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Merry Christmas to you all!!
We're celebrating Christ's birth!!! :D
I hope that you're having blessed holidays with your loved ones, too!!
I love you ♥

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Hi everyone \(^o^)/
How are you? Germany is getting cold these days... I want summer back lol

I finally decided about what I could write my bachelor thesis and I want to start reading for it... but I'm not doing anything orz
Instead I've been watching dramas so much, recently. I already love Sugarless!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Apart from that I was a little busy with school some time ago, because I took over some other teacher's class for 2 weeks and I did private lessons every evening for one week. But now I'm more free again because I only have 'my' class twice a week and that's all. I wanna teach more though... But I should finish the bachelor thesis first, I guess.

I had a great birthday week and got so many messages and some presents from far away. I felt so happy. I'm truely blessed to have so wonderful friends!! Thank you so much!!!♥♥♥

I started to help with the kids program at church every Friday afternoon, because the kids program in summer holidays was so much fun, and I'm already so in love with some of the kids (o^^o)

That's all for now. I should work on translations!! And also I could scan something but my scanner is always so stupid so...yeah (´Д` ) Maybe when I get new bromides♪

God bless you♡

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Hi~~~ ワ━ヾ( o・∀)ノ゙ヾ(o・∀・o)ノ゙ヾ(∀・o )ノ゙━イ!!
How's everyone?

I wanted to write an entry some days ago but now I can't remember what I wanted to talk about....꒰。・ω・`;꒱*:・lol
I have summer vacations now!!!! haha Just not really. I still have two exams this month and then I have to start preparing for my thesis. I actually wanted to graduate asap but I have to wait until I have passed that one exam (on the 30th) and no idea when it'll be announced. So I decided to take my time and use the next semester for the thesis (╹◡╹๑)♫♬
So I guess I finally started working at the language school. (For those who don't know about it yet: It's a German language school for Japanese.) I got my own student (for private lessons) already (〃≧◡≦〃) Now I'm waiting to get my own class as well!! But private lessons are fun, too!! (Btw. most of the students there are housewives who come to Germany because of their husbands work ^^)
Then, two weeks ago, I took JLPT N1 lol Let's see if I passed it~~ not very sure hahaha
Three weeks ago Yurie came and visited me!!! So nice to see a friend from Tokyo (๑o̴̶̷̥᷅﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅๑) We did a lot of tourism program hehehe
In August Moe will visit me as well!! (>。< )≡( >。<)♡♥* Actually Yurie was travelling through Europe, but Moe will come to Germany just to see me!! I love her so much!!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ
Apart from that, our church does a holiday program for kids every afternoon (weekdays) and I'll try to help there too (ෆ•ꇴ•ෆ)
So I guess that will be my summer (๑´▿`๑)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧

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Good morning!!!!!!
I'm one day late, but I was out all day yesterday ;) It was a really great Sunday!! :D


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
(John 3, 16)

I really whish that you had/still have some blessed days!!
I love you & I'm praying for you :)

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Last day of year 2011 キタ━━━━━━━━━━゚*。゚*。(´・ω・`)。*゚。*゚━━━━━━━━

And while my whole timeline is talking about Kouhamu, my computer is still not working so I'm bored like the past days. So here I use the time to write an entry ;)

This year was really awesome. There were many things of course that made me cry, there were some...bad days... and there was 3/11 but in the end I felt God's blessing all the time and he never let me be alone even when I definitely deserved it.
I'm so thankful to all the great friends I made in Japan (or around the world). My TBC family, friends from university, friends I met at events, friends who were at my side when I needed them, friends who prayed for me and supported ne. And if course my family. I'm totally not worth to be loved so much. But I'm trying my best to give back everything with my love, with prayer, with just anything I can do.

I'm praying that next year I will continue to walk close with God and become even closer to him and that God will use me for his plan. As well as I want to be a good friend to all of you who need me. I want to love unconditionally.

Last but not least I'm thankful to all D-BOYS and D2 who I was able to meet so often, who made me enjoy many events, who made me get to know awesome friends. I want to support them in 2012 as well.

