beccy_chan: (Default) day late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [ profile] cherii_pai & [ profile] x_hikki_x ♥♥♥
You got my SMS and presents are on it's way...or something like that ;D

I told you I went to an Arashi Fan-Meeting!!
It was SO MUCH FUN!! ♡♡♡
I made new friends ^__^
We were watching a lot of Arashi videos on a big screen <3
Best things were kokuritsu DVD and today we even watched the Quiz Show!! ♥
(And other fanvideos, Shukudai-kun, ... :3)
We played some games ^0^
E.g. 'Wer wird Millionär' with Arashi questions... I thought that I did so badly, but then I even made it to the finale °_°;;; (there...I failed D: haha)
We played some Aibaland games ^3^
And 2 girls made a boat out of balloons... since Arashi made boats out of other materials, ne, they got that idea.... and ours was a SUCCESS!! ^^v
(It was quite small...but even two persons could board it together ^.^)
We made a nice Japanese buffet, very delicious~ ♡
And we made a beatbox video XD;; (actually that was scary for me...hahahaha...well in the end it'll be something to laugh about ne~ ^^)
Ohh we also made a lot of videos and photos...but I don't have any ;P
I'll show you pictures later ^~^

Hmm...we did quite some crazy things...right? ;3

happy meme

Dec. 24th, 2008 12:36 am
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it's late... but well the computers here aren't very nice to me, it seems.

(i'm in the mood to post)
what made me happy today #6
(finally again XD)
-thanks to rike <3333

-arashi will host johnnys countdown ^0^
-i had fun with my brothers + sisters....maybe XD
-wrapping presents ^^
-working in my restaurant (where i used to work before uni) which means a little money XD (but i just had to write the new menu hehe ^.^)

actually it's aready the 24th ne... gonna post about that later~ haha
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anyway, no time now XD
i'm at university and have to leave in 5 min or so because chrissi will be waiting~
well, i have my apartment since last weekend and i was staying there from last...wednesday onwards.
it's a lot better to be alone... for learning (and for fandom it would be too, but i'm too tired in the evening and i have to learn ne...)
so i'm genki (i think xD) and i miss you all because aahhhh i still have no internet!!!!!!!!!!
it's so bad!!!!!
at least chrissi downloads some things for me (kanjani8 single is great <3) (arashi single will be great too, i hope XD)
and i get a newsletter form alisa quite often (to my cellphone) and we phone a lot XD so i'm at least a little up to date (with...arashi only u.u) i didn't tell you that i watched ryusei no kizuna + bloody monday ep 1 yet...hahah already some weeks ago XD and i really wanna watch the next episodes!!!!!!
okay have to go
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Chrissi & me
last week...

so, my first week of university... was full of introduction things... hours of waiting for my courses that i had (not very much yet) and... being bored in japanese classes. XD
we only learned hiragana yet... we didn't have anything like hello, good morning, and such phrases at all!! nanikore!!
on tuesday chrissi and me went to duesseldorf again haha
and...i wanna show your the puris, but maybe... next weekend or so ^^;;
anyway... we finally finished watching arashi's concert on my ipod so now... i need something new that we can watch XD
i also went to the bible studies group on thursday evening... everyone was really nice *v* but uhm... i was home like 9 and i had to wait for 2 hours after my last courses... so i'm not sure if i'll go there regularly u_u
maybe i can find one in gelsenkirchen from my church (that i might attend next sunday finally... can't wait :D)

the guy who wanted to give the keys to my apartment today... he didn't give it to my grandparents!!! fbsjdfcvmvfj
i already planned to take an early train back tmr but now... i'll go back maybe after lunch or so..
anyway... i want my own apartment finally T__T
not that i wanna complain about staying at my grandparents but i just would like to have an own room for myself again ~o~ (which i didn't have for more than 2 months already u.u)
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yosh.. just watched pikanchi double... i like it more than pikanchi....maybe...
anyway, arashi movies are love *~* LOL

