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hi minna~

so at home everything is still as busy as before... XD;;
but I had a little bit more time the last days...

saturday after ironing I helped to clean the room of my little sis =.= omg it was SO MESSY!
we did bbq for lunch (good weather <3) and I thought I'd miss yasuko to kenji... anyways, i went online and alisa was talking about 24hr tv... i totally forgot XDD well at least i watched the second half of jun's drama... so sad ;_;
then i wanted to watch arashi too... after that... but i had to come to work ~__~
sunday i had to work the whole afternoon... because there was good weather many people came... (not too many though)
actually that evening...i was sooo tired x___x i was allowed to leave as there were just some people drinking...
i dunno why but my legs were hurting like woah o__o;; XD;

i was watching too much arashi and i also read this and that.
i guess i'll really become more of a fan? XD
sooo bad. i'm already thinking of buying a dvd LOL
btw i also started liking ohmiya sk omg cute? XD

this week, actually tomorrow, is my parents' 25th anniversary!! <33333333333333333
we'll have a party on friday!
i guess i'll show you pics of it then =3
though many people said that they can't come... for example my uncle and my aunt (& their families)... but i'm glad my grandparents will come!! ^_^ haven't seen them for weeks~
wish me luck for the moderation... my sis and me will do that ^^

and yes, connichi will be soon! got my tickets today.
i dunno what to wear~~~~ ;____;
well i think i wanna wear the kanjani8 natsu tour 08 shirt... it's a yasu shirt ;3
the summer tour shirt isn't as obvious, so only fans will recognize (I wanna meet other fans~~~ ;0; )
and i wanna wear a skirt...ahahahaha |D
so i have to wait how the weather will be... to know what exactly i can wear... u__u
and yeah... i actually dunno what i shall do there the whole day...
except spending time with alisa, of course <33333333333333
and meeting the one or other friend :3
if i don't know yet, that you'll be coming too... please tell me, okay? *o*

NEWS' new song is niiiice~
but i don't wanna listen to it very much now... because it'll release near my birthday so i have to listen to it then XD
but hehehe lucie bought the news cosmetics for me and it'll arrive soon~
which reminds me... i still have to send some other things to some friends... sorry~ m(_ _)m
also, it's yasu's birthday soon... have to write a letter :3

oh, more fandom related things i forgot >o<;;
1. they were looking for extras for yasuko to kenji... awww would be so nice XD at least it wouldn't be as freezing cold as in january XDDD can't wait to live in japan again so i can try my luck in things like that hahahaha
2.there's the kis-my-ft2 and abc concert... read about it in xiang's blog... they'll be in yoyogi national stadium??? it's quite big i think... =3 but no shoon... xiang said there's even hashimoto (who'll be added to abc and then it's abc-z? o.o)
and... that's not related to above... haha... i'm glad that my 2 friends from taiwan got arashi tickets XDD omg iris said they stood in a line about 31 hours!!! o.o she took turns with her friends though... still, crazy XD
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I just watched the Shonen Club episodes of August!
so much fun~~
KoyaShige meccha kakkoii XDDD
I really enjoyed the episodes <3333
and...kinda sad... why didn't Shige sing in his show, too?? ;_;
the Jr. league with Tsubasa was really funny... Shoon!! XDDD
after spending so much time with Xiang before... I kinda became a Shoon fan, too? XD;;
at least, everytime he appears, I'm like "there's Shoon!! ^^"
I wanna see more of KoyaShige on TV *~*
well, next is the NEWS DVD, as soon as I finally have it...<3 (this week? or maybe next week...?)

today I was talking to the Taiwanese girl on msn who I met last week~
I guess writing English is easier for her than speaking... =3
now I just wanna get mails form the other girls I met there...*waiting*
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hi again~

hmm I have nothing to write about... or well, I have to think about interesting things... because there's nothing happening here... xD;