来年も(●´Д`●)φ_∃ □ =ノ 勹♪

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All you awesome people out there!!
I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I wish that God will bless you especially in these days when we're celebrating the birth of his son! God so loved the world that he sent his son!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!♡

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Haven't posted for quite some time... except fandom-related stuff ^^;;

This week I was so buy with that stupid report. I'm so happy when we (3 person group) will finish it tomorrow evening!!!
The problem is once that there's not much literature about yen carry trade, and then it's something that can't be proofed 100%. You can actually only guess that people did carry trade... and we have to say that the yen did (not) appreciate because of it (and why). I hope that our conclusion isn't completely wrong ;__;
It was interesting though to read about it. Sometimes lol

Apart from that I had a really good time recently.
Meeting with friends sometimes, celebrating D☆DATE's anniversary with Jenny and Carina, going to karaoke with them, talk with friends at university...
In church we had something like a Christmas concert last Sunday... but too bad I can't really invite friends cause everyone's living a little far away from here.... :/
I'm glad to be with my church here......but sometimes I think there's something missing. Maybe because I'm always comparing it to TBC. But I've never encountered a church like TBC, so of course I'm missing it... especially the youth..... I miss this kind of deep input like we had in our small group. I want something to have impact on me. (btw. some days ago I found a video of our summer camp in Ishinomaki...)
I'm sure that God also wants to use me here, in Germany, but I don't know how. I don't really know people in this city anyway.
I wish God would show me what to do. But then, I think I don't give him enough time where I am silent and he can speak to start with.... I need to work on my prayer time.....

Today my family came here again. Visiting my grandparents ;)
My grandfather is in the hospital again. I really hope that this time he'll get better finally.
The little baby boy that my mother took care of went to a family now, where he will stay forever, together with his little brother (I think). So now my mother can rest more, I'm glad!!
And maybe next weekend I can finally go home again to pick up my long wanted iPhone? :D

Why are there so many people I want to meet but can't?
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Yesterday I finally wrote down what I did in Japan this year XD I'm such a fail at writing lj entries in Japan regularly D:
Anyway, since I came back to Germany, I didn't do much...
I went to church. Met two of my best friends from school, Sarah and Regina, there :D And also some other people I know for a long time =D
I also met with Alisa shortly after I came here.
I did a lot of ironing... and helped here and there at home. Especially since we got two foster children two weeks ago... too many kids at home =.= hahahaha
I wish I had done more with my sister... but we have like nothing in common... v__v
Oh, I also went to my grandparents' on one day, so I even saw them again <3
(I wanted to say hi to Dana, too, but no time D:)

Now... tomorrow morning is Chrissi's and my flight.
My family is still completely against it and I don't like leaving that way...
My sister is also angry with me since yesterday though I dunno what the problem is :/
I'm so happy to go back because I feel that's where I belong (right now... until September, that is) but... I don't like being told "Who knows if you'll be able to come back..." -.-

Thanks to everyone who actually is supporting me ;_;
And for those who are worrying about me..... ;___;
I really feel sorry for making so many people worry about me.... but I'm also trusting God.
He knows what he's doing.

This time it's really a strange feeling going to Japan....
I wanna be all "YAAAYYYY FINALLYYYYY" but somehow I can't.....

Love you all (^~^)
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Tomorrow it's finally the day of my flight <3

So, in the last days I said good bye to a lot of people~

I went to see my family for 3 days last week.
The three kids are still staying there. I didn't write it on here yet, but told several persons already... Anyway, my mum is quite exhausted since 6 kids are...a lot ~_~ She needs a lot of strength!! I hope that the kids don't have to stay too long but it seems that they won't be able/allowed to go back to their parents (who separated) but there have to be new families (?) found for them... poor kids :/
Somehow it's strange because when I went to Japan in 2007, they all saw me off at the airport and this time... I already said good bye to them ^^;;

On Friday afternoon Sophie, Lisa and Dana visited me♥ and we ate Okonomiyaki♥
On Sunday was my last time at church, so I also said good bye to everyone there. They also prayed for me♥
Monday I went to pick up my visa in Düsseldorf and later met Chrissi :D
She's staying over here now because she already moved out from her apartment and had to pick up her visa, too, ne~
Today I went to meet Dana for a last time...
So now I'll only see my sister, grandparents and Lissy...

