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Let others know a little more about yourself! Re-post this as your name followed by "ology".

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Day 28 - One word that described D-BOYS.

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Now the 30-day meme is over ;__;
otsukare everyone \o/

day 27

Feb. 18th, 2012 12:14 am
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Day 27 - What would you like to see them do in the future?
I want a stage play with all of them... or a movie (like D2 had one) :D I want them to record their monthly fanclub events and make DVDs of it. And I want CDs of some of them. And in general, MORE SCREENTIME IN DRAMAS. ;)
And to be more specific, more stages like Venice with the boys playing girls' roles. xD

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days 23-26

Feb. 17th, 2012 12:18 am
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If I'm counting correctly, I should be at day 26 today... :D
Still all happy about today's news :DDDDDDD

Day 23 - Cost aside, what is one D-BOYS thing you wished you owned?
Uhm, right now I want a sign of Usui ;__; Means, I have to shop at the OOO shop for 20,000 yen XDDD Though I'd prefer to own someone's heart <3

Day 24 - Change one thing about each of the boys.
Eh... no idea :O Oh wait, can I change their English skills and become their private English conversation teacher? XDD

Day 25 - Which graduated member do you want to see come back?
Not a person who "graduated", but the person I wanna see back is Channaka. Because two girls I love a lot would do anything to hear just a word from him.

Day 26 - How have D-BOYS changed you?
I don't care about Johnnys anymore. Seriously!!
I found some really good friends <3333 and I'm able to share files, scans or translations :) I wish I had more to share!! I love the boys and so far I got to know only awesome people in this fandom, so I love sharing with those people!! :D

day 22

Feb. 14th, 2012 11:02 pm
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Since Misa posted so many goods, I tried to gather all my goods and take pictures as well xD I bet there are things I forgot lol

Day 22 - Post a picture of all the D-BOYS merchandise you have.

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day 16-21

Feb. 13th, 2012 10:59 pm
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Next part!! xD
some of the animals and the food is....really random XD;;

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day 10-15

Feb. 12th, 2012 05:44 pm
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Have to catch up with the meme!!!!!!! SORRRYYYYYYYY!!!!! m(_ _)m
This entry will have the pictures...
Actually, I don't have many pictures on this notebook. I took pictures of the fanclub newsletter that I still have to scan (sorry!!) of everyone instead. Against the rules again :P

pictures \o/ )

day 9

Jan. 31st, 2012 12:31 am
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Day 9 - How well do you follow their individual work outside of the group?

I'm not following everyone's work.
I guess I'm following Seto's and Usui's individual work as good as I can.
About others, I'll watch a drama/movie if it sounds interesting or if there are other reasons or sometimes just for the D-BOY. It also depends on my time or if a lot if others are watching it or such. Sometimes I just forget to watch something though ;; Anyway, trying my best to support everyone but not very good at it...><

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day 8

Jan. 29th, 2012 10:13 pm
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Day 8 - Talk about your favorite choreography.

Hm, I dunno whether it's a choreography but I loved the Hula dance at Harudoko 2011!! It was fun to dance along with the boys, especially when they were standing in the audience too :)
(Harudoko had more D2 boys than D-BOYS but I hope it's okay XD)

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meme day 7

Jan. 28th, 2012 07:24 pm
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Day 7: Do you watch their live performances/events? (Online or in real life)

When I was in Japan I went to as many events as possible. It's just so awesome because the boys are so kind and the fans are kind too!! And I could always meet with friends :)
And online.... well it depends on the time. If I'm home I usually like to watch live shows (u-stream, keyhole tv or radio). I sometimes got up at night to watch something too lol But not everytime. ;)

Is this a correct answer? :0

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day 6

Jan. 27th, 2012 10:50 pm
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Day 6: Talk about your favorite stageplay.

