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HI!!! (^o^)/
I scanned all my OOO shop photos and some other things.... (all official pictures ;D)
Some of them might be posted already but I was too lazy too look that up (^_^;)
look inside~~~ )
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pictures from the magazines ar, actorsmagazine and jelly :D
with d-boys and some others )
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Me again ;D
I scanned some pages of the new JUNON.
My choice is quite biased, sorry~ ^^;
Also, my scanner is too small for JUNON so...there's always a little cut off, sorry again.

ikemen in yukata and more XD )
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Hey~ :D

On Thursday I visited Kamen Rider-tachi Jenny and Yuka and we had a fun day together ^3^
We made a cake, had lunch and watched some videos with D-Boys and such ^~^
And it was really good weather!! <3
It was good weather the whole weekend so of course I went out into the sun~~ Trying to get tanned a little..... ;D
I tried to watch Tumbling yesterday but I had some problems so was only able to watch the last 20 minutes or so live. Watched the whole episode today. Their performance is so beautiful.♥ I could watch them for hours, just performing *~*
I don't have much else to say....spend some time on translating the Junon talk the last days.
...why is there no community for Shohei? D: I want him to have a community where I can post his interviews~~~ but I don't wanna create one hahahaha (reason: I'm too lazy. xD)

so now I have pictures, more scans from Seventeen (Alisa scanned them and sent them to me ^-^) and something else!
our cake!! and more :D )
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I finally finished it!! Promised it some days ago, sorry girls~
Here are the talks of Yamamoto Yusuke, Seto Koji, Miura Shohei and Daito Shunsuke from Junon 07/2010
They explain how their character in the drama Tumbling would react in a special situation. Then they talk about which part of a family would suit each other. And more♪

TUMBLING's theater of wild ideas

Yamamoto Yusuke as Azuma Wataru )
Seto Koji as Takenaka Yuuta )
Miura Shohei as Tsukimori Ryosuke )
Daito Shunsuke as Kiyama Ryuichiro )
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So....yesterday was Japan Day in Düsseldorf. I met some friends... I wanted to meet more friends but as always....I wasn't able to ^_^;; sorry!!! m(_ _)m
But I had a good time with those that I met :DD
I ate takoyaki <3
I went to karaoke in the evening <33
And I didn't come home as late as I thought because I didn't stay for the fireworks....xD

Last week I stayed at my family's home... but I didn't do much....
I watched several episodes of Kamen Rider W with my siblings. I also watched more of Jotei Kaoruko finally!! But I'm behind with all the dramas D:

Anyway, I have some pictures form yesterday and some scans to share :D

have a look here (^0^) )

tumbling and others~ )
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I finally translated something again!! I'm quite late... but I hope that you'll find it as funny as I found it.♪♪
It's a talk between Daito Shunsuke, Miura Shohei and Kaku Kento. They talk about the whole cast of Tumbling.♥
There might be mistakes, but I tried my best. Enjoy!!☆☆

they laugh a lot~ )


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