my aunt (& their families)... but i'm glad my grandparents will come!! ^_^ haven't seen them for weeks~
wish me luck for the moderation... my sis and me will do that ^^

and yes, connichi will be soon! got my tickets today.
i dunno what to wear~~~~ ;____;
well i think i wanna wear the kanjani8 natsu tour 08 shirt... it's a yasu shirt ;3
the summer tour shirt isn't as obvious, so only fans will recognize (I wanna meet other fans~~~ ;0; )
and i wanna wear a skirt...ahahahaha |D
so i have to wait how the weather will be... to know what exactly i can wear... u__u
and yeah... i actually dunno what i shall do there the whole day...
except spending time with alisa, of course <33333333333333
and meeting the one or other friend :3
if i don't know yet, that you'll be coming too... please tell me, okay? *o*

NEWS' new song is niiiice~
but i don't wanna listen to it very much now... because it'll release near my birthday so i have to listen to it then XD
but hehehe lucie bought the news cosmetics for me and it'll arrive soon~
which reminds me... i still have to send some other things to some friends... sorry~ m(_ _)m
also, it's yasu's birthday soon... have to write a letter :3

oh, more fandom related things i forgot >o<;;
1. they were looking for extras for yasuko to kenji... awww would be so nice XD at least it wouldn't be as freezing cold as in january XDDD can't wait to live in japan again so i can try my luck in things like that hahahaha
2.there's the kis-my-ft2 and abc concert... read about it in xiang's blog... they'll be in yoyogi national stadium??? it's quite big i think... =3 but no shoon... xiang said there's even hashimoto (who'll be added to abc and then it's abc-z? o.o)
and... that's not related to above... haha... i'm glad that my 2 friends from taiwan got arashi tickets XDD omg iris said they stood in a line about 31 hours!!! o.o she took turns with her friends though... still, crazy XD


Aug. 24th, 2008 10:24 am
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this week I was really busy!!
I told you about the girl & baby we have to take care of now...
the girl is really nice and all~~ =333
but... what she told me about how her home looked like... wth?! how can you take a baby in there??!!! it sounded so irresponsible of them!! and then, neither mother nor father have a job... how can you take care of a baby then?????!!!!! no wonder that the youth advice center took the mother & baby out there... and wants my parents to show them how to take care of the baby... and whatever else. ^^;;
so uhm, my mother was away every morning to take care of a 2-year-old girl in the next village... the mother is sooooo content with my mom XDDD
that's why i had a lot of things to do at home... help help help XD;;
okay, i have to say... i had time to watch the NEWS DVD!!!! because it finally arrived on tuesday ^__^ so much LOVE *____________*
then i had to work the last days... let's say evenings/nights x___x
and today... because we have church further away... it would be stupid for me to go there and be back at 11.30 to work...
i feel like in a hurry now... hahahaha ^^;;
why is everyone in msn talking to me when i have now time? and when i have sooo much time and am bored... no one talks to me XD;;;
and yeah, sorry if i didn't comment much or such... it's really busy at home at the moment... m(_ _)m

ohh i just remember now.. i wanna become an arashi fan XD
not that i wasn't one before... and i don't wanna be as much as i'm a fan of kanjani8 and news (omg i don't have money for that!! XD) but still... i wanna have/know more about them... can anyone help me? hahahaha
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first... my entry that I wanted to write on Saturday evening... I was soo happy to finish work early but then... I couldn't use the internet at all =.= because of the stupid thunderstorm ;0; (but I just knew about that fact since Sunday morning ~o~)

I'm soooo annoyed right now. kdkjfgkmdkghfdhnkdnfjh
I'm happy to have finished work and I finally have time to use the internet... but after trying anything for almost one and a half hour I still wasn't able to make it work x__x
I even called my dad >o< (before trying whatever in his room with all the computers)
Apart from that I had a perfect day <33 Alisa was here all the time, we were watching concerts XDD
Koda Kumi, though not all. So cool~ <3333
Johnny's Countdown. I finally saw the TV version... so much shorter than the original |D
And some Music Station performances... until it was late enough for her to get picked up by her dad and for me to start work :3 (good timing today ^^)
ohh and before we were watching Yasuko to Kenji episode 2!! so great again =D it's just sooo funny~ kinda reminds me of my boss my I the only one thinking that? ^^;;
Friday was...well in the afternoon my mom, dad and my little brother drove to friends... until tomorrow afternoon… so I invited Imke, Diggy, Lyly (and more but they couldn't come)... I told them to come early because I had to start work at 8 (which is quite late, but I was happy) but hmm…they came around 6.30 pm and...I got a call around 7.10 pm that I had to come and work... >__< we had like nooo time ToT then I was quite unhappy but sho ga nai v_v
Work was okay... and haha around 10.30 the other three and my sis appeared... O_O;; they ate ice cream LOL after that they went home... .____. I hope that the next time will be better~
Hmm when I came home (around 0.30am) my sister told me that she wants to stay up until the morning... XD so well I accompanied her a little... (until...4.30 am XD") and I made her watch NEWS DVD and Kanjani8 DVD muahahahahaha (well I showed her the best things =3) so cool because... usually she'd, like, run away? XDD
Hmm the days before...were nice... I had to work sometimes, I wanted to learn Japanese but didn't do very much u.u and hmm...helped my mum with ironing as usual XD
on Wednesday evening, when I was sure that my work wouldn't call me... my sister and me went to Korbach :3 I visited Isy and we watched Maou 1st episode...with subs...sooooo thrilling!!!! really better than without subs |DD and we watched some other things too ^^

soo because I had no internet for almost 2 days (it's not a long time...but I was so free and therefore bored and usually on sundays everyone is quite well, it seemed long XD) anyway, I started watching Yamada Tarou Monogatari. Isy gave it to me on Wednesday... and I sooo liked it that I had to finish in 3 days hahahaha I really love school dramas :3 and there's the actress that plays Yasuko ^3^ well, Nino and Sho and cute little kids XDDD I wonder why I never watched it last summer...but well, it's not that I had much time to watch all the dramas that I wanted to watch ne XDD
yesterday I had to work and today I have to come again... hmm but I had enough time to watch the drama yesterday :3
I need to watch the spring/summer dramas of this year~~~ ^^;;;
and I didn't learn as much Japanese as I intended to... v__v
this morning I was swimming with my sister and my little brother, nice nice~
...I hope that the better weather will come tomorrow ;-;
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