The merchant of Venice!!
Because I ♥ love stories :)
I remember that when we saw the first promotional pictures of Venice, I got so excited!! Portia and Jessica were so beautiful o(≧▽≦)o
I was already afraid that I wouldn't be able to see the stage play because of everything that happened in Japan but I was able to watch it and had a good Golden Week ;)
At first everyone was on stage talking whatever and I think that apart from the girls no one had to change didn't really know when the stage started xD
I hadn't read the book so of course I didn't understand everything (not even after the second time). But I understood enough ;)
I enjoyed the scene when Portia and Nelissa were looking at guys on some touch screen-ish thing!! And then they had a German guy lol I loved it xD
We had seen the kissing scene on pictures before but of course I was looking forward to it!! I loved Portia so much ;;
But I have to admit that the starry sky scene of Jessica and Lorenzo was THE CUTEST OF ALL!!! I haven't seen the DVD yet but on the second time I watched Venice it was the day on that they had recorded for the DVD. And while it was a cute kiss scene on the first time, the second time Jessica just pushed Lorenzo down zedihohizgighifzd :D

Everyone who hasn't seen Venice, go and watch it!!♥♥♥♥♥

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Day 5 - Talk about your favorite “behind the scenes” moment(s).

I'm choosing Natsudoko 2009.
When I watched it, I was still so new to D-BOYS and I could have been one of the person who was asked by the boys for surveys who usually didn't know them. It was fun to see them, quite "normal". Coming from Johnnys fandom, everyone there was a far-away-idol, but D-BOYS seemed so close and normal and natural. I really liked it.
I still remember the dokkiri part so well!! I laughed so much! Japanese people x English is always fun anyway ;)

Btw. I'm sorry that I didn't comment to everyone's memes yesterday and today ;-;
I'll try to do that tomorrow!! I love reading and talking about it! So much fun! But my exams start next week @.@ and there are other things to do as well. m(_ _)m

day 4

Jan. 25th, 2012 06:42 pm
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Day 4: You also have a least favorite (past or present). Talk about him.

Uhm I think that I wasn't much interested in Adachi for some time (Sorry paffu ;; ) but not for a real reason. But I loved him in Venice!!! His Nelissa was so much fun!! I couldn't imagine him as a girl before that, but he did a great job! :D

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Day 3 - You have a bias (past or present). Talk about him.

Seto Koji.♡ That was difficult, I guess.

I never thought that we're the same age when I first saw him. But yay for 88-borns \o/
He was the first non-Johnny I liked a lot. At first I was interested because he was cute but the more I read about him, the more I also liked his character (that he shows) and I respected him more and more. Especially Rinne no Ame!! And then Tumbling came <3

I remember when I first met him. He was suprised. He said "ganbatte" for me studying in Japan.
He always remembered that I'm from Germany.
He also said "hisashiburi" when we met the first time after I was back in Japan after the short time in Germany (after 3/11).
I almost met him once every month.
And he was always so kind.
He is someone really important to me. But he's not the only one.
I made some really good friends because of him. I'm thankful for that.
I'm sorry to sound selfish but I really miss him now too. Just like I miss a lot of people in Japan.
I'm always happy to see him tweeting. I'm enjoying watching Teencourt right now and I love listening to D☆DATE and his voice.
I don't know for how long I'll be his fan but for now I wanna stay his fan and support him. I'm happy to do that.♥

...this is more about me than about Seto. I missed the task :P
Now you can hate me even more \o/

Btw. I think I know why I was so bad at yesterday's question. I didn't watch Tenimyu or such but read wikipedia about them xD;;

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Day 2 - Your first impression of each member.
(not directly "impression" sometimes...)

Endo Yuya - Someone who's name I had known for a long time but I had no idea about him.

Yanagi Kotaro - Someone who was born in Germany!!!

Igarashi Shunji - Funny.

Wada Masato - Studied at the partner university of my university.

Suzuki Hiroki

Araki Hirofumi

Kaji Masaki - A little different than usual actors I knew.

Seto Koji - I saw him in Atadan where he was playing a high school boy... I was so surprised that he was even (a little) older than me!! I totally didn't expect it. CUTE CUTE CUTE.

