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Hi everyone \(^o^)/
How are you? Germany is getting cold these days... I want summer back lol

I finally decided about what I could write my bachelor thesis and I want to start reading for it... but I'm not doing anything orz
Instead I've been watching dramas so much, recently. I already love Sugarless!! ( ̄▽ ̄)

Apart from that I was a little busy with school some time ago, because I took over some other teacher's class for 2 weeks and I did private lessons every evening for one week. But now I'm more free again because I only have 'my' class twice a week and that's all. I wanna teach more though... But I should finish the bachelor thesis first, I guess.

I had a great birthday week and got so many messages and some presents from far away. I felt so happy. I'm truely blessed to have so wonderful friends!! Thank you so much!!!♥♥♥

I started to help with the kids program at church every Friday afternoon, because the kids program in summer holidays was so much fun, and I'm already so in love with some of the kids (o^^o)

That's all for now. I should work on translations!! And also I could scan something but my scanner is always so stupid so...yeah (´Д` ) Maybe when I get new bromides♪

God bless you♡

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Hi~~~ ワ━ヾ( o・∀)ノ゙ヾ(o・∀・o)ノ゙ヾ(∀・o )ノ゙━イ!!
How's everyone?

I wanted to write an entry some days ago but now I can't remember what I wanted to talk about....꒰。・ω・`;꒱*:・lol
I have summer vacations now!!!! haha Just not really. I still have two exams this month and then I have to start preparing for my thesis. I actually wanted to graduate asap but I have to wait until I have passed that one exam (on the 30th) and no idea when it'll be announced. So I decided to take my time and use the next semester for the thesis (╹◡╹๑)♫♬
So I guess I finally started working at the language school. (For those who don't know about it yet: It's a German language school for Japanese.) I got my own student (for private lessons) already (〃≧◡≦〃) Now I'm waiting to get my own class as well!! But private lessons are fun, too!! (Btw. most of the students there are housewives who come to Germany because of their husbands work ^^)
Then, two weeks ago, I took JLPT N1 lol Let's see if I passed it~~ not very sure hahaha
Three weeks ago Yurie came and visited me!!! So nice to see a friend from Tokyo (๑o̴̶̷̥᷅﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅๑) We did a lot of tourism program hehehe
In August Moe will visit me as well!! (>。< )≡( >。<)♡♥* Actually Yurie was travelling through Europe, but Moe will come to Germany just to see me!! I love her so much!!! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ✶゚ฺ
Apart from that, our church does a holiday program for kids every afternoon (weekdays) and I'll try to help there too (ෆ•ꇴ•ෆ)
So I guess that will be my summer (๑´▿`๑)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧

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Haven't posted for quite some time... except fandom-related stuff ^^;;

This week I was so buy with that stupid report. I'm so happy when we (3 person group) will finish it tomorrow evening!!!
The problem is once that there's not much literature about yen carry trade, and then it's something that can't be proofed 100%. You can actually only guess that people did carry trade... and we have to say that the yen did (not) appreciate because of it (and why). I hope that our conclusion isn't completely wrong ;__;
It was interesting though to read about it. Sometimes lol

Apart from that I had a really good time recently.
Meeting with friends sometimes, celebrating D☆DATE's anniversary with Jenny and Carina, going to karaoke with them, talk with friends at university...
In church we had something like a Christmas concert last Sunday... but too bad I can't really invite friends cause everyone's living a little far away from here.... :/
I'm glad to be with my church here......but sometimes I think there's something missing. Maybe because I'm always comparing it to TBC. But I've never encountered a church like TBC, so of course I'm missing it... especially the youth..... I miss this kind of deep input like we had in our small group. I want something to have impact on me. (btw. some days ago I found a video of our summer camp in Ishinomaki...)
I'm sure that God also wants to use me here, in Germany, but I don't know how. I don't really know people in this city anyway.
I wish God would show me what to do. But then, I think I don't give him enough time where I am silent and he can speak to start with.... I need to work on my prayer time.....

Today my family came here again. Visiting my grandparents ;)
My grandfather is in the hospital again. I really hope that this time he'll get better finally.
The little baby boy that my mother took care of went to a family now, where he will stay forever, together with his little brother (I think). So now my mother can rest more, I'm glad!!
And maybe next weekend I can finally go home again to pick up my long wanted iPhone? :D

