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Hey~ I haven't updated for some time.
I always wanted to post but was so late...and I was too tired. XD
Now I have to think about the topics I wanted to write about...........

Summer dramas!! :D
Which dramas is everyone going to watch?
My list of should-watch: Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku, Joker Yurusarezaru Sosakan, GM Odore Doctor, Unubore Deka, Hotaru no Hikari 2, Moyashimon, Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo, HAMMER SESSION!
BUT.... I have no time for all of these x__x Especially with exams starting soon...
Not going to watch Joker and GM. The others are....must-watch? :O
Anyway, I've seen Moyashimon and Hammer session on keyhole already and I liked both!! <3 Or well, Moyashimon was a little....strange haha but those germs are so cute!! I wanna buy goods of them XD Hammer session was interesting. And I haven't seen Shida Mirai for a long time, because the last drams with didn't seem so interesting for me.
I also watched Hotaru no Hikari!! I only wanted to take a look at it...but then....couldn't stop ^_^;; Kinda nostalgic hahahaha and this season there's Mukai Osamu in it wahhhh~ *_*
.......and I haven't even finished the spring dramas yet ;_;

At least I finished Jotei Kaoruko!!!!
When I got the missing episodes last Sunday.... I started to watch one episode...and then I had to watch the others on Monday!!
Definitely didn't disappoint me!! :D I mean, I really love the original Jotei drama, so I had my expectation. I like Kiritani Mirei now. And wahh those scenes with Channaka haha I would have died if I had been a Channaka fan XDD
The last episode seemed a little rushed though...I didn't get some parts in there ^^;

I....haven't really talked about the end of Tumbling in here, but I talked so much with friends so...I don't know what to say. Apart from: I MISS THAT DRAMA ALREADY! T-T

From dramas to music.... I've been listening to JUMP NO.1 the whole week XD Also to Arashi's single and Koda Kumi's single of course. :DDD
I love Lollipop, it's so catchy~ And to be free PV is beautiful *0* but but but....Hey!Say!JUMP album ♥♥ We had to wait for it long enough, right? (And I'm watching all those HSJ promotions..........)

The new show started last week, tomorrow today is the next episode....with a lot of Seto, I hope <3
And their room in Ameba Pigg is nice!! So much promotion :DDD
Btw. my friend got the chaku uta of the Last Game theme song and recorded it for me!! It's only 14 seconds though ^^;; but maybe you're interested. Seto and Channaka wrote the lyrics ^0^ MF here
(Lyrics: 届けたい想い 伝えたい気持ちを 手のひらに包まれた勇気だけを 溢れ出す想い 信じてた言葉を いつまでも あの空に届けて)

Oh, this entry is all fandom so far, sorry~ ^^;;;
This week my little brother and sister (the twins) were here! They already have summer vacation ;D Was a nice time with them <3 But I was in university most of the days so I couldn't do thaaaat much with them ^^;
Last Saturday I went shopping with them :D And when we went home it started raining so much, with thunderstorm and all. I'm glad we went home when it started (I was completely wet though XD) and not much later because I heard that the tram/bus had to stop for some time and whatever. We had a little water in our cellar >_< but nothing more.
So, next week my exams will start. I should STUDY!!!! But I'm lazy as always. I still haven't finished the translation I wanted to type two weeks ago T-T sorry girls~ *looks over to Leti, Kao & Misa*
Waahh this entry is long enough. Gonna end now. Tomorrow we'll have a baptism at church *looking forward to it* :D

Btw. for everyone who likes Kawashima Umika. I added her scans to my JUNON post because someone requested them ;D
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Tomorrow, the last episode of Tumbling will air.... I don't wanna part T_T
I remember when I counted down the weeks/days until Tumbling started. And now it's already over.
Buuuut there are still a lot of things to translate, so it's not really "the end".
And then, the stage play.....can't wait! Daito as a teacher *~* (I hope he'll recover and can leave the hospital soon!! Dana and me wrote a letter to him :D)
Don't have the tickets yet, though.
I do have tickets for D-Stage on September 4th!!!! Thanks to Jolli <3
...I also wanna go to that Kamen Rider W stage show XD;;
And Nishino Kana concert!!!!! OMG did you listen to her new album? I'm listening to it all the time (since Tuesday XD). I looove it <3