saturday i went to the convention in kassel called "connichi"
not too interesting...
i met some friends <33333333333333333
and bought only one johnnys magazine... and green tea chocolate + candy... hehehehehe
i was thinking about buying kattun's album or anacfe's dvd... but no ^^;; rather spent my money on other things...
actually i didn't take any pictures, sorry XDDD
i met only one johnnys cosplayer, ryo from kanfuu fighting (performance)...
i had 2 girls staying over night that i didn't know the day before haha because they're friends with sandi (she was supposed to come, too, but she was sick T__________T)
on sunday morning we missed the train they should have taken... well but i took them to korbach train station and they didn't have to wait there too long...
oh, saturday evening we went to eat japanese... alisa and franziska just had sushi but i had to eat udon and tempura *v* haha
i wanted to sing karaoke but alisa didn't want...
we went to calligraphy workshop, watched hanakimi and later watched the amv show-thing...
i also showed happy birthday pv to some people because they hadn't seen it yet (on my ipod) XDD
(yesss i like the pv... especially the koyashige moments |D)

on friday i met sarah, regina and her boyfriend... because i had no work <33
i was really glad that we had the opportunity =DDDD
also on thursday...i met a former class mate in a shop in my village... (she lives here, too) she was in london for a year so we're kinda similar (with going abroad after graduation :3)
and it's such a coincidence that we'll both move to gelsenkirchen XDDD
same village ---> same city LOL
(she is one of the girls from school i get along quite well ^^)

on sunday... i had no work °_°
i was quite confused... i took a nap in the afternoon to prepare for the evening hahaha
(i didn't sleep very much that night ne XD)
but i didn't receive a call...
so, i spent some time searching for people in studivz who'll study the same as me in bochum...
i actually found one girl who likes johnnys too!! YAY =3
(but i didn't really find other people who'll start now...)
btw on thursday i'll be in bochum, only university though... because the car i needed in the afternoon... i don't like driving so far alone but well can't be helped :/
(need to prepare music!! xD)
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yosh~ first the best thing: I finally got accepted at the university in Bochum!! *HAPPY*
some people know that i was on the waiting list... as my abitur isn't the best... u__u but saturday i got THE letter *V*
so, i'll study east asia studies... japanese lessons, i'm coming~~~~ *0*

on friday was my parents' silver wedding!!! so much fun <333
so...well, there many things to do x__x
but... everyone we asked enjoyed the party YAY! ^0^

so, some pictures now~ )

apart from that... i didn't do much...
oh yes, i was able to watch pikanchi (arashi movie) hehehehe
aiba was so cuuuute >w< XD and nino, too XD and jun XD and sho and ohno, too XDD
can't wait to watch the next movie but... dunno when i'll have time T-T
because i'm still busy at home and also with work...>o<
and you know... i wanna take JLPT level 3... in december... i have to start studying again!!! >o<
did anyone of you take the test? ^^;;
i'm a little afraid that i'll fail... i'm quite sure i'd pass level 4... but level 3 means 300 kanji x.x dunno~ but my parents said i should try... (i have books to study for it but uhm... time... maybe when uni starts? .__.)

...i don't wanna work now *sigh* i worked the weekend and well, before there was the party...
this week maybe i have to work everyday... and still do the things at home...
baaahhhhh i wanna watch dramas ;0; XD;;;

btw this morning i was quite angry with my sis or i'm still!!
the last 2 weeks she stayed home 1 day a week... and today again!!
she should rather go to school!!!!!!!!!
just because in her free time she's always out with her boyfriend (not always, but as much as possible) she never hs time to rest... but then just doesn't go to school!! i don't like that behaviour at all -___-
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hi minna~

so at home everything is still as busy as before... XD;;
but I had a little bit more time the last days...