Why are there so many people I want to meet but can't?
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Woke up early. Tried to be at church at 7.30am…. well, it was maybe 7.40am, but a lot of people came after that ;D
We took off in one bus with around 45 people inside.
We were praying for the prefectures that we were inside (Tokyo, Saitama, Ibaraki, Gunma, Tochigi, Fukushima and Miyagi). I was sitting together with Kanako and got to know her more (I was talking with her on Friday and Saturday only a little). Then we arrived at some onsen hotel on a hill/mountain somewhere on the countryside, around 1 hour away from Ishinomaki (called Kashimadai….I guess). Actually the onsen there stopped after the earthquake and the hotel was quite damaged from it as well… but the people there rebuilt some parts of it and we could use it (there was a open bath room but no onsen anymore).
We had some time to get to our rooms (one room for the boys, two rooms for the girls, separated to high school and college girls, everyone had a futon set). After sitting on the bus for around 7 hours…one feels kinda exhausted x.x (we had a lunch break of course but still…)
We ate dinner and then had worship and small group. Chris was talking about loving Ishinomaki, the people in that city and people in general.
After that one day I kinda knew most of the girls… of course especially the college girls. Everyone was soooo niiiice!! And I mostly (80%?) was talking in Japanese hahaha (such a good practice, the whole week. The rest 20% was in English I guess xD).
Then time for bath, time to talk with the girls in our rooms (or outside…but I kinda preferred in our room) and bedtime…around 12pm :D

Getting up around 6.30am… worship at 7.30am and trying to leave the hotel at 8.30am, eating breakfast inside the bus. It’s great to start the day with worshiping God,
I was in the team that did “work” around Nakazato’s houses (the same place I was in June). We separated trash/cleaned up…well the girls did. The guys did more hard work ^^; Some of the girls did gardening work though. At the end we all pulled out weed around the houses. Quite a lot.
It was really warm, much sunshine…so without some breaks to rest in the cool house and drink something…. it’s impossible!
I had some good talk with the girls ^.^
After that we went back to the bus, had bento lunch on the way to our hotel. At the hotel we had some free time (which I really needed because I had a little headache).
Then it was time to meet for choir lesson. We learned the song “Live for you”. After one hour practice, we had dinner and worship & small group. Chris explained that we aren’t able to love people on our own.
Bath time and room time and sleep.

Got up around 6.30 again, same as the day before, worship, breakfast in the bus. Then we (my group) went to Nakazato’s house again. This time we didn’t have to ‘work’ but we went around, gave flowers as presents and invited for the festival.
It sounds easy… but it wasn’t. Most of the houses were actually empty. And sometimes people weren’t there or didn’t want to open the door. I went with Mizuki and Mary. We gave flowers to a woman and her mother, they were happy : )
Then we went to a house which was actually a café by volunteers (from a university in Tokyo). We gave them flowers of course and talked a little with them. Since there aren’t many shops in that area again (well it’s mostly destroyed), they made this café. Later we went to a house with some older man. His wife was just getting cared for by a nurse. We talked with him… we went to the backside of the house/garden. There was still a car in the garden that wasn’t been taken out yet. And we saw the apartment of them…they were using mostly one rom. The air con isn’t working anymore…and he showed us the pictures that he ‘lost’ (as in, the color was all over the page and such). We talked a little more…he said that they won’t repair the house because there will be made a street at that place sooner or later anyway (this was actually new to me O.O)…. so sad… we then prayed for him and his wife and left.
We went to some more houses. At one house we were rejected….the man was kinda scary… but some other houses, the women were so happy because they loved flowers ^.^
We did some breaks in between because it was hoooot and we needed some drinks ^^;;
At noon we went to the bus, got our lunch and went to the hotel.
There it was the same, little free time, choir time, dinner, worship/message, small group, bath time and talk in the rooms.
As our time with the small group got longer and longer, the bath time got shorter and shorter ><

Morning, same as always. Then we went to Ishinomaki. Today my group went to the place where the festival would be. We invited people who lived around there and gave them flowers as well. We were able to pray with three of the people who opened the door for us, we prayed outside for those who didn’t want to talk much or weren’t there…
The area where we were wasn’t thaaat destroyed but the way from the bus to that place showed some destruction….
After that we had some time to eat lunch in a supermarket at some other part of the city and then we went to a part which was really destroyed and had the “ganbarou Ishinomaki” sign (I went there in June too). The area didn’t look much different from before…but I mean, what should they do there except ‘clean up’…
We prayed in groups for the city and its people.
Then we went back to the hostel, didn’t have much free time (because we went to that place) and had the choir, dinner, worship, small group, bath time thing xD
On the day Natsuki came with someone else from TBC :D Because of work she couldn’t attend the first days…

In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel, then we had morning worship and went on the bus. We drove to the place for the festival, bought lunch in the konbini there and started preparing for the festival. I helped with the massage part and the talk place (?) part (sofa and a table with sweets and such, to sit down and just talk ^^). Outside they had hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, water games for kids (and normal games) and such.
Several people came and I got to massage like 5 people or so ^^ They appreciated it : )
In the evening we had the concert. Well, the worship band had. The choir only sang one song…as a choir. Of course we sang every other song too, and jumped and such!! It was such a great atmosphere :3
At the beginning of the concert there were most of the people who came and stayed… but throughout the concert people left :/ But those who stayed REALLY enjoyed the concert and that’s important, right?!
After that we cleaned up…and went back… my last time in Ishinomaki (?)…
The bath time was short again lol
Then, because one was supposed to be able to see stars in the night, Moe-chan wanted to stay up and watch them outside… but there were too many clouds >< We still had a good time together but went to bed too late lol

Eating breakfast in the lobby again, packing everything to the bus/truck and then last worship…
Then we went home (we thought it would be crowded because of o-bon festival but it wasn’t that bad)….