Chrissi and me sent in all the documents to Waseda on Monday. My tuition fees are also transferred. Flight is payed. Now my bank account is soooooo empty T____T

Everyone in twitter is talking about World Cup.... so I somehow got into the mood for it as well ^^; All the teams I'm cheering for made it so far~ :D
And I even watched the soccer game on Wednesday!! lol Because we watched it with my small group and some others from church (we got invited <3). We were watching it in their garden and had barbecue :D

Now a meme ^_^

from [ profile] x_hikki_x

-Leave a comment saying "SHAKE IT UP!".
-I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity .
-Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
-Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

The last two step are of course optional :)

questions and answers :D )

I hope I'll finish the next translation soon!!!
And for those who aren't a member of the Tumbling community, I uploaded the soundtrack... if you wanna have it, I can just share the link with you ;D
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I haven't updated for weeks... kinda since university started?
I'm sorry~~~ (for what?)
Anyway, I guess, since I'm using twitter so much...I kinda forget to update here?
Not forget, but I don't feel like writing so much? xD
What shall I write about?

There's not much happening since uni started...
I had nice weekends (like Dana's birthday party, trip to the zoo, karaoke with Chrissi :D)

I'm watching too many dramas. So let's talk about that~♪
Sunao ni narenakute - it's nice!! I like Ueno Juri and Eita together :D (and also Haru and Nakaji ;D) I like Piichi and Rinda XD and Doctor is quite cute ^w^ it's always uploaded so fast, so I can watch it on Thursday night usually!! and then I can talk about that with Chrissi at uni on the next day =3
Shinzanmono - it's not too exciting...but I like it. well, I like Kuroki Meisa :P and Mizobata Junpei is cute hehe and Mukai Osamu seems to be appearing finally more~ looking forward to watch episode 4 ^^ (and...Japanese's not fair that they are eating them all them time ToT lol)
Yankee-kun to Megane.chan - only watched first episode yet. it was really funny!! XD but I might drop it, coz I'm watching too much already XD
Jotei Kaoruko - finally saw first episode!! it reminds of Jotei in some parts....but it's different, of course... I wanna see the next episode and then I'll decide whether to continue or not (but I like hostess dramas.....hahaha)
Kaibutsu-kun - it's SOO FUNNY!! uso saikou, okane saikou, waruguchi saikou.... ;DD you can't really take anyone serious in this drama though XP
Troublemen - still have to watch the next episodes, but it was really......interesting? lol

TUMBLING - IT'S LOVELOVELOVELOVE!!!♡ look at my twitter, it's full of tumbling talk :P
Kouji is really great *_* and I fell in love with Miura Shohei and Daito Shunsuke.... actually really bad since I have to support Kouji!! >_< Everyone else is great as well!! And it's so funny that...until now... there was more fighting than rhythmic gymnastic performances XDD but WHEN they are performing, it looks so beautiful!! You can really see their hard work♪
I can recommend this drama to everyone (well, rather, I'm trying to promote it as much as I can XP) :D
It's funny and touching and beautiful and it has a lot of ikemen ;D
...I hope episode 4 will be uploaded soon!!! I only saw it on keyhole... :/

So, that was fandom.
Too tired to add much more.... but today, I sent in the application for Waseda!!!
Last week we (Chrissi and me ;D) did the online registration and transferred the screening fee. Today (the applying period is only this week) I sent in the application... and it was around 60€ for express mail (it has to be express mail).... T_T I spent so much money on the application already.... I really really hope that they will take me... us.... please pray for it, okay?