on tuesday we visited my grandparents in Gelsenkirchen ^^
so, I went swimming with my 3 little brothers/sisters and my grandma ^-^
nice day~ ^^v
the other days I was watching gokusen 3 with my sister and brother again haha~
did I tell you? my little sister likes Takaki LOL so...they are watching it with me although I understand nothing (okay, sometimes I do translate/explain... but...maybe just 10%?) (they are 9 years old...almost 10 ;3) I have to say, my favorite character is Kazama <3
I also watched Code Blue today...kinda... (couldn't see everything because the connection was bad x_x) but hmm...dunno if I should like it? I'm not a fan of doctor series...I think?
I'm looking forward to Maou (Toma <3) and Yasuko to Kenji (Tacchon <3) ^__^
thanks to Alisa I'm also getting in Hanadan mode~ haha because...she's talking about it all the time XP and then, I'm listening to Arashi's song all the time, too XDD
ohh and I found out about Butoukan... well, I was kinda confused when I saw them in Shonen Club in April... I didn't know about them but I liked the performance... now that I know their other songs and all... I might really like them =3 yeah, watching Shonen Club made me re-like Kis-my-ft2 again, I think... ;3
I finished minna no nihongo book 1!! ^^b now I wanna start book 2 =D learning Japanese can be fun sometimes <3 haha I can do that for hours XDD (especially when my computer doesn't wanna work as I
ohh we finally managed everything about the KAT-TUN/Kanjani8 tickets...or how to get the money back (which isn't mine but Dilya's and Jasmine's ne ^^) I send something to Shiori and yeah, she'll get the money and give it to Sen or whatever... but she's kinda angry for having all those letters coming to her and doing this all... so, I shall change my JFC address (again XD) but I wanna have it in I can't ask Mako u.u need to think...
ahh I'm tired now... the last two nights my brother and once also my sister slept in my room XD around one week everyone slept here... XD dunno why I'm so popular now XDD but they have holidays so they wanna sleep somewhere else than in their own room...I guess...|D kinda cute na? ^-^
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hey~~ haven't written for more than a week XD
even my sister mentioned that o__o;;
I'm kinda surprised that some people still read my blog hahaha (I mean... I gave the link to a lot of people while I was away ne... but now it's just boring stuff XDD so they shouldn't bother to read xD)

anyway... some news? XD
the restaurant in Eimelrod, where I worked twice last week... they didn't call me again = they don't need me...
but then hehe our neighbour told my dad that a restaurant in our village need people!! so good~
I went there and I already worked there yesterday and today a loooot~
they are just 2 people (an couple, a little older than my own parents, I think) and they clearly need more people to help out bu they haven't found any yet... (they just started there 4 weeks ago and this Saturday is the actual opening)
the 2 are really nice :3 and I really like it there ^^
but I guess that I'll be there on every weekend and also, in the vacation time they wanna open everyday of the week... will be busy, but work = money hahahaha

I still plan to go to Japan for Shige <3
but Sen didn't get any ticket for me at jweb (wth since when is he so popular? o.o XD)
so we have another chance at the hotline thing...
apart from that, I was thinking to go to the Osaka shows... it's cheaper to fly there ^^;;
and it's in August... later...
there'll be Kyoko in Osaka <3 but I won't be able to meet other friends... but it's the most convenient... now I just need a ticket .__.

buuut I got ticket for kat-tun in tokyo dome LOL but they're not for me hahaha but for Sen, Dilya and Jasmine =3 hope they can enjoy~~ ^0^

so, this week I watched the last friends and hokaben of course... aahh last friends is so afhsjbcbndsvhvdh T-T I also finished jotei, really a great drama <3 and I watched the proposal daisakusen special... so cute ^~^
I started one of my books I bought in Japan to study~~ <33333
I wanna study a lot before Uni hahaha

my eyes hurt so much right now... because our restaurant has an outside area and everyone was outside today ^-^;; and I'm kinda exhausted, too...
but I was talking to Alisa on the phone <33
I was really sad, though, that I couldn't see Sarah/go to church last evening...because I had to work.... hmm can't be helped ne...^^;;
I should sleep now x___x
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something terrible happened!!
SHIGE has a show in Tokyo Globe Theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In July!!!!!!!!!
I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so, I have to find a way to get money... and what is far more imporant... get my parents to say YES! that's maybe... impossible.
about the money, I'll SELL all (?) my mangas and old j-rock CDs and j-rock magazines.
anyone who wants something?
I need to look what I actually have... o__o;;
anyway... who wants to go to Shige's show, too? I don't wanna go alone hahahaha
I guess, Sen would try to get a ticket for me... and I really don't worry about tickets... I know Harajuku XD

so far crazy fandom.
I don't wanna tell it to...'normal' friends... they'll think I'm crazy. but actually everyone will think... arrgh @.@ I hate Johnnys~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

btw. I started to work in a restaurant... but not very much (yet)...
I hope they are content with me >o<;; I worked there yesterday for teh first time...
it's a little different to my job in Japan... because there I didn't have to speak so much with costumers ne ^^;; and also now, I have to memorize the menu ^-^;
but I really like it there... the people there are very nice ^~^ and it's just in a village so it's a very peaceful atmosphere :3