I’m really glad I went to the camp. Actually I expected we would do more ‘hard work’ (the guys did :P) but it was so nice to see those people who don’t expect to get flowers as present be happy about those flowers we gave them!! And also that some of them opened up to us and talked with us.
The worship time was always SO MUCH FUN! I think that God also had fun together with us!!!! \o/ I also thank Maria, Miki, Pastor Chris, Nori, Connor, Philip and Kosuke for practicing so hard all the time with singing and the instruments!! :D The three singers kinda lost their voice after 1-2 days but God was merciful and at the concert everything was fine!!
The messages from Pastor Chris… well it started with us being supposed to love the people in Ishinomaki. Then it went on that God loved us FIRST (and we didn’t do anything for it… we don’t deserve it at all… but he gives us his love as a PRESENT) and we are able to share love with the love that God gave us.
1.John 4,10 This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.
There is something called sin that hinders us from loving people. You can say that sin is just having a boss of your life that is NOT Jesus, but either yourself or people around you… But Jesus came has a human to live like us and he died for our sins so that even though we are a sinner (and we are NO WAY better than anyone else who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ) we can come to God and live a life where he is the boss.
I also have to remind myself WHO the boss in my life is sometimes.
Apart from that, completely other part was….a made some new great friends!!! On the bus ride I tried to sit with different people mostly, to get to know more about them. Everyone was sooooooooo niiiiiiice T_T
We also had good talks after the bath time :3
I really miss everyone already… hope to see everyone in church soon again!!! <3
I didn’t have much time to talk with Miki or Maria though…. love both of them so much ///// but those are the ones that I used to talk with most of the time before anyway and I’ll see them a lot again…so that’s okay haha
One week was definitely too short. But I hope we were a little blessing to people in Ishinomaki.
And I really wanna go to Tohoku again!!!!!!! Since I only have baito and no school anymore, let’s see… : )
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On Friday evening, I skipped the last lesson, went home to pick up my kuaggage and went to Shibuya. I met Susanne at Shibuya Station and we went to TBC (Tokyo Baptist Church) together. At the parking lot, everyone was waiting already, since we were a little late. Meeting time was at 6pm but we arrived around 6.10pm. (Susi I LOVE YOU :3)
After getting everything into the 3 vans and 1 car we took off around 7pm. There was kind of traffic jam in Shibuya and also on the streets going out of Tokyo…. maybe until we were almost outside… I hadn’t known that the highway is….in a tunnel (around Shibuya/Shinjuku) =O
In that time we got to know each other. My car was Dwayne (the driver and father of one of the girls who came along), Steven, Maria, Natsuki, Mizuki, Monika and Chloe. Our car’s name (though it was made up later) was CC Melon. Explanation: Christ (obvious) Cleaning (since we were supposed to clean up in Ishinomaki) and Melon for Melon bread (we bought a really big melon pan [pan = bread] later lol well, actually Dwayne bought it for us all :D)
We also started praying. We got a list with prayer requests for each prefecture we had to pass.
We stopped around 8.30 (maybe???) to have dinner. When Monika and me almost had finished our dinner (we were one of the last…somehow) a woman (foreigner) sat down close to us at the table (it was a food corner) and we talked a little. She said that she usually does a lot of volunteering at Fukushima but sometimes goes up to Ishinomaki too. Funny what people you meet coincidently :)
Then we took off again…. for some hour. We kept praying from time to time, talking and kinda sleeping. Around midnight we stopped again (that’s were we bought that melon pan) for a short time. When we arrived at the hotel thing (with onsen…well, public bath) in Sendai…it was almost 2am!! Zzzz I went to sleep right away.
I stood up around 5.40am… went to shower and onsen :D because we had to meet at 6.30.
We had a morning devotion time where we heard about not being a volunteer but being a servant. Because Jesus also didn’t come to earth to volunteer, but to serve. And we are here to serve because we wanna share that love that God has planted inside us.