I should be doing a lot more studying for uni...but I guess I'm still not fully out of vacation or so. It's baaaad~ but since application is done now, there's no excuse for me anymore!! XD;;

Two little things from twitter I want to share :D

【うちわ筋】(名詞) うちわを持つときに使う筋肉。コンサート時期に発達する。
"uchiwa muscle" (noun) The muscle that you use when you're holding a uchiwa. It develops at concerts.
-> When I read the tweet I was laughing so much XDD

Because Shintan joined the gymnastic club at middle school, Yabu said something like "Isn't that Tumbling".
-> That's what my friend told me about the MC from Hey!Say!JUMP concert in Yokohama. Tumbling seems to be popular, YEY!! :D

I should be sleeping right now~ but I'll post another entry~
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Now I finished Bloody Monday........ somehow I'm sad. I was always looking forward to watch an episode every week ;_; well, I only have to wait for April until new dramas start (TUMBLING *0*) and I should finish the ones form this season first!! haha
don't read if you haven't finished BM2 yet XD )
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I just watched Bloody Monday episode 8!!! Ahh~!! Next week will be last episode already.....I don't want it to end T__T I hope it'll be longer than 45 minutes!! xD
...I feel bad now for suspecting a person who wasn't related to the terrorists... though I still don't get how that person got to that place °_°;;
But uh, I don't wanna spoiler anyone ^^;;;

Apart from that, today was church :D After that I was at Dana's and tried to help her with studying....XD"
Yesterday was a wedding at our church <3 Really really nice~ ^0^

Did anyone watch the little preview of Tumbling?
Awww I can't wait to watch the drama now :D
Koji ♥ Tomo ♥
All of them did their exercise so synchronously!!
Of course I also enjoyed the preview of Kaibutsu-kun! It looks like fun :3

I still have 1 1/2 week of my prep course left....
I should do some other things for uni, too......
And I have to watch more dramas!! (I didn't have much time this week, somehow.)
But translating interviews is fun, too =D
I wanted to post another interview, but I still have to re-read it again ^^;;
I hope I can post it on Tuesday...
Because tomorrow Chrissi and me will go to karaoke <333

This weekend, it was a little warmer than before...I think.
I don't have anything against winter.... but I'm looking forward to spring ^-^

Good luck at abitur exams this week, Alisa!!!!!!! ♥
And everyone else who has to write them now.....
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Hiii~ :D
Last week was so niiiice~ <3
After all the exams...I was just watching dramas all day XD (not really)
Up to date with the winter dramas I'm watching (except Tokujo Kabachi!! Have to watch it in the next days.) and I also watched Scrap Teacher xD and some other episodes with Daiki

I met with Lisa on Thursday afternoon and we had a nice talk in a café. :D
Good luck with your summer plans <3
Well, of course I also met Dana in choir lesson and at muv (our youth group at church ;D).

This weekend I went home to my family (still there, but gonna take the train soon).
My brother wanted to watch Kamen Rider Den-o all the time @.@
But I wanted to watch/do other things, too~~~ u.u hahaha
Nee, anyone watched the newest episodes of Hidarime or Bloody Monday and wanna talk with me about it? T_T
Ahh, today I finally watched D-Stage Vol.3 Karasu 10 (with Koji <3).
It was really cool!! <3 My brothers also watched it partly...but they didn't understand much (well, that's normal right? even if it had English subs....... still they like watching dramas with me |D).
...I really don't have to tell much. Nothing happening here XD;;
I translated another interview!! Gonna post tonight or so. :D
I guess, that's a good exercise!!
Chrissi and me think about subbing Rinne no Ame. No one seems to sub it.... right? =O
Though we don't know how to sub, but translating comes first anyway ;D

I love the new Arashi PV <333333
I still have to watch the making of.... though, I was really confused, because it was never said that there is a making of. But it's on the DVD, too, right? *happy*
So many new songs.... I wanna sing karaoke T-T but there won't be any new songs here, so why spend money again...... u.u

Okay, have to go now~
Awww the sun is shining right now, it's nice~ after all the storm and rain yesterday/last night xD;;
Tomorrow I'll be in Düsseldorf and meet Chrissi and Jolli :3
And on Wednesday, my rep course at uni will start.... fortunately it's not everyday :D

So, uhm, I wish everyone a nice week!! =D
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Ahhh I was way too lazy today D:
But after so many exams I somehow don't feel like studying anymore? haha not good at all xD;;
Now it's only 2 exams left, both statistics..... but we can use a formulary which makes me feel kinda safe?....

