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bromides from April to August + Summer Special: Seto, Usui, Mitsuya
and Arata Birthday bromide :)

 photo brom_apr_aug18c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug18d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug19a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug19b.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug19d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug19c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug20c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug20a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug20b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug20d.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug21a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug21c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug21d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug21b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug22a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug22b.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug22c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug22d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug23a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug23d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug23b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug23c.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug24a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug24b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug24c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug25a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug24d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug25b.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug25c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug25d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug26a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug26b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug26c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug26d.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug01b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug01c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug01a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug01d.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug02c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug02b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug02a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug03b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug02d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug03a.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug03c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug04d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug04a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug03d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug04c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug04b.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug05c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug05b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug05a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug06a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug06b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug05d.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug06d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug06c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug07b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug07d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug07c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug07a.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug08a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug09b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug08b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug08c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug08d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug09a.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug12a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug12b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug11d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug11c.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug11b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug11a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug10c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug10d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug10b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug10a.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug12c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug12d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug13a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug13c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug13b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug13d.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug14a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug14b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug14c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug14d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug15b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug15a.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug16a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug15d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug16b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug15c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug16c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug16d.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug17a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug17c.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug18b.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug18a.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug17d.jpg  photo brom_apr_aug17b.jpg

 photo brom_apr_aug09c.jpg

Date: 2013-12-27 02:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you.
I love them all, but ara chan looks so cute. *my heart, please*

Date: 2013-12-28 07:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're welcome :)
I wish I had more bromides of Arata... but no money D:

Date: 2013-12-27 04:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Our beautiful boys!

I love Seto's playfulness in his bromides. Of course, they're all a bunch of dorks at heart! And all so handsome!

Thanks for uploading such nice scans!

Date: 2013-12-28 07:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're welcome!!!!!! :*
Ichigo got her bromides already some weeks ago, I just didn't have time to scan & up... XD;;
From: (Anonymous)
Daily gay photos usage


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