Then we took off to Ishinomaki. Leaving Sendai… we saw the first parts of damage from the tsunami. But when we entered Ishinmaki maybe 1~1,5h later….we saw some real damage. The rivers were fuller than they used to be (you saw it because of the trees who were kind of inside the river now… and also a lot of “dead” trees), and you saw the houses who were damaged. But it didn’t look that bad….until we arrived at our destination where we had to clean up.
I was assigned to clean up at Nagasato’s houses. I was only putting trash into plastic bags. Sorting between light/breakable stuff and really hard staff. And I mean, it was mostly part of the wall of the houses and such… (Actually, most of the people who were living in the 4-5 houses we cleaned there…had died, I was told. That was somehow a strange feeling.)
I did that all day. Other people from the team were breaking down the walls and such or cleaning kitchen of some other houses which were repaired already (more or less) but…I was outside all day…. and got really sunburnt. We had a bento lunch break in-between. One of our youth members knows (Japanese) sign language and his friend (I guess) who was deaf also came along. In the lunch break he was dancing EXILE’s Choo choo train!! So cool! I was really impressed by that guy… he really did know how to make up for not being able to speak :D
Around 4pm we stopped. Then the volunteers who came from Texas (dunno for how long, definitely not for a weekend like we did) made hamburgers for the neighbourhood and us. Miki, Mami and Elsie went around earlier and invited people. There came maybe around 20-30 Japanese!! :D While they were waiting, we sang three worship songs :3
At some time, there were two Japanese girls (round 10 years old) who wanted to bring 3 plates home but couldn’t really carry it… so Maria decided to help them and I decided to come along in case we got lost (2 is better than 1 ;D). So we talked a little with those girls. I didn’t understand everything they sad D: but I didn’t want to interrupt them… Anyway, they asked why we were there and such and Maria wanted to share the gospel with them but they hadn’t even heard about Jesus Christ so it was difficult in a short time and then we had already arrived the place they stayed at (I think it wasn’t there house because they said that they didn’t know the streets in the area a lot).
I didn’t got to speak with other people from there but later we got introduced to a woman who lives next to where we did the ‘party’. She said that she climbed up the electrical tower with her 4 year old daughter and jumped to the apartment’s roof next to it where she slept over night (while it was snowing). And she said that she felt that something had saved her… I hope she will get to know Jesus Christ! She also said that her son and mother had died a little further away from their house, hand in hand.
After we had finished the ‘party’ and cleaned up, we went to the public bath. On the way to it we drove through some more destruction area. I hadn’t seen that much yet and the place where I was cleaning…around there it looked like still a lot of people would live there… but only from the next street onward… it was really destructed. No one was living there anymore. It was really strange…….
Then we went to the public bath, after that bought our breakfast for the morning and went to Ishinomaki Senshu University were we slept in tents. A lot of people were camping there. We (=the people in my tent) went to bed around 10pm…
I woke up in the morning kinda several times and went to kinda-sleep again. We had to be ready around 8.30am to pull down the tents so I could actually sleep long (XD). I got up around 7.10am, ate my breakfast and got ready. It was raining so it wasn’t very nice to pull down the tents :/ Also, we had planned to do a service outside (at the place where we did the party on Saturday evening) but… we had to use one of the almost-done houses instead. We had a great service were Christ talked about that we shouldn’t be proud of what we did in Ishinomaki but know about the love that Jesus has for us and because of which he came to earth as a human and died for all our sins. And we were there in Ishinomaki because we have this love inside of us and not because we wanna do good things that we can be proud of afterwards. :D
After the service… we went from Ishinomaki to Onagawa. That was… WOW. I can’t put it into words. It looked like after a war. Almost no houses were standing there. Your heart really gets heavy when you see something like that for real…..
After we had looked at that, we went back to Ishinomaki and back home. Loooooong ride. We arrived in Tokyo around 8pm because we had some traffic on the way…