This week I started to watch Natsuniji finally and watched all six episodes at once :D I really like it~~~
When Kiritani Mirei said something with makenai I immediately thought of ore magene XDDD So...I can't dislike her or anything xD
I love Umi-chan!! She's so cute~ ^0^
Ohh and....last episode of Kamen Rider W T___T I watched it on keyhole and later I watched it again with softsubs xD There are some points...I don't really understand.... but I'm kinda happy with that end... only, I don't want an end haha

The other dramas... I'm still behind D:
When I'm in Japan I'll watch them anyways and just watch the missing episodes....afterwards? XD
Chrissi and me need a DVD recorder~~~
I realized that I can't watch Hammer Session 9 because of Last Game T-T haha

pics and scans )

I won't have internet in my apartment in Tokyo at first. I'll try to write as soon as I arrived and then... we'll see. I hope that I'll be able to buy a cellphone SOON~~
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HI~ :D
How's everyone? :3
Only 1 week and 1 day left until my flight to Japan ^____^
I got my certificate of eligibility TODAY.... too late to go to the embassy though -_-
I was so annoyed!!! Was waiting for hours for the stupid DHL to arrive... and then... 30 minutes too late ~_~
I'll go to the embassy tomorrow morning... to finally apply for my visa!! (It's not really apply... I mean, they only have to put it in my passport or such~)
I got a little schedule, too, from Waseda. Seems like my lessons don't start on September 21st (only orientation) but 27th...... and the winter vacation starts end of November °_° And something about Hakone trip!! Looking forward to it ^-^

Does anyone wanna go to Last Game with me on September 4th?? Or know someone who wants to go?? Because Channaka was replaced by Zukkii, Chrissi doesn't wanna go thaaat much anymore.

I also think I have a NEWS ticket to sell. Not quite sure, Jasmine didn't answer yet. But it's so great, I got tickets for the 26th which means my birthday!!! ^0^ And I haven't been to Tokyo Dome for soooo long~ ;_; haha

The last days....finally felt like holidays :D
I have the impression that I did so much XD
While I was still at my family's house, Alisa and Rebekka visited me. I had a good time with them. Sunday evening I even had the chance to meet Lyly.

Then I went back to Gelsenkirchen. On Wednesday I met a friend who I wanted to meet for more than one year already, though she only lives in Essen XD We went shopping and I bought a looooooot! But not for myself haha I bought presents for everyone in Japan. Mostly sweets xD a cute dress for Shiori's baby girl and I hope it's the correct size >_< a German CD for Mako since she's studying German and German fashion magazines (I hope they're good....I never buy German magazines ~_~)

On Thursday evening I went to karaoke with Lissy and Chrissi!!! <3 I always love karaoke with them.... and Lissy is such an awesome singer >w< hehehe I recorded some parts of her singing XD
We ate takoyaki at the karaoke XD Oh, and we took purikura before, but I only have one of them to show you right now ><;;

I don't wanna spam your f-list )

purikura and sweets XD )

Ohhh I almost forgot!!!
I started to translate Kaku Kento's and Suda Masaki's blog entries. Posting the translations on their communities~ and Leti helps me with all the links and such because I'm lazy ^_^;;
I think I'll regret to have started with Sudacchi's entries...soon.... he blogs too much XD
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I think I really should do a proper entry now~ ;D
Finally I have "real" holidays, meaning, no exams anymore!!! (^_^)~
And only 3 weeks and I'll fly to Japan again.... Waseda, I'm coming!!♥

I got a mail from Waseda yesterday and I have to take the placement exam for my Japanese class online!! I thought that we'll take the exams some days before the classes start IN Japan. That would have meant that I already had Japanese around me for some days. Now...I have to take it until end of next week!! So I have to watch a looot of dramas (but I have to watch them anyway XD since I have to catch up on so much...*sigh*) and then read/study a little. I want to be in an advanced class!!!! I don't wanna feel as if I'm not challenged again (like in university class here -_-). Somehow I'm also afraid that my computer will freeze during the test.... I dunno what to do then... let's just hope that this won't happen ;D