saturday after ironing I helped to clean the room of my little sis =.= omg it was SO MESSY!
we did bbq for lunch (good weather <3) and I thought I'd miss yasuko to kenji... anyways, i went online and alisa was talking about 24hr tv... i totally forgot XDD well at least i watched the second half of jun's drama... so sad ;_;
then i wanted to watch arashi too... after that... but i had to come to work ~__~
sunday i had to work the whole afternoon... because there was good weather many people came... (not too many though)
actually that evening...i was sooo tired x___x i was allowed to leave as there were just some people drinking...
i dunno why but my legs were hurting like woah o__o;; XD;

i was watching too much arashi and i also read this and that.
i guess i'll really become more of a fan? XD
sooo bad. i'm already thinking of buying a dvd LOL
btw i also started liking ohmiya sk omg cute? XD

this week, actually tomorrow, is my parents' 25th anniversary!! <33333333333333333
we'll have a party on friday!
i guess i'll show you pics of it then =3
though many people said that they can't come... for example my uncle and my aunt (& their families)... but i'm glad my grandparents will come!! ^_^ haven't seen them for weeks~
wish me luck for the moderation... my sis and me will do that ^^

and yes, connichi will be soon! got my tickets today.
i dunno what to wear~~~~ ;____;
well i think i wanna wear the kanjani8 natsu tour 08 shirt... it's a yasu shirt ;3
the summer tour shirt isn't as obvious, so only fans will recognize (I wanna meet other fans~~~ ;0; )
and i wanna wear a skirt...ahahahaha |D
so i have to wait how the weather will be... to know what exactly i can wear... u__u
and yeah... i actually dunno what i shall do there the whole day...
except spending time with alisa, of course <33333333333333
and meeting the one or other friend :3
if i don't know yet, that you'll be coming too... please tell me, okay? *o*

NEWS' new song is niiiice~
but i don't wanna listen to it very much now... because it'll release near my birthday so i have to listen to it then XD
but hehehe lucie bought the news cosmetics for me and it'll arrive soon~
which reminds me... i still have to send some other things to some friends... sorry~ m(_ _)m
also, it's yasu's birthday soon... have to write a letter :3

oh, more fandom related things i forgot >o<;;
1. they were looking for extras for yasuko to kenji... awww would be so nice XD at least it wouldn't be as freezing cold as in january XDDD can't wait to live in japan again so i can try my luck in things like that hahahaha
2.there's the kis-my-ft2 and abc concert... read about it in xiang's blog... they'll be in yoyogi national stadium??? it's quite big i think... =3 but no shoon... xiang said there's even hashimoto (who'll be added to abc and then it's abc-z? o.o)
and... that's not related to above... haha... i'm glad that my 2 friends from taiwan got arashi tickets XDD omg iris said they stood in a line about 31 hours!!! o.o she took turns with her friends though... still, crazy XD


Aug. 24th, 2008 10:24 am
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this week I was really busy!!
I told you about the girl & baby we have to take care of now...
the girl is really nice and all~~ =333
but... what she told me about how her home looked like... wth?! how can you take a baby in there??!!! it sounded so irresponsible of them!! and then, neither mother nor father have a job... how can you take care of a baby then?????!!!!! no wonder that the youth advice center took the mother & baby out there... and wants my parents to show them how to take care of the baby... and whatever else. ^^;;
so uhm, my mother was away every morning to take care of a 2-year-old girl in the next village... the mother is sooooo content with my mom XDDD
that's why i had a lot of things to do at home... help help help XD;;
okay, i have to say... i had time to watch the NEWS DVD!!!! because it finally arrived on tuesday ^__^ so much LOVE *____________*
then i had to work the last days... let's say evenings/nights x___x
and today... because we have church further away... it would be stupid for me to go there and be back at 11.30 to work...
i feel like in a hurry now... hahahaha ^^;;
why is everyone in msn talking to me when i have now time? and when i have sooo much time and am bored... no one talks to me XD;;;
and yeah, sorry if i didn't comment much or such... it's really busy at home at the moment... m(_ _)m

ohh i just remember now.. i wanna become an arashi fan XD
not that i wasn't one before... and i don't wanna be as much as i'm a fan of kanjani8 and news (omg i don't have money for that!! XD) but still... i wanna have/know more about them... can anyone help me? hahahaha


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