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Nothing much to say but...for those who didn't read it on twitter/facebook/wherever:
And Chrissi as well!!! :D

This means....I can go and watch Tumbling and D-Stage in theater!!!!!!!!
Well, it also means that I have to prepare a lot of things, like Auslandsbafög, flight ticket, apartment in Tokyo and so on.... XD

Only 2 episodes of Tumbling left T____T
I don't want it to end.....
I have to do more translations!!!! Okay, I guess, the photobook has enough to translate XD
But I have to wait for it first D:

Have a blessed week!! ♪

PS: I have a new layout.... made by the awesome misa!! :D I need to get something Tomo-ish for her now!
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wahhhh...I really have to write an entry NOW!!!
I got my "real" internet back one and a half week ago... I started to comment again... but I didn't update yet~~ haha
Somehow I was still quite busy with uni...or other I didn't find time u_u watching too many dramas?

Last weekend there was my choir's concert <3
There were many people attending the concert...and it was a success, I think!!
Though....from my friend only Tracy could come (with her boyfriend) because everyone else had something else or was sick D:
I'm glad there'll be a CD or DVD so that I can show it to my parents~ =D

Then this week...we had the Japanese conversation meeting (I dunno how you say that in's for all the Japanese students xD).
Usually I can't go because it's on the same day as choir lessons, but this week it was a different day <3
Chrissi and me talked with a Japanese girl who is an exchange student at our university...wahh it was really good to talk Japanese again. Didn't do that for some months... and that's not good D:
We talked about Japanese music/dramas and other things~

And I went to watch Ninja Assassin with Chrissi!!! :D
She's a big fan of Rain (and she also likes Joon) and so of course it was a must-watch :D
(She was waiting for the movie for some time already ;D)
I just went along...since it's not so nice to go alone ;D
The movie was good... well, I'm not a fan of action movies like that XDD but with asian actors it's okay to watch XDD

didn't take puris for a looong time!! )
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but I have to do the happy meme, right!

day 2: so what made me happy today?
-surprising Chrissi with her Christmas present... she was really surprised... and happy, I think. it was a Christmas card with Rain and KAT-TUN posters~ ^-^
-last day of school for this year ^^
-I finally have all Christmas presents, I guess. but I need to send 2 cards tomorrow (=today haha)
-watching Ryusei no Kizuna 8 & 9 (subbed) and 10... OMG!!! the end was so CUTE ♥ it was a shock to see who was the murderer though.... and I was a little scared of Koichi up there on the rooftop, but everything went well =3 I really enjoyed this drama~ ^0^

hey, I cut my hair today... a little. Nino also cut his hair this (?) week - funny coincidence XD
and I can't wait for the last episode of Bloody Monday now... I hope I'll like the end of it. but it won't be as nice as the end of Ryusei no Kizuna, I guess. too many people died already :/
anyway, I need to sleep now! ;3
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hey minna! =3
sorry I didn't write for more than one week... haha busy XD"

but now it's almost holiday!! <3 (what holidays? I need to learn learn and learn! o__o haha)
last week i had to read sooo much for the Korean politics test... it was multiple choice but still! I was so glad to finish all the textes one day before the test haha and actually I thought the test was so bad D: I had to guess several time (though sometimes I didn't have to read the question fully to know the answer XD). our teacher already corrected them and put our marks I wrote a B (2,0)!!! I really didn't expect that but I'm really glad!! next year I'll write the second test in that subject. have to read even more =O but it's Korea so it's, of course, more interesting than economics XDDD

then, last weekend I went home... first time after 2 months, I think.
before on Friday... there was the OAW-party (for the east asia studies students = those who study Chinese, Korean or Japanese) was sooo boring :/ Chrissi and me went there quite early... they had sushi <3 but the music wasn't very asian and I really had hoped that!! ;0; they song of Arashi, Koda, Ayu and Mucc (Chrissi recognized the last one... I couldn't have done that XD) and that's all I heard... in 2-3 hours... not even Korean or Chinese! and we have several Chinese students.... Chrissi and me just sat there and were bored hahaha and I was thinking that I'd rather be at home watching Ryusei no Kizuna XD""" well, as soon as I was home I watched it (veeery late ^^°)
it was nice being at home. I had to help my sister prepare her boyfriend's present ^0^ and well, be together with my family ne~
you remember there was the girl and baby at our home, maybe? she's still there (Malte baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ♥♥) they'll leave next week. finally, I'd say. because they were just supposed to stay there for up to 3 months... now it was almost 5 months! ^-^;;
going to church on Sunday was nice too. seeing everyone again =3 (and everyone asked how i liked university so far and such)
Sunday was also my father's birthday...the actual reason why I came home. ^_^