So apart from studying...I went to AnimagiC (manga/anime convention in Bonn) the other weekend.
Jenny and Yuka and their friend did Tumbling cosplay!! ♥♥
And Chrissi and me wore our Tumbling shirts :D

On Friday, after my last exam ended, Dana visited me♥. We watched real onigokko (because of Daito hehe) but the movie was......strange. Anyway, I had to watch the first part since the second one is with Shohei!! xD

On Saturday my family came to visit my grandparents in Gelsenkirchen and they took me with them afterwards. Haven't been at home for weeks because so much to do for uni ~_~ On Sunday I could meet Alisa♥. We went to the fun fair in Bad Arolsen ^3^ Or well, we only went there in the evening to see fireworks. And...hahaha.......I went in yukata *stupid is stupid* (But Leti said it's okay~~~ LOL) Everyone kept staring at me and saying strange things....well, whatever. I was there with a group of friends (of Alisa) and it was okay :D
On Monday was Alisa's birthday party (actually I stayed until past midnight on Sunday, so we already "celebrated" a little at night ;D).
I dunno...somehow no one else seems to want to meet me before I leave to Japan again.... so I'll just meet with Alisa again later this week :D

Nothing much more to tell because the last weeks were full of studying x_x haha
But I started to catch up with dramas (in the last 3-4 days)!! Summer season, that is. Spring season is still waiting (Sunao, Kaibutsu-kun,......Troubleman.......... XD").
I love Hammer session!!!!!! Also love the theme song!! XD I'm waiting for episodes that focus on Suda Masaki, Sano Kazuma or Shida Mirai :3
And of course, Hotaru no Hikari!! Only watched 3 episodes yet...but it's as good as the first season ne~ Only this time....there's Mukai Osamu. He's quite a rival for buchou Fujiki Naohito XD (at least for me xD I didn't like the "rival" in first season very much......)
I'm also trying to catch up with Kamen Rider W which is gonna end soon..... D:
I really hope I can watch the movie in cinema (anyone wanna go with me please????????? Chrissi isn't interested T.T) and that my friend will get the tickets for the talk show........
I have to start with the other summer dramas, too!! So much to watch...hehehehe XD"

now some pictures of what I mentioned above :D )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] mukimpokun & [ profile] do_n ♥♥ since it's still the 8th over there. ;D


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] x_houko_x ♥ since it's already the 9th here. :D

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Hey~ :D

On Thursday I visited Kamen Rider-tachi Jenny and Yuka and we had a fun day together ^3^
We made a cake, had lunch and watched some videos with D-Boys and such ^~^
And it was really good weather!! <3
It was good weather the whole weekend so of course I went out into the sun~~ Trying to get tanned a little..... ;D
I tried to watch Tumbling yesterday but I had some problems so was only able to watch the last 20 minutes or so live. Watched the whole episode today. Their performance is so beautiful.♥ I could watch them for hours, just performing *~*
I don't have much else to say....spend some time on translating the Junon talk the last days.
...why is there no community for Shohei? D: I want him to have a community where I can post his interviews~~~ but I don't wanna create one hahahaha (reason: I'm too lazy. xD)

so now I have pictures, more scans from Seventeen (Alisa scanned them and sent them to me ^-^) and something else!
our cake!! and more :D )
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So....yesterday was Japan Day in Düsseldorf. I met some friends... I wanted to meet more friends but as always....I wasn't able to ^_^;; sorry!!! m(_ _)m
But I had a good time with those that I met :DD
I ate takoyaki <3
I went to karaoke in the evening <33
And I didn't come home as late as I thought because I didn't stay for the fireworks....xD

Last week I stayed at my family's home... but I didn't do much....
I watched several episodes of Kamen Rider W with my siblings. I also watched more of Jotei Kaoruko finally!! But I'm behind with all the dramas D:

Anyway, I have some pictures form yesterday and some scans to share :D

have a look here (^0^) )

tumbling and others~ )
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Have to write an entry again!!! xD;;

I have holidays for one week!! ^__^ Well, they're already half over hahaha
Right now I'm at home with my family. We have three kids who are staying at our house for some weeks (their mother has to stay in the hospital for a while), so my mum needs all the help she can get ;D