I didn’t really take a lot of pictures. It felt weird taking pictures of destroyed houses. It felt weird taking pictures of places were so many people died or lost their family and everything.
I only took some as memories for myself.
Also, it really feels strange being back in Tokyo again… everything so normal here.
I definitely wanna go again. If I can, I wanna go on the trip in July. If I can’t, then at least the one week camp in August.
I didn’t tell my parents that I went there… I mean, I even drove through Fukushima prefecture!! I don’t think they would like that :O That’s why I was only tweeting about the weekend in Japanese because I dunno if they might read my twitter (or other people from my home church).
And, lastly I wanna say. I don’t regret that I missed the haru doko event. I had bought the DVD just to attend the event. But got told me to go to Tohoku and I went. I even skipped the lesson for it. I also was busy with homework for it. But I’m glad I went. Next time I wanna have more contact with people there. I will pray for the two girls and that woman definitely!

I wanna share Psalm 46 with you =D

Psalm 46 (New International Version (NIV))

1 God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.
2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,
3 though its waters roar and foam
and the mountains quake with their surging.

4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
the holy place where the Most High dwells.
5 God is within her, she will not fall;
God will help her at break of day.
6 Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall;
he lifts his voice, the earth melts.

7 The LORD Almighty is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress.

8 Come and see what the LORD has done,
the desolations he has brought on the earth.
9 He makes wars cease
to the ends of the earth.
He breaks the bow and shatters the spear;
he burns the shields with fire.
10 He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

11 The LORD Almighty is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress.

….the sunburn on my arms really huuuurts T.T
And I have a speech tomorrow and I’m not prepared. Same goes for the two vocabulary tests. Haha but that’s normal already lol

three pictures i wanna share with you )
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this weekend was really cold...but with a lot of snow, so it's okay XD
I went home to my family and on Saturday afternoon Alisa came for a little while ^.^
and also my little brother wanted to watch Kamen Rider Den-O the whole Saturday, so we watched like 8 episodes or such... he doesn't even understand a word of it :O
it was nice to see everyone in my "home church" again too :D

last weekend we went singing with my youth group here.
well...not really youth... more young adults XD
we went to visit 4-5 older people from church who can't attend services anymore and we sung 3-4 songs for them ^-^
they were really happy about that =D

3 more days of uni...
I have to send all my Christmas cards and finish all presents....... xD;;
on Friday, Chrissi and me send cards to Channaka and Koji lol

(should be) busy with homework, learning for the vocabulary test on Tuesday and reading texts for my presentation....... u.u
and... it seems that natsu doko won't be uploaded very fast ne? waiting for some days already XD

should go to bed now... hope, the weather'll be okay tomorrow and trains won't have any problems ^^

hi again~

Nov. 22nd, 2009 12:27 am
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Hey~~~ :D
I'm still without internet at my home, but right now I'm staying at my family's ^^
Ahhh it's been so long since I went home because I was too busy... ^^;;
Anyway, I hope I'll have internet soon again....

Last weekend was the trip with my youth group.
The picture is from Sunday ^0^
We stayed in a really small village called "Acht" (means eight XD)
And we had a lot of fun <3
Unfortunately Dana became sick on Saturday... but now she's feeling better :D

Today I watched the Arashi All the best Clips DVD... took a lot of time XD but now I've seen all the comments <3
And later Alisa visited me and we had fun <3333

There's nothing much more to tell, I guess.
I'm sooo behind with fall dramas T__T

Oh, btw. on the 6th will be my choir's Christmas concert ^_^
So, whoever lives close to me is invited to come and watch it.
Not only my choir but other music, too. In my church =D

Anyone knows where I can get more information on D-Boys?
I've read their English and Japanese's so litte :/
hahaha that's really not important ^^;;;
Should rather study kanji XD;;
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Ahh I wanna write an entry before the next busy week starts~
Last week I was busy with reading the texts for my exam (and I'm not sure if it was good... the questions were difficult T.T) next 2-3 weeks I'll be busy too ^-^;; sorry if I can't comment on entries so much m(_ _)m

This weekend I was home <33
Because my sister will move here in some weeks, she had a farewell party at home ^0^ (on Friday evening)
Mostly her classmates were there who I don't know... but also Regina and Sarah ♡♡
On Saturday and today I mostly just relaxed ^~^;;
(though I should have done some studying.... :/)

hmm, I watched the end of Smile last weekend or so... I cried so much T_T
and I also watched Majo Saiban (I started watching unsubbed lol since there aren't other dramas to watch anymore XD)
and on my train ride I watched some older arashi tv shows ♪
Maybe I shouldn't start with the new dramas before my exams are over...? hahaha
won't be able to wait anyway

Ohh this week in church!
With choir we had barbecue ^0^ and with the youth group we played kind of children's birthday party!! with all those children games!!
At first...I didn't really like the idea of playing all those games (kinda embarrassing ><) but in the end it was sooo much fun☆

I'm spending so much time on mixi XD
I was trying to do a japanese meme... I'll post it the next time... =D
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I wish you all a merry merry Christmas =3 ♥♥♥
It's a time to be happy... so I hope everyone of you has a reason to be happy <3
for me, even receiving emails... and also giving presents to other people, makes me happy ^_^

though right now I'm unable to write Japanese because I don't have my computer so several people have to wait and I don't like that ksajsdksh u___u

I'll go to church later (that's why I should hurry now XD")
and then we'll be together as a family and everything... haha ;3

tomorrow we'll visit my grandparents...

I hope I'll be able to show you some pictures then, sometime soon ^0^

and about the happy meme... it's quite obvious to be happy right =3

I wanted to write more but well, busy and stupid computers here ^-^;;

love you all ♥

happy meme

Dec. 22nd, 2008 12:05 am
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what made me happy today ~ day 4
-church <33 nice service and all =3
-staying a little time upstairs with my grandparents ^-^
-watching bloody monday 5+6 (well dunno if the drama really makes me happy ne LOL)
-talking on the phone with alisa for too long XDDDD

i'm going home tomorrow, just some days. <3
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good evening... well it's already night here LOL