I already wrote 5 Japanese exams~
The first two were very easy ^^b
Then it was Classical Japanese. I don't have to take that course so it actually doesn't matter whether I pass... but it wasn't as bad as I expected. (We had to analyze some poems and write about the grammar and stylistic uses.)
Next was East Asian economics and I think that it was okay. :3
(Actually this exam should have been written one week earlier but the trams around here were striking so...there was no way to go to uni for a lot of students xD)
The last two Japanese exams were...more difficult ;_; I want my good mark~~~ haha well, let's see ^^;

Apart from that, Chrissi and me got some more information about Waseda/DAAD (thanks to a nice girl!).
We still have one month to finish everything (application and such)... :D

I didn't have much time to watch dramas~ because studying comes first.
Though....internet is distracting me all the time anyways -.-
Of course I watched Bloody Monday!! Can't wait for next episodes ;P
The others...have to wait a little.... ^-^;;
And there are still 3 DVDs here to watch... Tegomass concert, D-Stage and The Game (DVD of Amuse/with Miura Haruma & Sato Takeru).
But after Friday...I'm allowed to watch them~~~~ =DDD

As you might have seen, I translated an interview.
I don't think most people know Tomo though. He's the best friend of Koji ;D
It took me so much time to translate because I practiced for my exam :/
I think, the next time it'll be easier because I'll translate it more freely ^^
I actually started with Koji's interview already

Yesterday afternoon Chrissi and me met with a Japanese exchange student form our uni...who went home today.
It was really fun <3 (though I had some problems to get there...stupid tram and trains -_-)
And she said she'll introduce us to the girl who'll come to our uni soon (as exchange student).
Looking forward to speaking more Japanese!! I really need that... v.v

Ohh...can someone help me?
I still haven't pre-ordered any calendars.... I can't decide between News or Kanjani8 calendar.... I want both~~~~ but I also want D-Boys calendar.... I guess I can be glad that there's no Arashi calendar XD;;; but I still have to decide!! ^-^; it's late... I'll watch something, go to bed, and study more tomorrow!!! XD

For those who have exams, too, good luck ne~~! ^0^
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Awww so now I had finally internet at home!! For 2 days!! <3
But it's too expensive, so 2 days is enough. (Though my father is paying it...)
It's just internet usb stick ^^;;
I....didn't really comment on entries though D: sorry. Will do so soon ^^;
Was talking on msn and I missed it T__T
Especially because I was so busy with the assignment before I "lost" my I didn't use msn a lot.

Anyway, the last days I watched a lot of dramas XDD
Not as much as I intended to watch because I still had to do this and that for uni xD
I watched several episodes of DD-Boys and Ninkyo Helper <3
And since I downloaded the new episodes so far...I'm also quite up to date with the new dramas =D
Anyone watching ROMES?
I don't like it very much *sigh* but I have to watch it, because it's Yasu's first real drama!!!
I really like Samurai High School, Tokyo Dogs and My Girl though :DDD
There's still no Otomen~Aki~ ;__; and Bocho Mania is only in hq which I can't watch... :/

Then...NEWS DVD <3
but I haven't seen much yet...waiting for the DVD arrive....well, I only watched the PVs XD
Shige's PV is so COOL!!! *___* love love love it <3
Kanjani8 single is good, too!! :D

hahaha I have nothing more interesting to say?
Didn't do much else...
On Thursday, a friend from uni visited me ^-^

And this morning I was at a funeral in my church. Because the choir sang.
Doesn't really fit to the rest of the entry but... it's not someone close to me, just someone from my church. I think he was a great person and there were sooo many people attending the funeral service!! He was sick for some years and...finally he is not in pain anymore... but of course it's sad for the family and everyone. I hope that God will give them all the strength they need now.
But when our pastor said so much about this person (they were really close friends) I thought that this person achieved a lot in his life and he lived a fulfilled life.
I want that too.
Yosh, ganbarimasu!!

Tomorrow it's Lisa's birthday party :D looking forward to it ^0^ some internet will be gone.
I should have normal internet again on Monday...if the person who'll come here is able to make it working again...
see you then ;DD
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I guess...I have holidays now!!! YAY!! least I don't have lectures for now.
There's an exam in the end of August and I have to write an assignment... but right now I can relax <333
Last weeks were so buuuusyyyy. Studying and especially reading so much X_X
I hope my exams were okay... especially my Japanese exam today... since I didn't have much time to study for it (because of the other exams :/). I want a good mark~~ haha

So, I'm very sorry that I haven't commented much lately... I'm reading though!!