Yanagishita Tomo - Best friend of Seto Koji.

Makita Tetsuya

Usui Masahiro - Cute, but too young...

Mikami Masashi

Adachi Osamu

Takahashi Ryuki

Hashimoto Taito

Yamada Yusuke

Horii Arata - Good team with Igarashi as in, Igarashi liked to pick on him. He had a really hard time in the beginning but did it very well.

I'll add more if I remember it v_v I already spent some time thinking about it, maybe I should watch natsu doko 2009 again buuuut the DVD player isn't working -.- So whatever...
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30 Days of D-BOYS
by alternatewarning

Day 1 - How did you become a fan?

In spring 2009 I watched Atashinchi no Danshi and I started to become interested in Seto Koji. I didn't know much about D-BOYS at that time (I had heard the name before, of course) but I didn't know anyone else who liked them. I watched Otomen for Seto Koji as well and then I started to read his blog and also blogs of other members. I started to become interested in them but just at that time the blogs were closed. I decided to buy Natsudoko 2009 although I still didn't know much about them, but I thought that it would be a good start - and it was. :D

30 Days of D-BOYS

Day 1 - How did you become a fan?
Day 2 - Your first impression of each member.
Day 3 - You have a bias (past or present). Talk about him.
Day 4 - You also have a least favorite (past or present). Talk about him.
Day 5 - Talk about your favorite “behind the scenes” moment(s).
Day 6 - Talk about your favorite stageplay.
Day 7 - Do you watch their live performances/events? (Online or in real life)
Day 8 - Talk about your favorite choreography.
Day 9 - How well do you follow their individual work outside of the group?
Day 10 - Favorite picture of: Endo Yuya, Yanagi Kotaro, Adachi Osamu
Day 11 - Favorite picture of: Seto Koji, Yanagishita Tomo, Araki Hirofumi, Suzuki Hiroki
Day 12 - Favorite picture of: Igarashi Shunji, Wada Masato, Kaji Masaki, Horii Arata
Day 13 - Favorite picture of: Makita Tetsuya, Mikami Masashi, Usui Masahiro
Day 14 - Favorite picture of: Hashimoto Taito, Takahashi Ryuki, Yamada Yusuke
Day 15 - Your favorite picture of the group.
Day 16 - Only one member each: Hug. Cuddle. Kiss. Make out. Sex
Day 17 - Five of the D-BOYS are actually a sentai group. Pick their colors.
Day 18 - What animal represents each member?
Day 19 - What food represents each member?
Day 20 - You see them somewhere on the street. Now what?
Day 21 - You can only give them one present in your lifetime. What is it?
Day 22 - Post a picture of all the D-BOYS merchandise you have.
Day 23 - Cost aside, what is one D-BOYS thing you wished you owned?
Day 24 - Change one thing about each of the boys.
Day 25 - Which graduated member do you want to see come back?
Day 26 - How have D-BOYS changed you?
Day 27 - What would you like to see them do in the future?
Day 28 - One word that described D-BOYS.
Day 29 - Your thoughts on each member now.
Day 30 - Write a letter to the group.

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Tomorrow, the last episode of Tumbling will air.... I don't wanna part T_T
I remember when I counted down the weeks/days until Tumbling started. And now it's already over.
Buuuut there are still a lot of things to translate, so it's not really "the end".
And then, the stage play.....can't wait! Daito as a teacher *~* (I hope he'll recover and can leave the hospital soon!! Dana and me wrote a letter to him :D)
Don't have the tickets yet, though.
I do have tickets for D-Stage on September 4th!!!! Thanks to Jolli <3
...I also wanna go to that Kamen Rider W stage show XD;;
And Nishino Kana concert!!!!! OMG did you listen to her new album? I'm listening to it all the time (since Tuesday XD). I looove it <3

Chrissi and me sent in all the documents to Waseda on Monday. My tuition fees are also transferred. Flight is payed. Now my bank account is soooooo empty T____T