this week was busy as usual XD
on tuesday we had a meeting with other students who study japanese... and there some japanese people, too :3
yay for speaking japanese <3 the girl we talked to was really nice hehe but she didn't like johnnys very much D: but other jpop... hope she'll send a mail to me sometime...or a message on mixi. ^^
on wednesday i went to the small group at lena's home. we were just 5 it was really nice <33
friday evening i went to the theater with chrissi... it was funny (a comedy of romeo and juliet...don't wanna write more about it...*tired* XD)
when i came home... i watched bloody monday 3, ryusei no kizuna 5 & 6 XDDD so i slept veeery late.
after studying a lot (i think so XD) on saturday afternoon i watched bloody monday 4-6 XD it's like...i couldn't stop!
buuuut...i need someone to talk to about those two dramas... someone who also watches without subs XD"" please...tell me if you do!!
i wanted to write some more fangirly things now... but too tired haha (next time i'll post earlier XD") but nino is always so cute ♥ and i also like miura haruma ♥ and...the other guy in bloody monday...kirishima-san? ;3
aaaaand...i'm so in love with the NEWS album ♥♥♥ i love smile maker, みんながいる世界をひとつに愛をもっとGive & Takeしましょ, fly again and of course koyashige's ムラリスト ♥ so many genki-songs ^0^

okay...need to sleep now. my parents & grandparents want me to sleep longer than 5h ^-^;; but i have no tiiime and i need to study or watch drama deshou XD

ahh yabai, i almost forgot. i went to church tonight... it was for youth/young adults. nice <33333
but all reminds me of my church in tokyo. i miss it soooooooooo much!! i wanna go to tbc again T__T
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so...i spent the whole afternoon online now... bad thing, i didn't study at all yet.
okay, but there were a lot of things to do after being offline for more than a month~
anyway... i dunno what to tell you about university...

japanese lessons are quite boring and chrissi and me talk in japanese with each other more than we speak in lessons...or so. i mean...why do they teach in almost only german? ;_;
actually yesterday we went to japanese class of semester 3... and we understood everything XDDD
we just miss the kanjis that they already know but...we had no problems to follow the conversations/exercises hahahaha.

economics classes are more difficult. and we have tutorial classes (2 are weekly, 2 are every second week) and have to do the assignments and i have those 4 books i should read (i already started with all of them, of course...but not very far yet)
the homework for easy XD and we don't have to hand it in o__o;; they'll put the solutions online so that we can correct by ourselves. (of course we always get the homework online too. ahh so bad without internet :/ so i had to rely on chrissi or use the library ne)
usually i leave the house when it's dark and come home when it's dark.
at least i watch ipod sometimes on the train :3

and this week i watched ryusei no kizuna 1-3 thanks to my alisa <33
(and i was very tired the next days... who cares XD)
i also went to church here... nice church!! reminds me a little bit of tbc... and i prefer it over my home church i guess. more lively and such. i also started to sing in the choir there :D

hm what else? maybe you can just ask me?
and i didn't read a lot of your entries in the past weeks... i'm very sorry!!! m(_ _)m
please tell me anything important about you or...give me links to your entries that i should read..... if there's anything i should know. (i think you don't have time for that though, sorry~)

so yesterday... chrissi and me went to the jrock party. not because of the jrock of course.
i guess we were quite the only ones who came just because of the jpop XDDD
but it was soooo much fun!!!!
at first...when we entered the room -> news with taiyou no namida LOL
and we had the room almost for ourselves...hahaha... nice nice XD
sometimes the vk fans came too (do you say 'visu' in english? no?? what do you use??)
but more to sit down... than to dance or such.
(btw after some time chrissi and me always danced to the songs we liked/knew... and some other songs too... and we sang too LOL)
ohh we could also wish for songs/artist...hehehehehe :3
when they played kanjani8's it's my funny, i danced a little of their dance... embarrassing >//< hahaha but i think most of the others didn't like that song... XD""
i also guess that most people who came there to sit down (i guess it's not as loud as the jrock area so it's better for talks?) didn't know all those songs...
but later there were almost too many vk fans...and too many people who smoked... (before there was no one smoking - so niiiice =DD) and hmm... it seemed that maybe some didn't like the jpop?
chrissi and me thought that they shouldn't come to the jpop area then... but well.
you know... i asked if they had hey!say!jump/7... just for fun... and they did LOL!!!
when chrissi and me danced to hey!say! we had to laugh so much.. those vk fans surely didn't want to know who they were listening to, ne XDDDD
later the other girl who posted about that in je germany came... but too late, because we had to leave soon after :/
chrissi and me were so surprised to see someone else sing and dance to a johnnys song.. didn't happen the whole evening...i think.
but i wonder... because there were a lot of requests written on that request paper... there must have been people who liked jpop... but they weren't obvious... ^^;;
anyway... i was home late because of my train/bus connections.. but i wanted to stay longer... can't wait for something like that again =DD

now i have some purikuras from last month... couldn't scan/upload yet...
look here )
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today i took a picture in church <3

aaaaand...i never showed you a pictore of the baby boy malte!
hahaha my baby... JOKE XDDD
nee... when i see franzi... i'm glad i won't have a baby in the near future XDDD
but sometimes he's soooooooooooooooooooo cute >w<

and another picture... my little brother =3
we went out for a walk and he looked so cute in those clothes XDD