I wasn't online that much... but I tried to be up to date with new dramas hehehehe
I quite like Buzzer Beat... because of Kitagawa Keiko's character maybe? And love story that started... hahaha though I didn't intend to watch it XD
I also watched Karei naru spy... SO FUNNY!!! Already fell in love with it?
And this evening I also saw Orthros no inu... interesting~~! ^^
Hmm...I also started watching Haikei Chichiue-sama the other day... I hope I can finish it soon. I like it~ <3 (might be biased with that xD)

Today my father, my sis and her boyfriend came here, because she's gonna move in soon, they already brought some of her things. Now my room is...crowded... and it'll be more crowded sooner or later xD
And I also got the books 'strangers on a train' today... the book for Nino's butai. ^_^

Hmm I dunno what to tell about the last days... didn't happen anything interesting anyway XD
I should be going to bed now, otherwise I'll be tired in church ;D
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Ahh I wanna write an entry before the next busy week starts~
Last week I was busy with reading the texts for my exam (and I'm not sure if it was good... the questions were difficult T.T) next 2-3 weeks I'll be busy too ^-^;; sorry if I can't comment on entries so much m(_ _)m

This weekend I was home <33
Because my sister will move here in some weeks, she had a farewell party at home ^0^ (on Friday evening)
Mostly her classmates were there who I don't know... but also Regina and Sarah ♡♡
On Saturday and today I mostly just relaxed ^~^;;
(though I should have done some studying.... :/)

hmm, I watched the end of Smile last weekend or so... I cried so much T_T
and I also watched Majo Saiban (I started watching unsubbed lol since there aren't other dramas to watch anymore XD)
and on my train ride I watched some older arashi tv shows ♪
Maybe I shouldn't start with the new dramas before my exams are over...? hahaha
won't be able to wait anyway

Ohh this week in church!
With choir we had barbecue ^0^ and with the youth group we played kind of children's birthday party!! with all those children games!!
At first...I didn't really like the idea of playing all those games (kinda embarrassing ><) but in the end it was sooo much fun☆

I'm spending so much time on mixi XD
I was trying to do a japanese meme... I'll post it the next time... =D
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yesterday... i didn't do very much apart from reading things for uni (north korea) and then talking on msn and watching bloody monday (subbed) ^-^;;

but today, my family came here~
so my mom, my sis eva and me went shopping hehehe and i bought too much today T-T
should have rather bought some johnnys stuff u__u
i found so many cute things hahaha but most of it was cheap ne ;3
i even bought things for summer LOL because it was soooo cheap XDD
so, now my little brother & sister are staying here... the twins (10 years old) and the others went home again.
they stayed in my room until dinner, after dinner we watched gokusen 3 (yay! finally finished it!! haha)
but chrissi called me so i had to stop... my little brother didn't like to wait and left (upstairs to my grandparents. only my sis gonna sleep in my room, too)
now my little sis is finally asleep ;D

tomorrow i have to buy something for my brother... maybe go ice-skating with my sis...
of course i wanna watch johnnys countdown!! *0*
i wish i could go there again!
hope i'll be able to do that all haha

happy meme

Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:05 am
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what made me happy today ~ day 4
-church <33 nice service and all =3
-staying a little time upstairs with my grandparents ^-^
-watching bloody monday 5+6 (well dunno if the drama really makes me happy ne LOL)
-talking on the phone with alisa for too long XDDDD

i'm going home tomorrow, just some days. <3

happy meme

Dec. 20th, 2008 10:41 pm
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what made me happy today - part 3:
-my room isn't messy anymore...yay!! finally had time and power to clean XDD
-i watched a dvd of the christmas concert from my choir (of my church in tokyo) from last year together with my grandma <3
-watched bloody monday and at least fujimaru-kun is alive XD though i didn't like the end as much as ryusei no kizuna's end... maybe because i didn't understand as much... i still have a lot of questions.. i want a sequel!! XD
-talking on msn without thinking "i have to study now!!"
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but I have to do the happy meme, right!