Last Friday we had barbecue with our choir and it was nice ^_^
On Saturday I was in Cologne. Met Ceren <333 and later went to Sara's birthday party. :D
I...didn't know anyone there ^_^;;; but it was fun with them~ and I took a really late train home....I was so tired the next day XDDD (I had to get up early for choir in service |D)

On Monday Dana visited me and we had a nice time!! We spent a little time outside since the weather was so great <333 and later we went inside. ^_^

Yesterday I met Alisa and her classmate in Düsseldorf. We went shopping a little and such. Fun~♪
They didn't have the new JUNON yet (it will arrive today!! ;_;) but I reserved it!! Gonna pick it up on Saturday on Japan Day (it's a festival =D). Can't wait♥ stupid girl who's too obsessed with Tumbling

There's not much to say about university.... I should be doing more exercises for my economics classes and go to sleep earlier.... XD;;;
Buuut about Waseda, ne, I got a mail last week that on my certificate of enrollment it wasn't mentioned that I study in an undergraduate course to get a bachelor's degree!! They want to have a document which proves it and we had to sent in something until May 29th!! I was so shocked when I read it first @.@ but my teacher (I mailed him immediately) replied to me and he sent in a document. I hope that it will arrive in time and everything'll okay!!! Please pray for it!!! Thanks!

Drama-wise... I'm too behind with most of the dramas (maybe because I wanna watch so much -_- haha) I shall watch some episodes now (I'm alone at home right now, all the kids gone XD)
Yesterday and today I watched Kamen Rider W with my brother&sister and they liked it lol But I haven't finished Den-O yet!! *feels bad* ...whatever.

Nee~ does anyone of you have ameba and I haven't added you yet? XD
These days I'm always playing on amebapigg XDD It's cute and funny, walking around in Shibuya, Yoyogi park etc. xD But I don't wanna spend too much time on it, because I should definitely do other things!! I mean, talking with Japanese in there is some kind of practice...but learning vocabs is still better...hahaha

Okay, now some pictures~~ ^0^ )
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Ahhh I wanted to write an entry for days @.@
Now I have to write about two weeks.....if I remember these things xD;;

When my brother was here, we went together to Oberhausen to look at a exhibition about planets. I think he really enjoyed it, so I was glad. :D
Then, I also had to finish the application for the scholarship. Had to go to uni to get the letter of recommendation.
I went to Duesseldorf to meet Lisa, Sophie, Jenny and another friend of them who was also called Rebecca XD I bought the new JUNON and we took purikura ;D
It was my grandmother's birthday, so the whole family came here to celebrate. =D My little brother went home with them and in the evening I went to visit Dana =3
On Thursday my sister and me went home by train (our "family car" is broken -_- so now we can only use the car with 4 seats....not enough for us XD).
On Saturday we celebrated my mother's birthday <3
And then it was easter anyway ^__^ with church and all :D
My parents went to their friend's anniversary for one day & night, so it was just us kids at home... but my brothers and sisters did behave quite well...I think xD
My little brother Jan always wanted to watch Den-o with me, but sometimes I didn't want to :/ hahaha

On Monday, Alisa came to visit me <3333333
We had such a good time, looking at magazines XD watching The Game DVD ;D talking and more ^~~^
I went home on was really good weather but I had to sit in the train for so long -_- hahaha
Then on Thursday, Dana, Lisa, Sophie and me actually wanted to make a picnic (like Hanami xD) but it was so rainy and cold, so we met at Dana's and had fun there :D
Before that...I went to hair salon. My hair wasn't cut for moooonths haha It's not really different to before, but I tried to have curly hair (and they gave me some tips for it ^^). hair doesn't like to be curly at all T_T after some hours...there's as good as nothing left ;_;
On Saturday I went to Düsseldorf with Dana, Sophie and Lisa in the morning and met Shi as well and later I attended a birthday of a friend from my small group. ^-^
Friday and Sunday I had to do some preparation for uni (which I should have done earlier....haha) and now the new semester started on Monday!! WOW! Already 4th semester...... XD

