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Usui Masahiro's ~Trill Your Theater~ (link)
Translation of the first column :)

Nice to meet you!!

Nice to meet you!!
I'm actor Usui Masahiro.

This time...
I, who loves movies a lot, was able to start this continuing column on BUTAKOME which will be called ~Trill Your Theater~ and I will write about what I felt when I watched movies, whether really popular ones or movies that you normally wouldn't know about, so that many people will know about it!!

At first I want to start with some personal things...
I started the job as an actor around 2 years ago.
Until then I went to elementary school hand in hand with my brother, I was in the soccer club in middle school and after coming home I went to cram school studying for the high school entrance exam. I went this normal way just like everyone else.

In this normal way of life I met "movies". Somehow.

Those I still remember are maybe the "movies" starting from year 2000, I guess?

For example...
"Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!!" or
"Toy Story 2" or
"Juvenile"* or
"Battle Royal". 「
"ONE PIECE" started as a movie at that time.'s somehow nostalgic, right?? (laugh)

I was 9 or 10 years old then. So I'm sorry but most of the movies were about "summer vacations", "boys", "robots", like those animes or "Juvenile".

And, may I add it, director Yamazaki Takashi's debut movie.
At that time I didn't know much about visual effects, but when I think about it today, it's amazing.
The script was also written by director Yamazaki and the movie was about the future in 2020, so since it's 2012 already, it's really soon!!
At that time I also just thought that it was great without thinking much about it, while eating the popcorn.

"Movies" are interesting.

Starting with 15 years, I was standing on the player-side, where one is creating movies, but this world is changing people in many ways. In good and band ways.
I'm still living this life rhythm that is as if someone had turned around the life I had lived until then.
It's not a negative meaning.
I was able to gather a lot of experiences as a sentai hero, in dramas and many stage plays and also with D-BOYS' activities.

And now I'm meeting those people who are connected to "movies".
This time it's my wish.
So I wanted know a lot lot more about "movies". As a fan of the "movie" and as actor who is the player.

The movies I watched until now...
"October Sky"
"The Iron Gaint"
"Dancer in the Dark"
"American History X"
"Mifunes sidste sang (Mifune)" and many more.

Those are movies that we released in 2000 that I liked, but even in 2000 there are many more.

As a fan of the "movie" I want everyone who watched the movie to emphasize with it.
As an actor I want to meet more interesting movies and movie people.

And one time I want to become an actor that will affect someone's heart deeply with one scene or one cut just like me who is writing about it here now.

So I will continue to write this column, thinking of it as the the voice of my heart!!

Let's go with Open your mind!!

And now. I'm sorry that it's limited but if you know some movies from 2000 that have to be included!! (laugh)
Please please tell me, who is still still immature, about them!

Usui Masahiro

*Interesting fact: Endo Yuya is in that movie ;)
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