day 2: so what made me happy today?
-surprising Chrissi with her Christmas present... she was really surprised... and happy, I think. it was a Christmas card with Rain and KAT-TUN posters~ ^-^
-last day of school for this year ^^
-I finally have all Christmas presents, I guess. but I need to send 2 cards tomorrow (=today haha)
-watching Ryusei no Kizuna 8 & 9 (subbed) and 10... OMG!!! the end was so CUTE ♥ it was a shock to see who was the murderer though.... and I was a little scared of Koichi up there on the rooftop, but everything went well =3 I really enjoyed this drama~ ^0^

hey, I cut my hair today... a little. Nino also cut his hair this (?) week - funny coincidence XD
and I can't wait for the last episode of Bloody Monday now... I hope I'll like the end of it. but it won't be as nice as the end of Ryusei no Kizuna, I guess. too many people died already :/
anyway, I need to sleep now! ;3
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hey minna! =3
sorry I didn't write for more than one week... haha busy XD"

but now it's almost holiday!! <3 (what holidays? I need to learn learn and learn! o__o haha)
last week i had to read sooo much for the Korean politics test... it was multiple choice but still! I was so glad to finish all the textes one day before the test haha and actually I thought the test was so bad D: I had to guess several time (though sometimes I didn't have to read the question fully to know the answer XD). our teacher already corrected them and put our marks I wrote a B (2,0)!!! I really didn't expect that but I'm really glad!! next year I'll write the second test in that subject. have to read even more =O but it's Korea so it's, of course, more interesting than economics XDDD

then, last weekend I went home... first time after 2 months, I think.
before on Friday... there was the OAW-party (for the east asia studies students = those who study Chinese, Korean or Japanese) was sooo boring :/ Chrissi and me went there quite early... they had sushi <3 but the music wasn't very asian and I really had hoped that!! ;0; they song of Arashi, Koda, Ayu and Mucc (Chrissi recognized the last one... I couldn't have done that XD) and that's all I heard... in 2-3 hours... not even Korean or Chinese! and we have several Chinese students.... Chrissi and me just sat there and were bored hahaha and I was thinking that I'd rather be at home watching Ryusei no Kizuna XD""" well, as soon as I was home I watched it (veeery late ^^°)
it was nice being at home. I had to help my sister prepare her boyfriend's present ^0^ and well, be together with my family ne~
you remember there was the girl and baby at our home, maybe? she's still there (Malte baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ♥♥) they'll leave next week. finally, I'd say. because they were just supposed to stay there for up to 3 months... now it was almost 5 months! ^-^;;
going to church on Sunday was nice too. seeing everyone again =3 (and everyone asked how i liked university so far and such)
Sunday was also my father's birthday...the actual reason why I came home. ^_^

Sunday evening I went back.. ahh, I was waiting for the new Bloody Monday episode the whole day... but it wasn't there until Sunday evening LOL anyway, watched it of course!! OMG I didn't expect THAT person to be K!!! why did they make us believe something different?! and the sensei... which side? and Fujimaru-kun's father?? and... ahhh I just don't want anyone more to die T__T last episode on Saturday.....
tomorrow is last episode of Ryusei no Kizuna... we'll know then who is the murderer!!!
after that I wanna read that book <3 I'm gonna learn a loooot of kanji (but I wanted to do that anyway XD) and I hope I'll be able to read a little.

Today I was finally able to write Christmas card to some people in Asia... it'll be TOO LATE but I had no time :/ had to do those homeworks this week... finished today (with that online homework for one course) so yay, tomorrow will be quite easy~ <3
then... I have to go and buy my last Christmas presents!! ^-^;;;

oh, on Tuesday Chrissi and me went to Duesseldorf <3333
I bought to much... ;-;
nikkei entertainment.. because of Nino ♥ but it also has a loooot of rankings of 2008 and I love rankings... =D
orisuta... finally!! since oricon style changed I wasn't able to buy it ^-^;
present for Alisa <3
some food... Japanese sweets, as usually (I mean, with red beans and such ;D)
and we took purikura... have to scan that soon ^_^

okay, gonna end with that happy meme.
wasn't tagged but...everyone is doing it XD

Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail and then tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