Everyone in twitter is talking about World Cup.... so I somehow got into the mood for it as well ^^; All the teams I'm cheering for made it so far~ :D
And I even watched the soccer game on Wednesday!! lol Because we watched it with my small group and some others from church (we got invited <3). We were watching it in their garden and had barbecue :D

Now a meme ^_^

from [ profile] x_hikki_x

-Leave a comment saying "SHAKE IT UP!".
-I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity .
-Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
-Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

The last two step are of course optional :)

questions and answers :D )

I hope I'll finish the next translation soon!!!
And for those who aren't a member of the Tumbling community, I uploaded the soundtrack... if you wanna have it, I can just share the link with you ;D

meme ^^

Apr. 24th, 2010 08:41 pm
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Tagged by [ profile] letihughes

I'm to tag 8 people, none of whom tagged me, and this cannot be rejected, something like that. Those tagged who eventually do this, please comment here when you're done so I can see your answers!!
You can remove a question you don't like, and replace it with another

[ profile] kazuyuu
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[ profile] mukimpokun
[ profile] nanairosmile
[ profile] ito_kun
[ profile] herr_pet0r

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a meme :D

Mar. 30th, 2010 10:47 pm
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from [ profile] x_hikki_x

"Leave a comment saying, "COMMENT" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal."

→ Ninomiya Kazunari
I still remember, before I was an Arashi fan, I watched the streaming video for berlinale when he was in Germany! (And I wanted to watch the movie in cinema...but no cinemas around my home were bringing it D:) Some time later I listened to Niji for the first time and really liked it. And almost one year later I became an Arashi fan lol On my way to find a favorite I watched Yamada Taro Monogatari, in the next moment I was a Nino fan XD Niji is still one of my favorite songs and...on my ipod it's the most played song by far °_° hahaha I admire his talent, especially acting! When I went to see "Strangers on a train" I was really impressed!

→ Uni
It's nice to attend university. For me, it's also living on my own (kinda. My grandparents live upstairs and my sister moved here last summer.) It's more freedom than in school. I'm studying what I am interested in (....mostly XD). I have found really good friends in Chrissi and Lissy. We can talk for hours or do stupid things. :D I love you, girls ♥

→ Atashinchi no Danshi
I'm glad that I started watching it. At first, I wanted to watch it because of Maki. Then, the story sounded very funny. And after watching....I really liked it a lot. It was just so crazy <3 And, I "met" Seto Kouji!! ^0^ After that I watched Otomen because of him...and more and more... so yeah, that's all thanks to AtaDan =D And I also liked Mukai Osamu and Yamamoto Yusuke in it :3

→ Hey!Say!Best
I knew that you would say this, Dana!! In the last weeks (or already months?) I listened to/watched too much Hey!Say!JUMP. ^^; Of course, for me it's BEST > 7, because of the age lol I already liked Hikaru since....2006(??). He was my favorite member of Ya-Ya-yah after Shoon. He's such a dork <3 And he was my favorite character in Orthros no Inu XD I also like Daiki more and more, because he's just too cute. And recently I also like Inoo. And these days I'm fangirling too much with Dana about all (five) of them hahaha.

→ EFG Gelsenkirchen
It's my church here in Gelsenkirchen. It's a really great place! So lively. And everyone is so musical, I really like that!! After I had this great church in Tokyo and came back to the one in my hometown...I was a little disappointed... So this made up for it! Though...I still feel too much like a stranger, I'm not very close with most of them. But, it's the place where I met Dana ♥ And through Dana I also got to know some other girls here in Gelsenkirchen. :D And I love singing in our choir!! I'm very thankful to God for this church.
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today ALISA came here!! ^3^
we watched music station together. and other things...with arashi ;3
so much fun ^___^
awww so sad that we won't be able to see each other very often from now on... v__v
Kanjani8 and NEWS were so great <333333
can't wait for the PV of Kanjani8 ^3^


i thought i'm gonna post some memes tonight. so much to read, sorry m(_ _)m

just some boring questions and answers XD )


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