Sunday evening I went back.. ahh, I was waiting for the new Bloody Monday episode the whole day... but it wasn't there until Sunday evening LOL anyway, watched it of course!! OMG I didn't expect THAT person to be K!!! why did they make us believe something different?! and the sensei... which side? and Fujimaru-kun's father?? and... ahhh I just don't want anyone more to die T__T last episode on Saturday.....
tomorrow is last episode of Ryusei no Kizuna... we'll know then who is the murderer!!!
after that I wanna read that book <3 I'm gonna learn a loooot of kanji (but I wanted to do that anyway XD) and I hope I'll be able to read a little.

Today I was finally able to write Christmas card to some people in Asia... it'll be TOO LATE but I had no time :/ had to do those homeworks this week... finished today (with that online homework for one course) so yay, tomorrow will be quite easy~ <3
then... I have to go and buy my last Christmas presents!! ^-^;;;

oh, on Tuesday Chrissi and me went to Duesseldorf <3333
I bought to much... ;-;
nikkei entertainment.. because of Nino ♥ but it also has a loooot of rankings of 2008 and I love rankings... =D
orisuta... finally!! since oricon style changed I wasn't able to buy it ^-^;
present for Alisa <3
some food... Japanese sweets, as usually (I mean, with red beans and such ;D)
and we took purikura... have to scan that soon ^_^

okay, gonna end with that happy meme.
wasn't tagged but...everyone is doing it XD

Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail and then tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

So, today I'm happy about having finished the last homework before holidays. And I had fun with Chrissi, especially in the library, looking at Japanese books ;D
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good evening... well it's already night here LOL

this week was busy as usual XD
on tuesday we had a meeting with other students who study japanese... and there some japanese people, too :3
yay for speaking japanese <3 the girl we talked to was really nice hehe but she didn't like johnnys very much D: but other jpop... hope she'll send a mail to me sometime...or a message on mixi. ^^
on wednesday i went to the small group at lena's home. we were just 5 it was really nice <33
friday evening i went to the theater with chrissi... it was funny (a comedy of romeo and juliet...don't wanna write more about it...*tired* XD)
when i came home... i watched bloody monday 3, ryusei no kizuna 5 & 6 XDDD so i slept veeery late.
after studying a lot (i think so XD) on saturday afternoon i watched bloody monday 4-6 XD it's like...i couldn't stop!
buuuut...i need someone to talk to about those two dramas... someone who also watches without subs XD"" please...tell me if you do!!
i wanted to write some more fangirly things now... but too tired haha (next time i'll post earlier XD") but nino is always so cute ♥ and i also like miura haruma ♥ and...the other guy in bloody monday...kirishima-san? ;3
aaaaand...i'm so in love with the NEWS album ♥♥♥ i love smile maker, みんながいる世界をひとつに愛をもっとGive & Takeしましょ, fly again and of course koyashige's ムラリスト ♥ so many genki-songs ^0^

okay...need to sleep now. my parents & grandparents want me to sleep longer than 5h ^-^;; but i have no tiiime and i need to study or watch drama deshou XD

ahh yabai, i almost forgot. i went to church tonight... it was for youth/young adults. nice <33333
but all reminds me of my church in tokyo. i miss it soooooooooo much!! i wanna go to tbc again T__T
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anyway, no time now XD
i'm at university and have to leave in 5 min or so because chrissi will be waiting~
well, i have my apartment since last weekend and i was staying there from last...wednesday onwards.
it's a lot better to be alone... for learning (and for fandom it would be too, but i'm too tired in the evening and i have to learn ne...)
so i'm genki (i think xD) and i miss you all because aahhhh i still have no internet!!!!!!!!!!
it's so bad!!!!!
at least chrissi downloads some things for me (kanjani8 single is great <3) (arashi single will be great too, i hope XD)
and i get a newsletter form alisa quite often (to my cellphone) and we phone a lot XD so i'm at least a little up to date (with...arashi only u.u) i didn't tell you that i watched ryusei no kizuna + bloody monday ep 1 yet...hahah already some weeks ago XD and i really wanna watch the next episodes!!!!!!
okay have to go
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Chrissi & me
last week...