So, today I'm happy about having finished the last homework before holidays. And I had fun with Chrissi, especially in the library, looking at Japanese books ;D
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hi everyone... need to tell you about JLPT and such.
yesterday...i was too exhausted that i forgot i wanted to post ^^;;
so yesterday i took the JLPT in duesseldorf... and i think it was quite okay. despite not having learned a lot the week before because i had to read sooo much for my class about korean politics x__x (i still have ^^°) so yeah... i just learned a lot on saturday... (i had uni in the morning too, just for the special class)
i was really afraid before... but now i hope i have managed to achieve 60%+ ...which i won't know until end of march ^-^;
though i actually had to learn... i still couldn't resist to watch ryusei no kizuna 7+8 and bloody monday 9 XD" (bad girl...or rather fangirl)
but i mean... i have to do sth else apart form being in university and studying...right?
i already realize that i didn't have a weekend (=free day)... i'm soo tired. and there's so much to read/learn. and well, doing the normal homework, i don't have to mention ne ^^;
but on friday i'll write the test in korean politics and after that i can rest a little~~ =3

about drama again... because i didn't have time to watch other fandom things ^^;; anyone who likes nino x mika? LOL it's always so funny to see them in ryusei no kizuna XD and i'm always sad when she doesn't appear in the episode... :/ hahahaha
and bloody monday... i think the newest episode was kinda strange... it had something happy-end-like (for a short time)... i guess the episode before was kinda a climax? and it's just one episode left right? i wonder what will happen. there are so many things we still don't know. about j and k (who is k? =O well i have an idea but i can't tell ne) and fujimaru-kun's father and... a lot. XD"
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again it's so laaate... haha.
it's like...6 days left until JLPT!!
i wanted to study sooo much more... but in the end i'm to easily distracted D:
well... i just hope for 60%, then i'm safe XD"

friday i watched ryusei no kizuna 6 (subbed) and 7. it's getting more and more exciting and complicated and all. and supposed to have 11 episodes...YAY! now i'm quite happy that i became such a nino fan XD
yesterday i watched bloody monday 8... omg... it was so cruel T__T and the end is so unfair ;___; and i don't wanna spoil it to you ne... ^-^;;

today church was nice ^_^ my grandmother came, too! i'm really glad. =3
what shall i tell you about last week? just university... in the evening i'm always tired... haha then there was choir and a meeting in church :3 and trying to study and do the homework...
i really don't like "quantitative methoden der bwl" and well, microeconomics isn't that much better... at least when i'm trying to solve those exercises x__x but ganbarimasu! i usually get it done a little at least XD"

i really like kat-tun's new song... beautiful <3
i also started to listen to other christmas songs hahaha =D

i need to start thinking about christmas presents... lol

good night ^_^
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good evening... well it's already night here LOL

this week was busy as usual XD
on tuesday we had a meeting with other students who study japanese... and there some japanese people, too :3
yay for speaking japanese <3 the girl we talked to was really nice hehe but she didn't like johnnys very much D: but other jpop... hope she'll send a mail to me sometime...or a message on mixi. ^^
on wednesday i went to the small group at lena's home. we were just 5 it was really nice <33
friday evening i went to the theater with chrissi... it was funny (a comedy of romeo and juliet...don't wanna write more about it...*tired* XD)
when i came home... i watched bloody monday 3, ryusei no kizuna 5 & 6 XDDD so i slept veeery late.
after studying a lot (i think so XD) on saturday afternoon i watched bloody monday 4-6 XD it's like...i couldn't stop!
buuuut...i need someone to talk to about those two dramas... someone who also watches without subs XD"" please...tell me if you do!!
i wanted to write some more fangirly things now... but too tired haha (next time i'll post earlier XD") but nino is always so cute ♥ and i also like miura haruma ♥ and...the other guy in bloody monday...kirishima-san? ;3
aaaaand...i'm so in love with the NEWS album ♥♥♥ i love smile maker, みんながいる世界をひとつに愛をもっとGive & Takeしましょ, fly again and of course koyashige's ムラリスト ♥ so many genki-songs ^0^

okay...need to sleep now. my parents & grandparents want me to sleep longer than 5h ^-^;; but i have no tiiime and i need to study or watch drama deshou XD

ahh yabai, i almost forgot. i went to church tonight... it was for youth/young adults. nice <33333
but all reminds me of my church in tokyo. i miss it soooooooooo much!! i wanna go to tbc again T__T
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so...i spent the whole afternoon online now... bad thing, i didn't study at all yet.
okay, but there were a lot of things to do after being offline for more than a month~
anyway... i dunno what to tell you about university...