So many dramas which I wanted to watch in the holidays....but didn't ;_;
Well, I wrote some things and translated and such, so I wasn't lazy all the time....;D
I watched Tumbling promotion <3 Tokyo Friends Park and this TBS quiz on keyhole ^0^
Also saw Troublemen on keyhole... but I should watch it in better quality again. It was....interesting xD

New drama season started ne~
Which dramas is everyone watching?
I want to watch Sunao ni Narenakute, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, Troubleman, Tumbling, Kaibutsu-kun, Shinzanmono and Jotei Kaoruko. CRAAAAZYYYY. XD Well, I guess I can't watch all of them XD (I still haven't finished Tokujo Kabachi and Romes yet *coughcough*) So I hope there are some of them...which aren't too interesting so that I can drop them.... xD;;

pictures ^0^ )
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HI~~~!! =D
It's finally spring!! Or, at least it's warmer than two-three weeks ago ;D
And this week I went out a lot yay XD

On Monday I went to karaoke with Chrissi. So much fun, as always!! :D
They finally had some "new songs" (=until end of summer 2009, that is :/) so Chrissi and me sang all those songs we sang when we were in Japan!! <3 And some others... haha I sang Kato Seishiro's song which is so cute. But the text is so.....funny, so I was laughing all the time xD;;; ("I'm happy to be born as a cat...." and such xD)
I was a little disappointed that they didn't have more songs of Kanjani8, just one new song of Tegomass, Kuroki Meisa, and no RIVER or YELL or... >o< but I should be happy that there were new songs after all ;D

On Tuesday I send off Jolli at the airport in Düsseldorf.
Now she's in Japan~~
Good luck with studying and everything!!
I'll visit you in autumn, I hope XDDD

Ohh then in the evening...rather night... my sis called me after her concert and said that she was still in Bochum... at around 11.30pm '__' I was really worried that she wouldn't come home anymore (by train)... but fortunately she and her friend got on the last bus/train!!

Thursday it was such nice sunny weather..... and classes ended earlier than planned *__* so I asked Chrissi to go to a park with me XD
I need more sun!! My hair has to be shiny blond again!! xD
I hope it'll be sunny like that again in the next days? :D

Today I went to Düsseldorf with Dana <3
We walked around, looked at magazines (and bought some), had delicious lunch and more =D

food, purikura & more )

Some more fandom ranting (sorry this entry is so long ;_;)
I watched the end of Hidarime Tantei Eye...and...well...XD;;
I wanted to see more of Crystal Kay! Her character was really cool~ :D

Did anyone else read those "Top 10 Reasons You're a Johnny's Otaku" on arama?
The first 10 were...quite fitting to me (though not that extreme)....XD
(That is maybe because I was in Japan too long? I mean...hahaha... Coming of Age Ceremony lol Xiang, Iris and me wanted to go to Tegoshi's and Shige's one... but it wasn't one that rumored day or they aren't going to Meiji Shrine anymore at all..... XD)
The second 10 reasons were...too focused >< like, I won't sing only Johnnys songs at karaoke (but a lot), I don't buy all magazines (but still enough), I don't watch every TV show, but as much as I have time.... and such XD
Actually....... that's baaaad~ everyone said that they were happy that most of the reasons don't apply to them.... ^^;;;;;
Anyway, I'll learn those Johnnys fandom vocabularies now hehehe maybe I can use them some time =D

One last thing... when I just read that Shoon left Johnnys....I got quite sad. ToT
I don't follow his community (I'm not a fan of him~) so I'm really late at finding out about it (I mean, I heard something about Shoon but I only took a look at his comm this evening ^^")...
And when I remember everything back in 2008 with Xiang... and Shonen Club.... it's sad~~ D:
I was always happy to see him in magazines ^-^ (since I didn't watch any shows with him this was the only place to see him)...but now we won't see him again, maybe....