on Wednesday we went to the university in Bochum... so HUGE 0.0
I talked to several students and to one of the adviser...
east asia studies with focus on economy is veeery difficult and challenging. they said it's comparable to medical studies... yabai~~ x_x
maybe I should rather study japanese studies? but whatever I wanna combine it with, the interesting subjects have a high ONC ;__; me~~~
actually, my family thinks I might be capable of studying east asia studies... I would just have to study study study A LOT. but that's okay...I guess...
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last week was very nice :3
I helped my mom with this and that...well, mostly ironing.
also, I went walking with my mom on some evenings... so nice~~
(because the weather is so good *v*)
I also talked with Sen on the phone... wahh aitai ;-;
but my phone is so stupid... we had a lot of problems with understanding >o<
she was in Shibuya with Xiang...
actually, I tried calling Xiang's phone sooo often but it doesn't work!!
and when it's working... she can't hear me at all ;O;
anyway, the phone call was all Japanese haha didn't speak Japanese for days x_x
I need more practice~ haha
then I spent some time on the university thing. gonna apply in Bochum and Duesseldorf.
and then maybe in Dortmund, just in case that the others won't accept me ^^;
then on thursday I drove to Alisa... we slept a little and at 2.15am we had to get up...
to take the train around 4am in Marburg and we arrived around 10am in Paris zZzZzZzZ
we went to the concert hall around 2... we shouldn't have done that... wasting hours with waiting there XDD but we talked to some nice german girls ^-^
(btw. Alisa's dad was with us all the time... except at the concert lol)
the concert was really fun!!!! ^0^ I mean, I'm not a L'arc fan but I soo enjoyed it!! <33
Saturday we did a lot of sightseeing (needed to do that!! haha)
we saw Notre Dame (were inside), the Eiffel Tower, the musee d'orsay (Alisa likes the exhibitions there so we looked at the museum's shop) and the Louvre.
we went to the station where someone told us that there is some shopping opportunity...
but we were quite disappointed ;o; nothing like Shibuya or whatever... .___.
I also disliked the subway there... x_x
in the evening we took the train back... I was home around 2.30am... (I drove home from Alisa XD)
I was so tired next morning (for church) ^^;;
I didn't do much else then...
today I called Iris... aww I miss talking to other Johnnys fans XD;;
but Iris said that Xiang is okay (she called her the other day) and I've read some things that happened lately (about Shoon and all :3)
I really hope that my stupid phone will work soon .___.

now I have some pictures for you~~~

purikura, friends, nagoya, ... )
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soo... first, shonen club?
it wasn't very special... actually a lot of junios missed because they were in oosaka for dream boys xD;;
but kei-chan was there ne <3
and hmm some other... heysay7 was guest XD; and musical academy? argh dunno them very much ^^;;
oooh but you know what... we were in the second row!!!!!!!! omg!! xD
when you enter the nhk hall you get a ticket with you seats... so... we had really luck O.O hahaha
but well you had to do all the dance movings... diffcult sometimes x.x
and then, always stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down... XD
but it was interesting to see how shonen club is made... and it didn't look as professional somehow... tv is completely different...maybe XDD

tuesday i had work and before i had to buy a birthday present for denys (my hostbrother) and i visited them for soem minutes to give him the present ^^;

wednesday... i did a veeeery stupid thing XDDDDDDD
sen told me that shige would be in zoom in, which means he would be at nihon terebi in the morning... i wanted to take one of the first trains to go there and see him... means, i was teh first fan there!!! i felt so stupid... but well, after some time... other fans came too... but really i could have just come around 7.30 or so... and i saw him for maybe 5 minutes... just before 8.
awww but i was SOOO HAPPY hihihihi to see shige just before i leave japan <3
yeah and i don't mind that i didn't sleep very much in the night hahaha
i rested in school (as i was there too early ne) and later in the train... because xiang and me planned to go to chinatown...
we had all you can eat lunch... and omg we ate SOOO MUCH X_X
then we walked around and all.... (we spent almost 2 hours in the restaurant hahaha btw delicious <3)
and as we planned to go eat ramen... one last time... we had to go on the train quite long time (though we were already in yokohama... u.u)
awww i'm gonna miss that ramen shop.... and the owner XD;;;
she sooo recognized xiang and me LOL
anyway... evening... watching HOKABEN!! <333
hehe shige was good... but aya-chan also!!! poor aya... ;-;
can't wait for next episode!!
and next week i can even watch last friends finally (hehe) and onsen starts ne <3

yesterday... i had my last tiem work... i wanted to bee free in my last week in japan ne...
but there is some kind of party to which they invited me... very late... but shinjuku is very near to my home, so it's okay ^^;;

yeah... today actually we wanted to go to tokyo tower but the weather is so ugly v__v maybe not?
tomorrow xiang and me will go to nihon terebi again because there's gokusen and onsen promotion (uchi!!) XD
and i wanna meet hellen ^0^
just...we need good weather tomorrow... ^^;;

well, i have to go to harajuku now... see you <3

oh... i forgot!!
for my friends in germany.
what do you like to have as presents?? gonna buy next week ;D


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