that's enough. hope the pictures are small enough. don't wanna spam your friend's page!
anyway, some news about my apartment!
seems like i could move in on the 18th!
just that i'm home on that saturday but well. i can move in on the 19th then...
but glad that it's not november... so just like the second week of university ^^
tomorrow we'll already bring a lot of clothes and stuff to my grandparents :3
and then they'll bring more on the 17th (and take me home then) and i can put everything in my apartment on the 19th or so....
my grandparents are second floor, my apartment would be first floor... so it's all easy.. or so i think haha
so these are good news right?! ^____^

now there's more about franzi.
yesterday her husband came and visited her... he gave her presents and treated her all nice.
now...she wants to give him a chance and then go back to him... AGAIN!!! =_=
btw. all the time we see him... he's wearing the same shirt! franzi said he's more than one of it...eeeh? sure? o__o
anyway, she said that he sometimes ordered things (clothes, shoes) on her name for him... but just like brand-stuff... wtf?! and they have no money. no wonder, right?! also he's smoking and he always needed money to buy cigarettes and she would starve because of that...
ahh dunno if it's okay to tell you that. everything's just so strange about him/them.
so i'm all pissed off that she wants to go back... after she already said that she wanna part from him!!!

so, it seems that i don't have to work tonight <3
don't wonder if you don't see me in msn in the next days ;D
tomorrow i'll be in university and meet christine <3
and on wednesday i'll meet up with some friends in duesseldorf YAY =3
all the time i'll be staying with my grandparents in gelsenkirchen though ^-^
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gonna write more...sometime...later XD

so, here is my everyday report =D

3rd )

4th )

5th )

6th )

7th )

8th )

Konnan yatta mimashita )
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good evening~

I'm kinda tired... I had work today ^~^v
actually...I was a little annoyed because... they told me they'd call me if they need me for friday & saturday I had to stay home and wait wait wait... >o<
I couldn't go to youth service last night...although i had no work in the end!! so unfair~ .__.
I miss youth services ;0;
well, but at least... after 9 they told me I could do whatever (=they wouldn't call me then anymore) so at least I could drive to Korbach and meet Sarah and Regina again *0* they're my best friends from school...but I can't meet them very much now ne... so I was really happy :DDD
apart from sis and me had to play mother yesterday XD because mom was out for the whole day (workshop) ^^; but the kids were okay ^o^
hmm then, my mom is okay with the osaka thing now *____* うれしいすぎる~
aaand...hehe... sen (I LOVE YOU~) already got 2 tickets for me (3rd and 5th) *_* in conbini/though playguide/however... and then I'll go together with jasmine on the 7th =3
anyone has ideas what to do in osaka? without spending money, please~~~ haha
I wanna look for some more work to do... because I wanna earn more money XD;; and also, I can't work as much here... on the countryside there's not much going on (just, like tonight, some old people who like to drink drink drink rubbish >__< but, uhm, I don't complain~)
or, I should just sell all the mangas/CDs and...hmm... something else? ^-^;
I didn't watch anything the last days... apart from Hokaben ne, last episode!! but hmm I'm too confused about everything... ~__~ I need subs~ LOL

btw there's something I wanna talk about... I think I kinda had a bad day on friday... I feel bad for what I wrote there U__U
but I wanna say what happened then... hm not really XD;; I can't say what happened but it made me think about my friends. I'm so glad to have wonderful friends that I can treasure so much. I really care for them and I'm sure they care for me. (my sister counts to those friends too ^.~ ) but hm, even if I hadn't those friends I'd still have the lord, my God, who cares more about me than anyone else will do anyway ;3

whenever you have problems... you can talk to me, okay? ^3^
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I visited Mia from Tuesday evening until Friday morning :3
couldn't stay very long because the car is needed at home ;o;
anyway... we had a niiiiiiiiiiiiice time <333333333333
watching dramas... HanaKimi and Last Friends, Hokaben, Osen...
watching other things hehe and also singing...


then on Saturday there was the wedding of Kathrin and Maik in my church here ^0^
sooo beautiful ^~^
afterwards there were sooo many cakes!! <33
Regina and me ate so much x_x (I think, everyone did XD)
ohh I spent the whole day kinda with Regina... it felt like it's last year...
we always spent so much time together ;_;
( she's back in Braunschweig because of uni)
in the evening we went to church... i mean, youth service ne...
soo I spent more time with Sarah too~ <333
well, I could meet her more often... because she's still here ne~
(but so busy .__.)

