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lyrics to CATCH A TRAIN!
mostly by Mayo-san. I corrected (?) some of the rap parts, but still not sure XD
Help please? XD

with mistakes lol )
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Kao, Misa, Mayo and me tried to write down the lyrics of D☆DATE's new song "Blue Dahlia", but there were several parts where we aren't sure =O Bell also said that she heard something different (in italic).... so, whoever wants to help out... are you hearing the same or something different?? :O

lyrics here )
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Here are kanji & romaji & English translation of Love Heaven and zutto. :D
Since there are no official lyrics for the songs yet, there might be mistakes in it ^_^;;
Here you go! o/

Love Heaven )

zutto )
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And now, the new single! o/
Have Change my life and Dear my story. Kanji, romaji and translation (which sucks again).

Step by step... )

Bokutachi no STORY hajimaru yo... )
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I realized I never did the lyrics for Omoi and Ouenka!!!!! °_°
So I did them today. Kanji, romaji and translation... but the translation sucks XD
I guess I will change it later (after kind people like Bell helped me XD)

todoketai omoi... )

Atsuku todoke ouenka... )
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The lyrics for D☆DATE's ato issenchi no mirai!! \(^0^)/

kanji, romaji, english translation )
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On Sunday I was listening to Tumbling's theme song for hours... so I decided to look for the lyrics...and I found them.
I want to share it with everyone in Romaji and I also TRIED to translate it but it is more of a fail.... sorry m(_ _)m

lyrics here ^0^ )


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