so, my first week of university... was full of introduction things... hours of waiting for my courses that i had (not very much yet) and... being bored in japanese classes. XD
we only learned hiragana yet... we didn't have anything like hello, good morning, and such phrases at all!! nanikore!!
on tuesday chrissi and me went to duesseldorf again haha
and...i wanna show your the puris, but maybe... next weekend or so ^^;;
anyway... we finally finished watching arashi's concert on my ipod so now... i need something new that we can watch XD
i also went to the bible studies group on thursday evening... everyone was really nice *v* but uhm... i was home like 9 and i had to wait for 2 hours after my last courses... so i'm not sure if i'll go there regularly u_u
maybe i can find one in gelsenkirchen from my church (that i might attend next sunday finally... can't wait :D)

the guy who wanted to give the keys to my apartment today... he didn't give it to my grandparents!!! fbsjdfcvmvfj
i already planned to take an early train back tmr but now... i'll go back maybe after lunch or so..
anyway... i want my own apartment finally T__T
not that i wanna complain about staying at my grandparents but i just would like to have an own room for myself again ~o~ (which i didn't have for more than 2 months already u.u)
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hi minna!!!

i thought i posted from my cellphone... but somehow it didn't work!!! T_T

i'll copy what i typed in on monday & wednesday

Today i was at university ne.
Met christine finally ^^
Hope we'll be good friends~
At first we new students had to walk around the campus and find special points in groups.
It was fun but rainy :/
After that we met again in that room and some people/teachers introduced themeselves.
After that christiane and me went to print out the train etc ticket for whole nrw area.
And we went home, well transfered at the same station.
Listened to otsuka ai and watched kattun on ipod lol
Looking forward to tmr.
There're introduction events everyday (different times)
But we still wanna go to duesseldorf XD (
the topic of that day isn't as important.and it's not a must to go there anyway ^^)
I have my computer here,watching drama etc the whole evening.
i wanna use msn u.u hahahaha
Good night ;3

Hey minna!
I hope u're allright...
Yesterday i was in university and learned things like how to survive on the campus ;D
After that i went to take a look at some furniture with my grandma.
At home i finished watching osen.
Finally! Haha the end was so cute <3
and uchi was cute too :3 miss him.
What about those rumours about him in a movie..?
Anyway which drama next? XD
Oh also talked with alisa for quite a long time.imu!
After talking to my mom, my little bro talked with me, the 6years cute!
he must have been bored lol talking with me so long XD
Today we learned general things about japan.
Oh before that i met the girl i made friends with at the math precourse.
After the break where christine and me took a look at our soon to be classrooms they wanted to talk about japanese language and characters.
we know basics so we skipped that as we had plans for duesseldorf =D
In ddorf we ate lunch with jolli.
then we picked up ceren.
she was late because she missed the other train.
we went to all the stores.took purikura! <3
i bought oricon style mag and sweets.
We really wanted to sing karaoke!
But everything would just open at 7pm!
We were allowed to take a look into one and it had small rooms like in japan!
Not that cheap but okay for 4 persons.
We just needed to wait so we went to the jpn stores again.
Then karaoke was fun!! <333
though it was a korean karaoke actually there was a little amount of jpop and such.
Enough to sing for us ^^
So since then i'm on my way home...maybe 20min more...
Really great day :3
Good night ;D

so yes... thursday & friday i was in university, too.
nothing much to tell you...
i'm glad to have christine =3

also.... without my cellphone writing emails... i wouldn't have survived!! XD

now i'm home YAY!!
internet!! msn!!
need to read my looong friend's page now XDDD


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