That was it XD
Wish you all a blessed Sunday!! ♡
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I just watched Bloody Monday episode 8!!! Ahh~!! Next week will be last episode already.....I don't want it to end T__T I hope it'll be longer than 45 minutes!! xD
...I feel bad now for suspecting a person who wasn't related to the terrorists... though I still don't get how that person got to that place °_°;;
But uh, I don't wanna spoiler anyone ^^;;;

Apart from that, today was church :D After that I was at Dana's and tried to help her with studying....XD"
Yesterday was a wedding at our church <3 Really really nice~ ^0^

Did anyone watch the little preview of Tumbling?
Awww I can't wait to watch the drama now :D
Koji ♥ Tomo ♥
All of them did their exercise so synchronously!!
Of course I also enjoyed the preview of Kaibutsu-kun! It looks like fun :3

I still have 1 1/2 week of my prep course left....
I should do some other things for uni, too......
And I have to watch more dramas!! (I didn't have much time this week, somehow.)
But translating interviews is fun, too =D
I wanted to post another interview, but I still have to re-read it again ^^;;
I hope I can post it on Tuesday...
Because tomorrow Chrissi and me will go to karaoke <333

This weekend, it was a little warmer than before...I think.
I don't have anything against winter.... but I'm looking forward to spring ^-^

Good luck at abitur exams this week, Alisa!!!!!!! ♥
And everyone else who has to write them now.....
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So this week I wrote 2 exams (statistics)...and I hope they were okay.
The first was one was.....well..... XD;;; (I hope I passed XD)
The second one was better...but not as good as I hoped.... ^^;
I'm glad that this is over now =D
I already got one result for my exam in the end of January.
I had a really bad feeling about it, but my mark is okay ^~^

On Friday evening, Dana came to stay over night :D
We wanted to watch The Game ~Boy's Film Show~ but we only watched the first DVD yet ^^;;
We had omu rice <333 and looked at magazines and the time just flew by XD;;
We somehow ended up talking until very late xD;;
On Saturday we had dumplings with red bean paste *0* *love* XD
And also curry rice <33
...we ate too much lol

In the afternoon I went to Chrissi's and I tried to help her with maths...
But we didn't finish a lot of exercises ^^;;

Today was church and in the afternoon I visited Dana xD
We wanted to watch the 2nd DVD of The Game ;D
The first DVD had several short movies. I tried my best to translate everything for Dana while watching. ^-^;
The second DVD was about the event in summer and backstage... wasn't very good at translating here ~.~ *needs more practice*
This evening we had youth service!! :D I'm happy that Lissy came, too.
Oh, and I also talked to my former host family on skype. Awww~ it was so nice to see the kids. I wanna meet and hug them T.T haha

our food ;D )

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hey~~~ ♥
how's everyone? it's already so late but I should be studying more.....XD;;

today I was in church after 3 Sunday without service... haaa felt very nice ^_^v
the last Sundays I had that seminar and last week I was at home-home and babysitting xD
the two cute girls are staying at my family's again... well, only until end of this week.
but since my mom has a lot to do then, I went home last weekend and helped.
and there was Sarah's birthday...well, not party, but we met.
Sarah & boyfriend, Regina, Lyly and me. it was such a nice talk :D
especially because we didn't meet for quite some time....
everyone's studying somewhere else, ne ^^;

apart from studying too little I tried to keep up with all the new dramas ;D
I'm watching Yamanade, Bloody Monday, Hidarime Tantei Eye, Tokujou Kabachi and Shinsengumi Peacemaker (and I looked into Indigo no Yoru, but I don't plan to watch it completely)....
these are TOO MANY XD;;
anyway, Bloody Monday was so cruel... I cried so much at the end. T_T
but definitely the best drama of those I'm watching XD
the others are all okay... but I dunno which I'd like second best....
actually Tokujo Kabachi is a little boring...because I don't understand much about those laws...XD
Yamanade is just CRAZY hahaha but Uchi is cool~~ and Kato Seishiro is too cute :3
Hidarime...well the story is strange, but I wanna know how it'll end.....
Shinsengumi Peacemaker... hmm I don't understand the story very well XD but I wanna watch more of it :D

on Friday I went to karaoke with Chrissi, Lisa and Jenny and it was fun as always ^0^
and I spent too much money on magazines

I wasn't chosen for the partner university (Nichidai)...
which means I have to apply at Waseda now....which is only possible with scholarship....
I wonder why they didn't chose Chrissi or me..... :/

somehow...there's nothing else to say? haha
should go back to Japanese banking crisis and such XD
(and maybe sleep eventually...)

some pictures at the end )


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