japanese lessons are quite boring and chrissi and me talk in japanese with each other more than we speak in lessons...or so. i mean...why do they teach in almost only german? ;_;
actually yesterday we went to japanese class of semester 3... and we understood everything XDDD
we just miss the kanjis that they already know but...we had no problems to follow the conversations/exercises hahahaha.

economics classes are more difficult. and we have tutorial classes (2 are weekly, 2 are every second week) and have to do the assignments and i have those 4 books i should read (i already started with all of them, of course...but not very far yet)
the homework for easy XD and we don't have to hand it in o__o;; they'll put the solutions online so that we can correct by ourselves. (of course we always get the homework online too. ahh so bad without internet :/ so i had to rely on chrissi or use the library ne)
usually i leave the house when it's dark and come home when it's dark.
at least i watch ipod sometimes on the train :3

and this week i watched ryusei no kizuna 1-3 thanks to my alisa <33
(and i was very tired the next days... who cares XD)
i also went to church here... nice church!! reminds me a little bit of tbc... and i prefer it over my home church i guess. more lively and such. i also started to sing in the choir there :D

hm what else? maybe you can just ask me?
and i didn't read a lot of your entries in the past weeks... i'm very sorry!!! m(_ _)m
please tell me anything important about you or...give me links to your entries that i should read..... if there's anything i should know. (i think you don't have time for that though, sorry~)

so yesterday... chrissi and me went to the jrock party. not because of the jrock of course.
i guess we were quite the only ones who came just because of the jpop XDDD
but it was soooo much fun!!!!
at first...when we entered the room -> news with taiyou no namida LOL
and we had the room almost for ourselves...hahaha... nice nice XD
sometimes the vk fans came too (do you say 'visu' in english? no?? what do you use??)
but more to sit down... than to dance or such.
(btw after some time chrissi and me always danced to the songs we liked/knew... and some other songs too... and we sang too LOL)
ohh we could also wish for songs/artist...hehehehehe :3
when they played kanjani8's it's my funny, i danced a little of their dance... embarrassing >//< hahaha but i think most of the others didn't like that song... XD""
i also guess that most people who came there to sit down (i guess it's not as loud as the jrock area so it's better for talks?) didn't know all those songs...
but later there were almost too many vk fans...and too many people who smoked... (before there was no one smoking - so niiiice =DD) and hmm... it seemed that maybe some didn't like the jpop?
chrissi and me thought that they shouldn't come to the jpop area then... but well.
you know... i asked if they had hey!say!jump/7... just for fun... and they did LOL!!!
when chrissi and me danced to hey!say! we had to laugh so much.. those vk fans surely didn't want to know who they were listening to, ne XDDDD
later the other girl who posted about that in je germany came... but too late, because we had to leave soon after :/
chrissi and me were so surprised to see someone else sing and dance to a johnnys song.. didn't happen the whole evening...i think.
but i wonder... because there were a lot of requests written on that request paper... there must have been people who liked jpop... but they weren't obvious... ^^;;
anyway... i was home late because of my train/bus connections.. but i wanted to stay longer... can't wait for something like that again =DD

now i have some purikuras from last month... couldn't scan/upload yet...
look here )
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anyway, no time now XD
i'm at university and have to leave in 5 min or so because chrissi will be waiting~
well, i have my apartment since last weekend and i was staying there from last...wednesday onwards.
it's a lot better to be alone... for learning (and for fandom it would be too, but i'm too tired in the evening and i have to learn ne...)
so i'm genki (i think xD) and i miss you all because aahhhh i still have no internet!!!!!!!!!!
it's so bad!!!!!
at least chrissi downloads some things for me (kanjani8 single is great <3) (arashi single will be great too, i hope XD)
and i get a newsletter form alisa quite often (to my cellphone) and we phone a lot XD so i'm at least a little up to date (with...arashi only u.u) i didn't tell you that i watched ryusei no kizuna + bloody monday ep 1 yet...hahah already some weeks ago XD and i really wanna watch the next episodes!!!!!!
okay have to go


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