apart from that I was watching drama here, too...
since we watched so much at Mia's home I can't stop LOL
I kinda missed that... or at least the subs XDD

but what I miss my church in Tokyo...
it's not fair but... my church here compared to there... it's completely different.
i miss this lively and happy atmosphere.
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I wanted to upload some pictures...but well, haven't done that yet. ^^;;
on Friday we visited my grandparents in Gelsenkirchen because they had anniversary and my grandfather had birthday. nice day <33333 they were so happy to see me ^-^
on Saturday Sarah and Regina came here... yay~~ so nice to see them again T_T
in the evening we went to church ^~^'s somehow strange.... our church is so...quiet? dunno how to express but TBC is just so lively and all...
yeah this morning in church... omg... I miss TBC! standing while singing, with clapping hands and everything... and of course I miss my friends in TBC... ;-;
(TBC is Tokyo Baptist Church :3)

and then... there's something else that bothers me...
I didn't talk with a lot of young people in German when I was in Japan... now the 'youth language/slang' sounds so...unfriendly o__o;; don't like... >o<
plus, all this gossiping and talking behind other people and whatever in church (!!) is so annoying!!! maybe in Japan I won't get gossip etc. because I don't understand them or they are more reluctant or such... but here it feels so extreme... can't they be more real/honest??? well, maybe it's just normal and I'm not normal XDDD

anyway, something else... maybe I found something to study!!
I think that everyday now LOL
first it was eventmanagement... then I thought tourism might be interesting too...
but I can't go to an expensive college and all...
also, I wanna do more Japanese...
I might end up with east asia studies combined with economics, so I can continue Japanese ^.^

...I wanted to watch Hokaben but it's too late now *sigh* XD good night~
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I have my computer baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!
and now... where shall I start?
my last days in tokyo were sooo nice <3

i met with sen and xiang a lot...
taking purikuras <3333
i also had to buy LOTS OF PRESENTS haha
and things for myself lol
on one day i went to chiba to see the building where hokaben is filmed... but i didn't see anyone.
(the trip there was nice... saw the sea hihi)
i met with claudi and caro and we had a nice evening/dinner ^-^
on friday i had to say goodbye to sen T______T
then church.... after church i met lory and i had to say goodbye to her too T____T
on saturday there was cooking with my small group from church! okonomiyaki!! ^0^
sooo much fun~~
after that i met with xiang to go to see hellen :3
we took purikura together <3 and went to bookoff... where i found the news touch cd+dvd for really good prize *o* hehe
hellen had to go, so xiang and me had dinner at hon atsugi before going home (oh and spending soem time in the bookstore lol)
on sunday... i had to get up really early, tidy up my room and pack everything...
i had far too much luggage X___X
my roommate helped me to get to the station, we bought a new suitcase ^^;;
xiang went to the hostel with me. we had lunch around there and took our last purikuras in shibuya.
saying goodbye......
i hope i will see you soon again XIANG!!!!!
(enjoy shoon now XDD)
then i went to church, we had a concert with the choir. in the evening... i just came in time lol
after that i went to see my small group... they had flowers for me... well, when they said goodbye and all... i had to cry soo much...

at the hostel... i wanted to stay up long but in the end i slept a little...
then eraly in the morning i got up and went to the airport...
i had to send a lot of my things because it was too heavy x_x and paying the overweight is too exepnsive...
i have to wait for 3 parcels now... but one will take 2 months... T_____T
anyway, i was so glad when i was in the plane finally... no worrying about the luggage anymore XDDD
the flight was SOOOOO BORING X__X

in frankfurt my whole family waited for me.... ToT
we kinda celebrated at the airport... then we went home :3
i spent too much time talking to all of them at home... was in bad soo late. and in the morning my little borthers/sister woke me up so early (before they went to school)... but nevermind XD
i spend time with unpacking things etc.
oh btw. they made a new room for me... it actually is teh guestroom but as i'm home now, it's kinda my room ne...
it's so cuuuute!! <3

yesterday i visited mo with her little baby <3
and in the evening i visited melli <3
and today alisa visited me <33333 it felt like always... meeting and spending time together... karaoke lol and looking at magazines etc. ^0^
ooh and we also tried to make okonomiyaki... well it tasted good but maybe it wasn't okonomiyaki LOL

now... i'm enjoying having back my computer!! <3333
i saw the summer time pv today finally... sooooooo cute!!
and then i have to scann all my purikura soon so that i can show you..... some.
(all would be too much XDD)

but here are some that hellen uploaded ^-^

saturday~ )

weekend :D

Apr. 21st, 2008 12:38 pm
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friday afternoon... well, xiang and me where just in takeshita doori, trying to escape the rain as much as possible LOL
then church <33333
saturday... we both wanted to sleep in so we didn't go to nihon terebi (actually xiang wasn't sure if uchi would go there so... better not go XD)
we met around noon (xiang, sen and me). had lunch, walking around in takeshita... going to karaoke <333 2 hours hahaha
then eating lunch and goign home...
i rested a little before i went to the party of my restaurant... it was nice (apart from all teh smoking x_x and also... i had to say something in japanese, not speech but kinda ne... i didn't know what x.x but yeah i just thanked them and such XD)
anyway... i stayed until the end... i guessed it would be unpolite to leave before... and well, i wouldn't have been able to fidn to shinjuku station...
then i slept a little at home... actually i overslept u___u so i was late for choir ToT
the whole day in church <3 small group <3
eating dinner with casey and ellen ^0^
going home... i wanted to do homework but i was sooooo tired zZzZzZzZ

meeting xiang later, doing... dunno what XD;;


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